Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ikea and Such, continued......

As it was, we found our way back to the sovereign nation known as Ikea to return a very nice, though rejected studio item.

* If you get to Ikea early they'll serve you breakfast free, no kidding. For the record we did not get there early.

We made our way back to the business section of the store, the shipping, returns and such...

*Big E

and found where we needed to go. I must say it felt like we were waiting in an airport.

*note the mattress return and the assembled bed that will not fit on the other side of the doors, our return could have been worse.

Belle did not like taking a number and waiting in the room full of returnees who tried not to make eye contact with us as I shot pictures of my little monkey riding on the cart shhhh Belle.

I thought I would give you a little taste of what Ikea is like in case you've never been to one, think Costco times about 6. Do you need a tea light or maybe 2000, and those are just the tea lights, in a tiny section of ye old candles.......Ikea=consumerism on steroids.

Cavernous, canyons of just about everything you might be able to think of, showrooms of furniture, winding and long enough to be considered a fair hike, luckily the Saturday crowd had thinned, it was a zoo :)

*The one thing they wont have is the item you came for, this is true, ask anyone & you will always have to go back, that's a given.

When you select the piece of furniture of you dreams you now go here and try to locate it. This section is the size of one Costco, good luck! You might find what you're looking for but not in the desired color because everyone else wants that color too. You can come back on Wednesday, they might get some more then.

"Belle, we're supposed to be giving a tour, get out of that bone yard!"

They have a gargantuan lighting area, hmmmm, the designer must have been drinking when he/she had this bright idea.

Hey I think I want this impulse item.....a solar task light for 20 smackers, has anyone tried these?

So I took it home and weeded through 13 pages of languages. I took the screws out because in English it never ever said the rechargeable batteries were already inside or included.

*but they were

So I popped out the solar panel and stuck it in the sun, in my fancy gravel. ( this is not a staged shot, the cab was really there:) (see above)

* For some of you that are new here, when I get a rock that isn't worth setting, I throw it in the gravel in my garden paths for kids to discover at our shows, you know like a an Easter egg hunt but I don't tell them, however, repeat kids are on to it now.

It works great and no plugs or wires, kinda cooooowel!

*New Ikea cart and task light, now when you come over the rocks are off my bench and easy to get to.

Okay because you asked....this was an inspiration board, but it didn't help with storage, one more shelf will be added below.

My throne, fit for a jewelry queen I'd say....

*new corner shelf for cd's and my ipod.

Feelin Special!

xo Ro


  1. Ahhahaha. Belle in the Boneyard! Priceless! (Holy crow, Ikea is huge! Never been. Not sure I should. My navigation skills stink...I might never find my way out!)

    What a treat to see your creative space...fit for a queen, indeed! Just lovely...and that painting of Banjo!!!

    (I think my raven's eye spotted Branwen!!) =)

    Happy Tuesday, Ro!


    I've decided the tablestiltskins are too high after all (I know, I know) and of course, two of them are stuck (opposite corners, wouldn't you know) and I have to call hubs to help. I think he's probably gonna wanna kill me! =}

    1. Don't ya love it, Belle made every tired, crying, bored infant pause!

      It's one way in and one way out, just follow the current, be warned, if you go against the flow it isn't fun, try never to go on a weekend. I bribed Eric with the promise of Swedish Meatballs and mashed potatoes. They have a restaurant on one floor and a snack bar right after you finish paying that serves coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls. You WILL need coffee when it's nearly over :)

      Oh yes, Branwen lives beneath the raven picture that resembles a certain stone owned by a certain someone.

      Oh poor Dave, wah wah..

      Happy Tuesday back at ya!


  2. I loved the Ikea tour, we don't have any near us so I have never been! It really does look like an airport. How cute that you took Belle along too hehe :)
    Very cool to see your workspace! That new light is really nifty too. And that painting of Banjo is INCREDIBLE!

    1. Well, Ikea does have some pretty cool things, I must admit, that lamp being one. Indeed a lamp and no plug in that corner and we do have plenty of sun to keep it charged.

      My son did the painting of Jo, I love it too, thank you!!

  3. OH hahahahahah BELLE!!!! you look so tiny where everything is SO biiiig!
    oh Ro, I'm still laughing to my self. GREAT post. The last time I was in Ikea, I SWORE I would never go back. All that stuff everywhere, and then you had to hike for MILES (it seemed) to find what you were looking for.
    Ok, I have to confess, I did go with my 92 year old Dad and my Mom who is also getting up there, and reads everything really, really slowly, and walks really, really slowly....so you get my drift? (and not to worry people, I love them SO much!!)
    Anyway, I digress...
    If I was in Ikea with YOU, we would be cracking each other up so much, that I think I could go there again. OH what a brave soul! lol, lol...anyway, what fun.
    I love the task lamp...how very cool!
    can't wait to see the new organization in your studio, a long awaited fix I'm sure!
    lots of love!

    1. That does not sound like fun Deb, as soon as I'm in I'm ready to get out.

      It feels good in here airy :)

      Love ya back!

  4. Haaahaahaaaaaaa SNORT!!!! Good grief!! Belle in the boneyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOODNESS. This canNOT be real. I would quit shopping forever. Tealights by the bushel, or bale, or what???

    If you want Swedish meatballs, come here to North Dakota--lots of church ladies and other women make meatballs--lots of Swedish ancestry here--lots of gravy involved. We'd fix you up just fine and save you this torture. :-)

    New studio looks lovely, though--hopefully these results are GOOD for you!!! :-) You deserve a beatiful space. And organization can feel SO beautiful!!!

    Ohhhh, Belle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh YES it IS REAL a recognizance mission, it takes a strong constitution, it's rather insane.

      Eric is of Swedish descent I think it's a grandmother memory, lingonberries on the side. He would feel right at home.

      Oh my gosh, Caroline, it's really a breath of fresh air. Now my things have a *place....wow, yes it was worth it!

      That monkey He HEEEE!!

  5. The last time we were in Ikea....i started getting panicky....that maze of a showroom....got to me.....surely there must be a way out i thought to myself. Sensory overload.....Belle seemed to make play of it....maybe that's how i should handle my next visit. Good luck with organizing....something i will never experience!

    1. I could see that easily happing, you have to prepare yourself and only go on a day when you have a sound mind, no menopause, no pms.

      Yes, bring a small monkey, you can borrow mine, the kids will love you, the adults will think you're nuts.

      Everybody has their own comfort zone, I would never judge anyones space, I know what works for me.

      *(should be womanopause)

      Hey, good to see ya!!

  6. Hi, Banjo portrait--you're gorgeous!

    What's the story behind that set of antelope horns??????????????????? (One of my favorite wild ungulates on the prairie) VERY curious over here.....

    1. I LOVE the portrait too, thank you.

      No romantic story, I found the horns at Ikea ! not really, I bought them at a gem show, aren't they pretty? I saw a herd at the Alturas Refuge, so beautiful.

      Eric's cousin made my mirror and gifted it to me after he built my studio, I'm a lucky sister.

  7. that belle. she sure knows how to make a fun day of being in a giant warehouse!

  8. Looks special, too! Love your last photo--I think I have the same camera, Ro...I love it to bits!

  9. Hilarious! I know what Ikea is like and you have captured the essence of it perfectly! Actually what you created and shared with us is even better - because Belle was there too!!! Awesome.

    And I also love that last photo :-) !

    <3 XO

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