Monday, August 13, 2012

Canis Major

The dog days are here, still.....

Banjo needs to walk me, we have a appointments to keep.

We mustn't keep the goldfinches waiting, we have to say hello, hello......

before they finish their breakfast and head to unknown destinations.

There are shy quail bid adieu to, thank you for the feathers, I shall share them with friends.

Good morning dear deer, your little one is looking fine.

Even when the temps are sizzling, my 6 a.m.'s shouldn't be kept waiting.

I think I've taken this picture about a million times of our iconic yucca.

I've spent the weekend quietly working, ears plugged in, lost in space. Did anyone manage to see the meteor shower? I was a day late and sadly missed the major event.

One of the pieces I worked on included this amazing stone, oh my gosh, wait, I thought I took the picture first......... :)

I made a special yucca band and I'm offering it to whomever it may speak to. I know not all of you live with this giant lilly, yes the yucca is indeed a lilly. I'm showing it here before it heads over to etsy.

Stay cool nice ladies, xoxo Ro and Hotdog


  1. That is the most spectacular stone! Just incredibly lovely!

  2. Alas, Den and I missed the meteorite shower too! We drove up to a dark spot last night at 10 pm, hoping they were still falling, but no...darn!
    This stone is so cool, It will look amazing on that band!

  3. Oh well I hope you had a good date despite the absence of meteors.
    Love the stone!
    thank you :)

  4. That stone is remarkable!!! Love it & the cool yucca band!!!

    Looks like a lovely hike with happy face Banjo :))


    1. Hi Priscilla, That stone couldn't be more "me" could it? I'm wondering what the cutter thought, I bought it online.

      It's a scorcher, Jo and I wait til we get home for water, oh boy did we lap it up:)


  5. I was a day late, too. (My run-in with the sprinklers was refreshing, though.)

    It is crazy-cool how much that stone looks like your yuccas! You find the most amazing stones.

    Wishing you cool breezes, Ro. (Or sparkling iced beverages to cool you down.)

    Off to W.R.!.T.E. (Or possibly make a card.) =)


    1. I bet Ash I'd like to run through the sprinklers right now, pant, pant :0

      I thought it did too, you know how much I dig those small scenes. This morning one, ONE "special" yucca bloomed, WAY past the season all the rest are brown with seeds.....I think it was a special omen though I'm still trying to figure out just what it meant.

      Ice, that's as food as it's gonna get.

      Oh yes I hope you did both those things, very unproductive day here, one pair of earrings, I love them though :)

  6. What a yucca--what a stone!!!! Oh my goodness!!

    I did manage to see some of the Perseids--not on Sunday morning, because we had clouds then, but this morning they were still in action (although waning). Our sky was clear--set the alarm for 3:15, woke the dogs and trudged out in the dark, with a goal of seeing three--which I did, within about 10 minutes. As well as the rising crescent moon--a bonus--glowing a bit orange because of all the harvest dust in the air.

    Life is better with a meteor or two....and I had that "unrestricted view of the sky" that comes with being belly-up to the world. :-) Thanks, Ro.

    1. As a stone collector I knew you would appreciate this one, it's WONDERFUL, you know me and those dendrites. I love owyhee jasper, so wild west!

      Oh I'm so glad you saw some, sounds like I missed a good one and I like the way you gave yourself a quota, "3" I would have never stuck to it, I get addicted and always think the best one will be the next one.

      I agree, I wish I had some new ones in my pocket too but I still have those old Death Valley meteors, I won't soon forget them. Belly up to the night sky, can't beat it!! he heee!!!

  7. wow: the stone. the silversmithing.

    dog days here, also: temp in the 70s. woohoo!

    1. Thank you Marie, it is quite a lovely little desert cameo, who needs a ladies head when you can have a yucca.

      Oh well it's been in the triple digits for the past two weeks, I'm trying not to be a cry baby. 70 is good for you.

  8. Hi Ro...who needs a lady's head indeed! How wonderful- both the amazing stone and your setting/band.

    I'm SO tempted! As you know, the giant lily is not around here. In my mind, it is all the more reason this yucca should be in NH!! That stone makes me happy every time I look at it. Not to mention its calming effect! :)

    YOU make me happy every time I think of your talents!