Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fit for a Goddess and Not so Much

We had a tiny break in the heat and were able to sleep with the windows open last night, it felt so good to have natural air transferrence and be out of our entrapment. Coyotes came in the middle of the night and yipped outside of our bedroom window, music of the west, the lovely off kilter notes.
The sun has been warming and ripening, glorious figs in my garden, fruit of the gods, or a goddess or just me.

There is nothing better than the ever sweet fruit warm and soft, fresh off the tree, the crunchy sugary grist, a summer delight.

I've been hiking up the mountain, in higher elevations some mornings deep in the canyon away from the early sun, oh look what I found.....acres of blackberries, I had them for breakfast until my tongue was deep purple, and shared them with Jo.

I must bring a bucket next time, I like them cooked with a little sugar and cornstarch to thicken them, stored in jars in the freezer to bring out in the winter, served warm over vanilla ice cream for a delightful taste of summer in winter.

Blackberries are in the rose family, evidenced here by the soft pink blossoms.

*non sequitur alert.

This topic has nothing to do with seasonal fruit but just like the cycles of ripening fruit some events are cyclical, usually occurring in late summer. Having been, in the pet care industry for many years we were often faced with the task of trying to eliminate skunk odor from our clients dogs. I thought I'd share my knowledge with you in case your dog comes inside late at night with the horrid reek. The best thing to use is Dawn dishwashing soap, forget the tomato juice and all the other concoctions. The skunk and pet event always occurs at such an unreasonable hour, I have to give it to all of you that are applying lemon juice or tomato juice, sometimes in the middle of the night or at the end of a long day. The main priority is to get the oil of the skunk off as soon as possible, before it penetrates into the hair follicle. Nearly 100% of the time your animal will be sprayed in the face. Dilute the Dawn dishwashing soap with water, never apply it full strength or you'll never get it to rinse all the way out causing possible subsequent skin problems. Apply to the face and head carefully as not to burn your pets eyes, lather and repeat. Towel dry your pet and squirt or dab "Natures Miracle" on the most offensive areas, leave the NM on and blow dry your pet. The heat of the dryer will help dissipate the smell. Your dog will have underlying smell of skunk even after bathing, heat will help so let your dog lay in the sun if it's not too hot outside. Your dog will smell like skunk for up to 6 months when he is wet or becomes damp. Luckily after immediate bathing the scent stays only on the pet and can't be transferred to carpet or furniture. Oh yes, and throw the collar away, it's not worth the effort.

btw... Your dog has not learned anything from this and will be glad to chase the next available skunk.

We do love them so, our dirty rat finks :)

Have a delightful day all you goddesses, xo Ro & Rato


  1. non sequitur indeed! (I had to look up the word..hahahah)
    yes, true that skunks and dogs don't have much to do with blackberries...unless the poor dog stumbles upon said blackberries that the skunk wants too!
    So...its not SUCH a far stretch. Hee hee
    Wow, wonderful fruit and wonderful fruit of knowledge. Thanks Sweet Ro!

    1. Haahaahaaaaaaaa, Deb!!!! Right--not such a far stretch when you mix in those blackberries!!!

    2. Don't say I didn't warn you both, note the dirt heart :)

      Skunks are out right now, so are blackberries and figs, quite a thin thread.

      Someone had a skunk event yesterday and consulted me and you know "sharing is caring " :) :) ;)

  2. Summer fruit hot off the vine or tree is the best!
    Blackberry sauce on ice cream sounds divine.....

    Our sweet 92 lb. puppy, Ivy had a little face time with a skunk a few weeks ago. My daughter let her out one last time before bed around midnight....I could here her calling "Ivy, Ivy no no" then two seconds later the lovely skunk perfume is wafting up to our window. Poor Ivy, I bet she thought it was our black and white cat. She got it right between the eyes. I used Dawn and SCOE 10X. (It's something we got online to remove odors, such as cat urine.) The combination did the trick for Ivy. She still has that "skunky" smell when it's damp out or if you get real close to her face.
    She didn't learn her lesson though, while out walking late one night she spied another skunk friend and almost had another face full. Thankfully the leash was short, my arm was strong and the skunk went on his way.
    You are right Ro, this always happens late at night!

  3. I think I told you before Cinder, one of my favorite dog pardners was named Ivy so first off I love the name!

    You did everything right! I had to wash the skunk from Banjo one night when I had the flu.....we call that "dog timing" .

    I am a careful door steward this time of year, I'm glad you staved off another stinky event!

  4. among the important things in life:
    non sequitur alerts.

    1. Ha haa! Well maybe not the alerts but they can be helpful.

  5. Those figs & blackberries look SO delicious!!!

    I don't currently have a dog but I want to remember "Dawn" just in case for the future. Years ago I had a German Shepherd who got skunked late at night (of course) a number of times. No, they don't learn :( The first time, I used everything acidic I could find including orange juice & rubbing canned tomatoes on his face (all outside after midnight). After that, I bought something at the pet store that worked somewhat better. It is a lingering scent (understatement) :)


  6. I thought I would try and save people the trouble of looking for acids in the kitchen during the terrible skunk hours of the evening Priscilla, I think most people keep Dawn on hand but blow drying the dog at midnight is the pits!

  7. Oh blackberries are the best! Love them and figs!
    Skunks....not so much! Haha :)