Monday, September 17, 2012

The Happiness Project

I admit it...... I admit to feeling a little crumbly around the edges, sun scorched, heat worn, tired, sick of the summer, overdone. When I feel like this I get quiet, go inward, I don't need to chirp and chortle my dissatisfaction, but you may have noticed a thin blog lately, the hot weather has us clutched in a tight grip and it won't let go. I'm not here to complain just to explain, I'm not sad or depressed I'm just coping. I start my walk at 6 to avoid the sun but just like an unwanted guest it bobs up every day with that stupid look, HELL o. Ha, now I'm making myself laugh but if you're reading this and you live here you're giving a high 5 right now :) :) How do I cope, I read a book one that includes long winters, freezing blizzards, terrible cold, it helps.

I sometimes look for helps too.

I saw, I pound, I make a mess, I dream, I work, work , work....I spent a day on this piece, which isn't finished, I may revise it, I'm working on the happiness project, one bluebird at a time, some hearts and flowers may be up and coming.

On other news, we went to the county fair the other night.....

which led to fun photo opportunities.

This is not a place I would generally...

be willing to go, though it was fascinating and the tickets were free when we took the truck in for a tune up, parking 12.00.

The reason we were there was to see Cogito play and compete in a band competition.

*my son Bryce

They sounded good and are always entertaining to watch...

The final judging is this Thursday, I'll let you know how things turn out.

Have a T-riffic day all, I plan to be stuck in a blizzard.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship, love Ro


  1. Hope you're feeling the sting of snow on your skin. :-) Ivan Doig is wonderful.

    Love the lights you share here--looks like quite the Fair!! And, oh, Cogito!!!! I can only imagine them in person--their CD is SO energized....good to energize ME.

    Sending you cool wishes--first frost here this morning, sandhill cranes winging their way south yesterday between brief rain showers. Have to break out the fleece, although I have refused to start the furnace just yet....

    And, OH, that pendant--sending forth joy and grace and light. Oh my...what a response!!!

    1. Of course YOU would know of Ivan Doing, I'm sorry I finished it was such a lovely read, wonderfully cold, chilly and freezing at times. I heard on NPR it was the 150th anniversary of the homestead act so I was right in sync.

      Oh good for you, I know you're enjoying the weather and cranes none of it will be wasted on you, hold out on the heater just for me :)

      Cogito is always FUN!

      Thank you, I loved dreaming it up.

  2. Amazing necklace.
    My sister moved to the high desert area in July and now is planning on moving back to the coast. The heat has sapped her , zapped her too! Hope you get some cool weather soon

    1. Oh well, it's been QUITE a hot summer, the desert is a good place in the winter only, we've had many, many triple digit, days, WAY too many.

      I know you're enjoying your coast though it was in the 90's in Laguna, yikes!

      Thank you Julie, I'm always hoping too.


  3. I hope your son's band does well and that you get a break in the heat. Our summer has been brutal, as well, and has many of us dreaming of autumn.

    What kind of bird shed the lovely shorter, pointed feather? I don't recognize it. Oh, and your bird pendant is *divine*.

    1. I think the band has a very good chance from what I heard of the other bands, fingers crossed.

      BRUTAL is a good word, battered, shrunken....

      The one on the end is a California Quail feather.

      Thank you!!

  4. I would be such a crab if it were still hot here so I don't blame you for being crumbly. I really hope you get a break soon!
    Beautiful necklace, I like all the different textures in there.
    Good luck to Cogito! It must be fun to see them perform live.

    1. Oh well I could be a crab or I could just be quiet so I choose the quiet version otherwise everyone else is miserable and I don't want that.

      Thank you regarding the necklace it was fun to make in the deep snow.

      So much energy onstage, Evan the lead singer is a very handsome Mick Jagger :)

  5. Having lived in Las Vegas most of my life, I can relate to that heavy, sluggish, when will this ever end please go away feeling. It disrupts everything, even the desire to eat, and that's awful!

    But look at your cheery, chirpy bird pendant, it's a triumph over the sweltering heat, and hope for cooler days ahead.

    Thank you for sharing your life, you're an inspiration, and a terrific creative force!

    1. Oh wow, Las Vegas, you are the winner, it really does try and take it all out of you. You can always dress for warm when it's cold but you can't get cool when it's so hot, it gets old.

      It was actually a bit cooler today, I hope it's a trend, thank you, the pendant cheered me up as well.

      You are so very kind Sharon, it's my pleasure.


  6. "Crumbly around the edges"'s exactly that, isn't it...exactly.

    Happiness project...I love that. And the results are spectacular!

    Not long before the big cool down, I promise!


    PS. Thelma and Melvina offered to write a spell to help cool things down but I wouldn't trust those two: they'll either end up with nothing more than a fart in a bucket, or start the next ice age! (They've also been bickering all morning over who gets to use their crystal ball, which is why I'm here, saying hello, and NOT working!!)

  7. I'm counting on your words and your adorable witches to help out.

    This happiness project is really working, it is :) :) ;) fun out in the Necklace Nook today!

    LOL!! HA haaaa!!!! You always make me laugh......"fart in a bucket" heeeeeeeeeeee

    Well Hello, now you need to work!


  8. whew, I sure sympathize...high five to your comment about this dang heat. I have felt zapped out,
    and I dream of orange, yellow and red leaves...
    wow, your bird pendant is wonderful, just wonderful!!
    that heart cab has my heart! yummy and delicious and made me smile! Lucky lady that has that coming her way!
    may hearts
    and flowers come your way!

    1. Next year, *fall will be a reality,,,,Zapped at the ZIPPER :)

      I do love the hearts and flowers a bird or two, thank you Mrs.


  9. how funny !! i woke up to 47 degrees and sun, and wanted the heat of just one week ago back :(

    Good Luck Cogito!!!

  10. Oh well Rae I suppose we all want what we don't have, there is heat and there is HEAT, pssssssssizzle.

    I'm wishing them luck too, thank you!

  11. i do hope it cools down for you soon! your pendant is SO pretty, love that you did it in a 'snowstorm'