Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jaunting With Lefty

A friendly little veil of clouds visited last night while we slumbered, good weather for a morning hike, the only problem with that is, when you hike *up you soon find yourself above the clouds.

This was the morning little Lefty decided to tag along my two dogs really are the impractical duo. We never intended to own a tiny bundle of hugs, he was a cast off just like Banjo so we opened our home and our hearts.

When Lefty joins us we move quite a bit slower but I make the best of it and trade aerobics for inspection.

*buckwheat a mainstay for the indigenous people is looking just right for harvesting, pancakes anyone?

Furry little seeds look like a million fish eyes, tangled in the sage.
The sun became blinding so I scooped up the tiny trudger and headed back home.

I love you Lefty even if you are the most impractical dog I've ever "owned?" (seems like the wrong word) cared for.

Back at home in the garden, things are lookin up, MMmmM the persimmon tree is full and the fruit ships very well! wink wink ;)

I'm busy working on some requests but my crafters ADHD kicked in yesterday and I strayed a bit from the things I was supposed to be doing and made this. My mind can be unruly at times which I'm thinking is a good thing, wild and straying like a roaming coyote.

I hope you're having a good week, xo Ro and Lefty


  1. Those hikes must be so therapeutic....lefty is cute xx

  2. lol!!! coyote is speaking to the moon, LOVE!!

    lucky lefty dog, its so nice to know when someone has your back.
    and top
    and sides

    1. Oh well thank you, can't stop thinking about the moon !

      Lefty, left behind :)

    2. ahhhh of course I wondered why the new nick name. that makes sense now. hee hee

  3. I think the short-legged Lefty knows EXACTLY when you need to trade aerobics for inspection!!!!!! THAT'S why he tags along---may we all be so blessed to have a "Lefty" in our lives....

    (I'm also speaking as a left-handed person here. Heeheee!)

    Oh, that ring. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that ring....what a song you've written there....

    1. Oh well you are so right, lessons, so many lessons!

      Hey, I didn't know you were a lefty!

      Sometimes things just come together, a communion, blame it on the stars.

  4. Well, if you carry him home then that's like weight training, right? :)
    I've always wanted a little dog, I'm waiting for someone to cast off a dachshund hehe :)
    Can't say I've ever had a persimmon. What do they taste like?
    Love the ring, your coyote scene is fantastic!

    1. Yes, this is very true, first in one arm then trade, then back again and I thought the camera was heavy!

      Hmmm hard to describe the taste sort of like an apple and a papaya mixed together, delicious!

    2. Oh and you might look online for a dachshund rescue in your area, I know there's a gently used doxie somewhere waiting for you :)

  5. Persimmons are AWESOME, DJ--so, are you having a giveaway, Ro? A drawing? A contest--guess Lefty's weight? Guess the number of glorious cabs discarded in Ro's walkway for youthful guests? Guess how many persimmons it takes to make a pie? (DO persimmons make a pie???)

    Heeheheeeheeeeeee. Wish I was walking with you--I'd carry Shorty for a bit of weight training. I love a personality who thinks bigger than he or she truly is. He should come join our high school's volleyball team--shortest squad around, just won a second tournament.

    1. Oh that is a GREAT idea, yes I'll do that for sure but they need to ripen a little longer. Ewwww persimmon pie, NO!!! Cookies, bread, yes but not with this type these are to be eaten fresh.

      You are on, any carriers are appreciated and I'm always worried somethings gonna grab him and eat him up in all those bushes he's marking as his own, tough guy!

      Go volleyball shorties, I was one myself, couldn't spike, had the dig and the serve down though.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Carlene it was a bunch of fun!!

  7. Thank you Carlene, it just kind of happened :)

  8. love your sentiment of caring/not owning
    and also love your ring {and caring 4 it ha]
    x ... ***

    1. Oh well it's true, no?

      Thank you honey bunch!!

  9. What a lovely jaunt....and really clever photo of you with the reflection! Not sure how you did that!?

    Another exquisite ring oozing with GalleryDarrow charm :-). What careful sawing and perfect, appropriate stone !!

    Will be e-mailing you shortly a longer note.

    From the happiest customer on Etsy!