Monday, August 20, 2012


I hope you had a good weekend. I spent most of it measuring and deciding, ordering.

Eric has offered to help me make revisions on my studio space, an offer I could not refuse. I need more storage for all those millions of tiny elements, books and thingie dingies I need close by but NOT on my bench. I'm adding new tools hopefully that will help me reduce fatigue on my "teeny tiny talented hands" (a quote from my FIL.)

In and out of a mess I managed to start a few more "Blazing Stars" because selfishly I wanted a pair for myself. I will most likely finish them today, a set for me and a couple of pairs to look for in my etsy shoppe.

I also started a few more pairs of the "Beauty Everlasting" earrings from last week.
hand sawn
along with the
forged and soldered dangle
turquoise stone set
don't forget the ear wires
oh, and you get two, one for each side
* made a set for myself too :)

*also coming soonish, hopefully later today, possibly tomorrow.

I'm off to Ikea again today to return an already assembled item that looked great in the giant showroom, and even though we measured and measured, it overwhelmed my little space. The good news is we (meaning Eric with a "c") don't have to disassemble it in order to return it. Thank you for that Ikea.

Wish us luck, UU(horse shoes) xo Ro


  1. You have to go BACK?????????????????????

    Oh, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Belle along in case you need a negotiator....

  2. P.S. So happy you made something for YOURSELF.

    And "teeny, tiny, talented hands..."--of COURSE, you need to make your space comfortable and usable....

    1. HooYA! I got so much done, thank you for reminding me to take Belle I sure did, she had a blast too!

  3. Ha! Did you end up with "tablestiltskins" too??? Sorry it didn't quite work out, but hope you find what you need, soon!

    I so love your danglers. They make me smile just looking at them! =)

    It's going to be another dastardly hot day *waah* but I have my thunderstorm 'music' on and will just play pretend!


    1. HEEEEEEheee no tablestilskins here, they it back without a prob.

      Me too, now I have a pair of Blazers YEEE HAW!!

      Oh well the 90's are feeling breezy at this point, I'm so glad we're out of the triples.

      * My friend gave me a cd of ocean waves when I was having trouble sleeping, it worked like a charm til the sea gulls! No kidding right in the middle YAK YAK !!!!!!!!!! woke me right back up!!

      I like the idea of thunderstorm music, just so I could reminisce!


    2. Bahahaha!! Yakking seagulls! I know, right--the worst! This is just plain rolling thunderstorms that I play in the background when putting pen to paper. Best part: totally blocks out the dogs! (And T-bone-snacking crows!)

      (Hah! in, Once Upon a TIme, when the world wasn't baking itself to a crisp...???)

      Looking forward to seeing your studio updates!


    3. I need a thunderstorm!!! NEED! :) :) totally! member, member when it was cool?

      okay, manana (manyana) studio update!

    4. All this talk of thunderstorms...I woke up this morning and its THUNDERING!!! Woohoo! Will send some your way! (Now time to shut down my computer so I don't get zzzzaaaappppttt!)


  4. Beautiful earrings...glad you are saving one for yourself! xx

  5. I am already amazed by what you are up to, Ro, and I am looking forward to seeing your revamped bench!

  6. It certainly wont be as beautiful and clean as your sewing studio but it looks GREAT, I'll show tomorrow.

  7. Blazin' Ro!

    How industrious you are! I love it. And what a good guy you have there to be of such help. ;-). I always thought everything looked wonderful....can't wait to see what is coming!

    Glad you made some adornments for yourself. What a beautiful walking advertisement you make!!

    Mwah! XO

  8. Hey YOU!

    I'm SO excited to get out there Lisa, it feels so good like a new space. I'm very, very thankful for the mister.

    It seems silly, I know but sometimes I don't factor in making them for myself, I LOVE these two styles, NEED :)

    Love ya back sis!!!!

  9. eric putting together an erik.
    really now.