Friday, August 31, 2012


If I lived across the street from myself
and I was sitting in the dark
on the edge of the bed
at five o'clock in the morning,

I might be wondering what the light
was doing on in my study at this hour,
yet here I am at my desk
in my study wondering the very same thing.

I know I did not have to rise so early
to cut open with a penknife
the bundles of papers at the newsstand
as the man across the street might be thinking.

Clearly I am not a farmer or a milkman.
And I am not the man across the street
who sits in the dark because sleep
is his mother and he is one of her many orphans.

Maybe I am awake just to listen
to the faint high pitched ringing
of tungsten in the single lightbulb
which sounds like the rustling of trees.

Or it is my job to sit as still
as the glass of water on the night table
of the man across the street,
as still as the photograph of my wife in a frame?

But there's the first bird to deliver his call,
and there's the reason I am up-
to catch the three-note song of that bird
and now to wait with him for some reply.

Aubade by Billy Collins

I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend, a long one for some of you. May all of us experience peace of mind and the contented nature of the towhee. I'm going to start calling this "Towhee Practice" It's been a dizzying week for me, my little doggie was hospitalized but he is well and fine and my mind is uncluttered and unburdened on a number of accounts.

Peace and love and I'm not saying that flippantly, Ro

I learned a new word to share while I was poem searching.

An aubade is a morning love song (as opposed to a serenade, which is in the evening), or a song or poem about lovers separating at dawn.[1] It has also been defined as "a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak".[2]


  1. the poem was beautiful, so descriptive, almost like watching a movie as i read it.

    and, if you don't mind sharing, is little martin the patient? healing prayers are headed your way <3

    1. It's a sweet story isn't it Ray. When I woke up this morning at 4:30 I was thinking about the lines.

      Yes it was little Marty, it was so weird, he aspirated water when I bathed him and passed out momentarily, I thought I was going to have to perform cpr, he was having difficulty breathing and in pain, so the vet had him on oxygen. I would have never believed something like that could even happen. The perfect storm I guess, he's taking antibiotics and fine now. SHEESH!

  2. The word itself sounds like a morning love song, doesn't it. Beautiful poem, as are the accompanying photos.

    So glad wee doggie is his punky self, again.

    Happy weekend to you and yours Ro, and love and peace, as well!


    1. Enjoy the blue moon tonight, too!

    2. I think it's beautiful too and the poem so well crafted. I hope you're having a peaceful weekend as well dear Ash.

      Th Moon was stunning and Venus? in the NE sky in the wee hours of the morning was UNBELIEVABLE!


    3. Did you take photos?? Would have loved to have seen it. When I was up early a few weeks ago to see (unsuccessfully) the meteor showers, I did see two very bright planetary bodies in 'close' proximity to the moon, possibly Venus and Jupiter (?), making an impressive celestial triad. Love unexpected moments like that.

      Having the laziest of weekends, which is lovely. Hope yours is relaxing, too! (I didn't even realize it was Labor weekend until someone told me a couple days ago!) =)


  3. I like your the word aubade...glad your dog is OK and mostly aren't you the lucky one to have uncluttered tranquil mind...our one kitty was attacked by a feral cat for the third time in 6 weeks...and frankly this is a bit too much for us..I need to start hunting this feral cat! I need every second of this long weekend, so much to do...enjoy yours Ro! xo

    1. Me too Mona, a morning song...SO lovely.

      I'm so sorry about your cat, I hope you trap the offender and take it to the humane society and it isn't his fault either that his person didn't care for him, it's just a big drag all around.

      Peace be with you!


  4. Oh, I love that poem! That's new word for me too. I had to look up how to pronounce it.
    And I'm glad your little dog is well now!!!
    Hope your weekend is long and peaceful! :)

    1. I think this poem as absolutely swell, I like the imagery it brings to the minds eye and being a fan of Mr. Collins I appreciate that he left the humor out of this one.

      I've never heard of Aubade either even though I've listened to many, now I have a name for it!

      Hope you're feeling like a towhee DJ.

  5. What a beautiful poem. Love learning new words, too.

  6. Wonderful poem!! New word for me, too. Lovely meaning & I listened to the pronunciation as well. A cool internet thing, being able to listen to words being pronounced.

    So glad your little doggie is ok.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend & continue your Towhee Practice. Getting back to my job after vacation is hard :( so am especially grateful for a long weekend :) xoxoxo

    1. Oh that's a good idea Priscilla, to listen to it pronounced, I didn't think of that.

      Oh I know exactly what you mean, from a lovely downhill coast to peddling 55miles an hour..slam bang.

      I hope you're getting your towhee on :)


  7. Beautiful, thankyou. I am loving being introduced to poetry through your blog.
    Glad to hear the pup is well and that your mind is more rested. have a lovely weekend.

    1. I appreciate that you are Jenni, I love hunting for them, paging though books, like eating deserts.

      Enjoy your weekend as well!


  8. I love this post! Beautiful is so many ways and profound poem... Thank you for sharing you! :)

    1. Awwwww,you're a sweetheart!! Thank you xoxo

  9. Oh my gosh - what a treat. Billy Collins. Delightful. I adore him...he's "right up there" with Mary Oliver and Wislawa Szymborska. I especially treasure an autographed copy of one of his books that one of my *favorite* people in the whole world gave me !! :-) His poems are so visual, so memorable to me, that I always remember if I have read one of his before or not. Do you think that too?

    Ro, you have such a knack for putting great photos with special poetry! I love your taste. Thank you ♥.

    Have a great weekend. I hope it gives you some respite from your busy week. So glad your pup is back and doing better....sending tail wags from the east!


    1. Oh I have one too!!!
      I actually had not read it til the other morning, it suited my mood so perfectly. Thank you maybe I could add photo's to Billys books or he could write poems about my pictures :)

      Tail wags appreciated, thank you, all is well, and you must be getting ready for the blessed event....yay!!!


  10. Lovely poem, well done! Aubade has been used before and used brilliantly by the great Philip Larkin. Always liked that word myself. Kudos to you nicely done!