Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hiking With Ruff and Ready

The weather here has gone from hot to extreme heat. This is the time little "Punk" decides he'd like to have a hike too. I have a hard time turning him down, he's so enthusiastic so I give in.

I keep an eye out for rattlers, everthing is so dry, this is the time of year to really watch where you step.

I think about mountain lions slinking trough the dry grass, a perfect camouflage, they are very hard to see when the grass is tall and also brown. I tell myself there are plenty of deer, why would they want me, I know they're here, note the track. So far so good, I have seen them several times, they skittle off.

Did I mention it was hot? I'm the lady with the umbrella, I like to carry my own shade, it's much cooler than a hat even though my hands are full. I saw but one person hiking with a dog, coming my way, no leash, naturally for his *good dog. I picked up the Punk just in time for it to break from its owner and try to grab Jo. Let me tell you how great a shield an umbrella is, not just for the sun but for fending off *good dogs. I simply put my shield in front of the offending dog suddenly the attacker is confused, "where did my prey go?" So far I have not harmed any attacking dogs although I'm not opposed to the idea :)
* I'm scrappy too

I decide to forget the big hike since my little lead weight is here. He won't last long in this heat and I change my plan to look for feathers instead.


clematis pom pons

don't you wish you could...... fly that is?

I'm a little teapot..........note, "Ready" is pooped and wants to be carried, camera, umbrella, small dog, anything else?

Here Mart, sniff the deer tracks and show the fine ladies how big this hawk feather is. It was too big for my satchel so carried it too.

I came home with some "loot"

Yes, I'm working too, I haven't really stopped since I had the "suck" melt down. I have quite a few requests to complete and trying to make some etsy treasures.

It got to 106 yesterday........I was going to fry an egg on the sidewalk but I discovered we were all out of eggs. Who can eat anything besides fruit and vegetables this time of year, a tomato sandwich perhaps.

Lucky 7 today, I hope you enjoy it!!
xo Ro&Ruff&Ready


  1. Oh, wow...look at that feathered trove. What a delight.

    Haha! Scrappy Ro! I'd love to walk with you. I'd kinda hide behind you and your umbrella if there were rattlers, though. And mountain lions. (I'm a warrior woman on the inside.)

    'Eye' spy a silvered feather. My favorite!


    1. I'll protect you but you have to carry your own brella
      I also own a paper parasol for more dressy events, I do!

      It's what's on the inside that counts!!

      yeah, love the silver feathers too


  2. WHOO, would ya look at those those feathers! We humans aren't the only ones hot this week, the tweets are too!
    Ro, you are so mighty, I don't think you could of carried one more little thing out of the canyon today! hee hee

    1. I know Deb I 'm keeping the water elements full and they are bumper to bumper birds.

      I'm the bag lady of the hills :)!!!

  3. I cannot get over those crisp photos of yours. And I cannot believe the size of that feather....stay in the shade my friend xx

    1. A whopper hawk wing feather, It makes me wish for a larger satchel, perhaps one large enough to cary a Yorkshire Terrier :)

      I stayed inside for the rest of the HOT day.

      I hope you stayed cool too, you and the boys!


  4. Great pictures! So many feathers! Very impressive. Ugh, don't you love those "good" dogs?? I'll have to start carrying an umbrella, that's a great idea for fending them off.
    Awesome ring! Your silver feathers are the BEST!

    1. I admit I dumped my rodeo note book, probably a weeks worth of feathers, I'm always picking them up.

      I'm telling you DJ, I get pretty tired of worrying about those *good dogs, when people tell me their dogs are okay I ask them to leash them up anyway. All I want to do is take my walk without breaking up a dog fight and hearing the words, "he usually" grrrrruff ruf!

      Umbrella is the best way to go, truly, it can be used as a pushing tool too ;)

      Awww thank you in regards to my feathers, I study the ones I pick up.

  5. Those feathers are pure glory.

    Poor Mart needed a ride--Churro, over here!!

    I like the umbrella idea. Brilliant, on so many levels. Good for you! Does Banjo just shake her head over days like this??

    Go get yourself a super-sized bag of freeze pops, put a few in the freezer and enjoy--all the colors of the rainbow to cool you off. :-) Follow up with a tomato slice. You're right, enough to fill a summer supper plate!

    1. Oh a donkey *would add a lovely element to the morning hike! Yes Mart needs a ride and i give him one...the next morning he's fresh and ready again.

      Banjo is 100% non violent except when it comes to the fleeing squirrel or bunny, hence the leash, I'm out for a peaceful walk without incident. Mart is perfect but I'm always afraid he will be carried off by someting....well, just about anything is a threat to a 5lb. doggie.

      Good advise, the mister brought home ice cream sandwiches, neopolitlin, freezie pop sound cooler though.......monkey blue!

  6. Thanks for the virtual hike! Just what my mind's eye needed to breakthru my gray cubicle office walls. Great dog-mom tip about the umbrella as a rogue-dog-confuser too. :)

  7. Awwww, sorry about the prison cell though I bet you were nice and cool. Grab your umbrella and tag along anytime.

    *It is an excellent deterrent !

  8. Ro, Mountain lions are one of my biggest crushes and biggest fears: I think they are stunning and terrifying!! xox

  9. chilly rainy summer here.
    i'll send you some cool and some moist.

    [LOVE that giant hawk feather!]