Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blame it on the Moon

I love this time of year, the shift of seasons, kids cleaned and starched with new shoes and backpacks walking to school. Anxious parents accompany the little ones who examine bugs along the way and spin around poles, soon the will be resigned to seats all eyes on one, the new teacher at least for a while til the wiggles come back and it's time for a break, swinging on monkey bars, unwrapping snacks, a communal camp out really. They will bring home books and homework, I don't know about you but when my son was little, homework was a dreaded time in our home, my husband and I had to take turns. It was misery for all until once in the 6th grade during one particular melt down I got up drove to our small country school and brought the teacher back home. Hoo boy, my son learned to straighten up and fly right, making me promise to never do that again. Yes, so long as YOU never act like that again.

I love the big moon this time of year, so beautiful rising, tangled in the treetops until it pulls loose.

I like the way it stays out and accompanies me on my morning walks.

I'm making celestial things, studded with stars, labradorite, spooky wonderful stones this week perhaps until next.

I took a little side trip this morning and walked by the burned truck that houses a huge colony of bees.........well hello......and I walked on.

A little further I found this....who carries a staple gun, a man, a woman, a psycho? I went a little further, curiosity got the best of me until I got a little creeped out since this canyon is boxed in and dead ends and naturally I was alone so the mystery prevails. Maybe tomorrow morning I can coax my husband to join me and find out how this bread crumb trail ends, hopefully a new beginning for lovers under the spell of that moon.

Have a great day, xoxo Ro


  1. That is strange, but hopefully the mystery will be revealed...

    Your new ring is beautiful!

  2. I love...

    * "tangled in the treetops until it pulls loose"...poetry

    * labradorite--my favorite stone--and the way you smith and silver it

    * weird notes left in trees--haha! (Going for a walk with stapler in hand; akin to the chickie going camping with her saw and bow! You do come across the most interesting people, Ro. I, too, will be interested to see how this mystery unfolds.)

    * the promise of autumn in the morning breeze; it makes my heart happy.

    * and of course, YOU! =)


    1. Your solution to reluctant home study is hilarious! (Was he 'scarred for life'???)

  3. Oh boy Ash I was thinking about you, wouldn't those two picture be a perfect beginning for a creative writing class, they toy with the imagination. My brother made me promise not to go there alone, it has a creep factor though I saw a woman gleefully prancing around on a horse there the other morning, I was high above her in the hills. It was a happy site, weee, two pony tails flipping :)

    Heeeee yes, I wish you could have seen my sons face, it's imprinted in my mind for life....... PRICELESS!!

  4. You probably already know this, but the words on those mystery notes are some lyrics from this song:


    So, maybe they're not too sinister :)

  5. No Amy I had no idea, haahaa thank you for clearing that up, I would have never guessed in a million years!

    Sinister, I should say NOT!

    1. Oh, of course. I should have recognized the lyrics. (Or maybe not...'cause this is the version I was watching/listening to the other day--ha!)


    2. Oh gosh a much improved version, how cute! I love that kid!!!

  6. intriguing tale
    only sad that we all assume the possible worst
    guess it's a sign of the times: sad...
    the moon is beautiful but i notice that i go kinda bonkers around the full'un...
    and i find autumn sad although your words put a beautiful slant on it...
    beautiful ring...
    x ...


    1. Well LInda the mind can wander when no one is around, this can be good or bad :)

      The moon has been known to do that!

      Thank you about the ring..xoxo

  7. Hi Ro!

    Sending some serious love your way for that ring! Whoo-ah!

    Oh yes, I should have recognized those lyrics from the radio. Of course. Maybe you can add to them along the way, and really surprise someone!

    My first thought wasn't negative.....it was romantic! <3

    Have a great day today :)


    1. And back to you...♥♥♥

      It's in a kind of creepy area, like a homeless camp though I have never seen anyone living there, it has a burned out freight container, that looks like someone was living in. Still rather functional, the property backs up to a dam.

      I listen to alternative rock, ask me about "Fun" or "The Black Keys" , I'm outa the loop that's why I rely on you guys :)

      Nice cloudy day here I hope it rains and put the fire out!!