Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coyote Music

This is so cute I had to share, click it and listen.
xo Ro


  1. This is darling, Ro. I'm so glad you passed it on.

    (Kind of makes you wonder, though, what it was she was 'communicating,' especially at the end!!) =)


  2. I was mostly impressed that she played the saw, who plays the saw and who takes it camping?

    She's a rather adorable sawist.

    yip yip!

    *ps the coyotes drive my dogs nuts when I play it, the video I mean.

    happy holiday Ash, xoxo

    1. I know, right--on both counts! =)

      (She actually reminds me of my baby sister. I'll have to send her--my blister--the link.)

      Ha ha. I'm glad you clarified. I thought perhaps you'd whipped your saw out and given it a crack! =)


  3. Ha! That was cute, Bingo was going crazy!
    I have never heard someone play the saw before.
    Very entertaining :)

  4. I'm so curious about their "conversation". I once had a Maine coon who was very vocal and she and I used to have *long* conversations. They usually ended with her giving me a loving head-butt and cheek rub. I have no idea what we talked about but she seemed to love it!

  5. That's pretty incredible, Ro. What a sweet sound their voices are.

  6. wow funny and darn cute
    great find ro
    {i have a giveaway/link delight
    at mine: would love it
    if you joined in}
    cheerio for now
    x ...


    {btw love your banner image}

  7. Adorable is THE word. How delightful! Thank you for sharing this. (if I had found it I would share it with you too!)

    Charlie and Sully were lying down, and only Sully even lifted his head. Too funny! I thought "Really?!" if they hear these sounds everyday!

    Happy Monday :-)

  8. Hi Ro, nice to meet you. You have some beautiful photos here. You must have a good understanding of your camera. Mine is fancy but I mostly point and shoot using the auto-settings for macro, portrait and scenery. Your sunset took my breath away.

  9. gosh, Kirby was cocking his head back and forth at me....where, and why are you speaking Coyote?

  10. I 'm glad you all enjoyed this too, it makes my dogs crazy just like the real thing. I swear my dogs can hear them a mile away. I love to listen especially while I lay in bed but my dogs often ruin the experience :)