Friday, September 28, 2012

High Flying

They did it!

 they WON!

Wow, we had a spectacular night last night, at the final judging for the band contest at the L.A. County Fair. L.A. County is the largest fair in the nation and it runs for a solid month. The contest was no small town venue, the judges are the promoters of a music festival called Coachella, some of you may have heard of it. The best part of winning is that the band will be included on some bigger tours. It was exciting, I couldn't have been happier for them. I lost my voice from, well, screaming :)

Laura and I decided to celebrate...

so we snapped ourselves in and.....

Look at how brave she is, I was trying to hide my terror even though it was my idea. (terrified smile)

What better way to view the moon than from way up there, flying through the scents of popcorn and fried twinkies.

Way to go boys! Love Mommy

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, I'll draw a name and announce the winner of my blog contest tomorrow. I appreciate all of your comments, your friendship and support, it keeps me flying.

Hugs and more hugs, Ro


  1. Terrific news, Ro. Am really delighted for the guys. High flying, indeed! =D

    The other high flying...*gulp* I would have been the weenie taking photos from the ground. (I must say, you do "terrified" rather well.)

    Happy weekend, proud Mama!

    And good luck to everyone for the draw tomorrow. Wee-hah!
    (That's Kiwi for Yee-haw...or something.)

  2. Ha haa, Eric wouldn't go either, but we did need a good camera man :)

    Thank you.....WEEEE HAH, I like it!!


    ps, I was happiest at touch down.

  3. That's fantastic!!! And Coachella? That's huge! Very exciting news!
    And you're a lot braver than I am. I don't do those spinning rides :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you DJ we are elated!

      I like a challenge :P

      Happy weekend to you!

  4. That is SO GREAT!!! Onward & upwards Cogito!! Speaking of upwards, no way I could have gone on that ride:-0 Have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

    1. To infinity and beyond!!!

      I saw that ride last time, gulp! I was vibing Laura's casual bravery :)



  5. GOOD ONE!!!! I love it!! WEEEE HAH (Love that too!)
    Looks like it was a wonderful night...Proud for Bryce and Cogito!! I just love this talented family!
    hugs, have a elevated weekend!

    1. WEE Haw indeed! I had some cotton candy, my shot of courage :)

      "elevated" good one!!

      Thank you sweet friend, xoxo

  6. WOW!! And I love your terrified smile :)

  7. You would have taken one for your team too, Magda, I know you would!

    xoxo smile, shiver!

  8. Congrats to the band!!!
    That is super!

    I don't know Ro...cotton candy BEFORE a spinning ride?

    I would have been the ground crew for this celebration.

    Good for you, always pushing to do the things that terrify with a smile on your face!

    Happy weekend to you, proud supermom! : )


    1. Oh yes, always cotton before spinning and hoping the ground crew wasn't showered with "pink" he hee

      Proud I am, the boys will be playing the Warp Tour, Vans shoes next summer, they are all pretty trilled.

      Thank you Cinder, I hope you have a great weekend too!

  9. Co gi to! Co gi to! Co gi to! CO GI TO!!!!!!! (Chanting from NH)

    Yippee-ki-oh! A big giant county fair congratulations....and hug....all sticky with cotton candy!!

    How exciting! This is worth crowing about for a looooong time, proud momma!

    Love LOVE ♥ that photo of you both smiling. Beautiful!!


    1. Oh gosh there really was chanting and pounding on the stage, Yeee Haw!!

      You know the sticky, I haven't had c candy since I took Bryce to Sea World age 7. I had to remove myself and cry, I felt so sorry for those gorgeous animals. Those are the real challenges of raising a small one, that and having a gross hamster, YUCK!

      Thank you Lisa, Cogito fan from NH.


  10. Oh how thrilling!! I know coachella, my kids all went every year! Huge gongrats to your brilliant son!! Great photos Ro!

    1. Coachella is a biggie, as a momma I know you can relate.

      Thank you Lori!!

  11. Congratulations! The photos are great because they really reflect how happy and proud you are. :)

    1. Yes, I was thank you.
      I must say the band is not only talented and entertaining but the lead singer is one of the most gracious young persons I have ever met.

  12. Wahooooo! It looks so scary in the photos haha!

    Good times, thanks for riding with me :)

    1. You are the brave one!
      Good times indeed to quote Adam Corolla :)

  13. Okay, Laura and Ro, you are my heroes--you both look quite graceful on that seat! :-)

    and I'm with Songbird here, chanting for Cogito--AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not surprised, of course, but I love the fact they are recognized and rewarded for their TALENT and their ENERGY and their AMAZING performances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go, Cogito--and please come soon to a stage near me!!!!! (Or maybe I just need to make a road trip, follow the band!!)

    Glad you celebrated with them, Ro--and took a risk flying high!!!! Soar!!!!!

    (I would have been wrapped around the safety bar.)

  14. I know you are one for good sportsmanship, the lead singer thanked the judges for driving out and spending their time judging, the first night and when they won a boy from another band that didn't win went around shaking their hands, awwwww :)

    I really did keep my eye on the moon, old ballet trick.
    I always wonder who screwed in the bolts etc. on those traveling rides, yikes!

  15. GREAT NEWS ! ! !
    best of luck with all the upcoming fanfare !