Friday, August 31, 2012


If I lived across the street from myself
and I was sitting in the dark
on the edge of the bed
at five o'clock in the morning,

I might be wondering what the light
was doing on in my study at this hour,
yet here I am at my desk
in my study wondering the very same thing.

I know I did not have to rise so early
to cut open with a penknife
the bundles of papers at the newsstand
as the man across the street might be thinking.

Clearly I am not a farmer or a milkman.
And I am not the man across the street
who sits in the dark because sleep
is his mother and he is one of her many orphans.

Maybe I am awake just to listen
to the faint high pitched ringing
of tungsten in the single lightbulb
which sounds like the rustling of trees.

Or it is my job to sit as still
as the glass of water on the night table
of the man across the street,
as still as the photograph of my wife in a frame?

But there's the first bird to deliver his call,
and there's the reason I am up-
to catch the three-note song of that bird
and now to wait with him for some reply.

Aubade by Billy Collins

I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend, a long one for some of you. May all of us experience peace of mind and the contented nature of the towhee. I'm going to start calling this "Towhee Practice" It's been a dizzying week for me, my little doggie was hospitalized but he is well and fine and my mind is uncluttered and unburdened on a number of accounts.

Peace and love and I'm not saying that flippantly, Ro

I learned a new word to share while I was poem searching.

An aubade is a morning love song (as opposed to a serenade, which is in the evening), or a song or poem about lovers separating at dawn.[1] It has also been defined as "a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak".[2]

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We stood in the garden last night as the sun was setting with a friend popping sour kumquats into our puckered faces. We thought they would be sweeter this time of year so long on the tree but we were wrong. I spat out the third one out unable to swallow any more when the sky darkened and.............we thought maybe they were magic pills, Jack and the beanstalk fruit. First one rainbow then........


a blessing for the studio

and one for our home

a smattering of pink

then gold on the ceiling.

It was beautiful last night though we received no rain. The downpour stayed above us, it never reached the ground but it was heavenly!

Here's to a glorious day!
xo Ro

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Greetings fine people, I am still working on making my studio more functional and I must say, the quality of products out in the world has proven to be less than satisfactory. I ordered two new tools from Rio Grande, one had a weld missing and it's hard to believe someone packed it from the factory with the vise handle not even attached, so I called and sent it back. The next tool was so hard to figure out we had friends here and between four adults (one an auto mechanic) we were all puzzled, instructions in hand a video provided....what? My friend, the mechanic went to the hardware store the next day and brought the gift of gifts, a small plastic housing that I would have never known existed, installed it and now it works. I was on the phone again the following day to Rio with more questions. "It wobbles" I said, they told me to true it up with a file, which didn't work so that will be sent back too. I had to go to Harbor Freight and if you haven't been the smell alone will kill you, when you pop the door you will get smacked in the face with the smell of machine oil mixed with rubber. The tools are cheap and sub par and they didn't have anything resembling what I was looking for. We bought two shelf brackets and couldn't figure out why the level was reading so off until we held the brackets together and realized one was welded wrong, so back to the hardware store.. This is a small project but it seems to be fraught with so many problems, it had me feeling like a ruffled grouse. I tried to make things yesterday but nothing I put together looked right, the stones were all wrong,.....I wanted to get on my motorcycle and ride away, earrings flapping in the wind, only I don't have a motorcycle and it was too hot anyway.


I just sat and made stars and decided to create my own universe....

I woke up and offered myself to the hills, feeling a bit more like a towhee today, how are you?
Are you a dove, a bower bird, a chicken with her head cut off, a coopers hawk zeroing in, tell me I want to know.

xoxo tow Ro

Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Abbreviated Life

You may feel the same way. It's hard sometimes to find the time to pause and really sit with life. Some days life feels like liquid in a cupped hand, spilling out in all directions. It's hard to keep up so we try for shortcuts, like the computer and emails instead of writing notes or even waiting for the phone to ring someone up. My Father- in- law is and has always been a funny guy. He just recently received a lifetime achievement award and sent us an article along with a note. This is how things were done in the good ol days, unlike the way I'm showing you here but the way he signed the letter made me laugh, it was signed "Love etc. Paul" HA!

I did want to pause for a moment and thank all of you for being so wonderful to me. I can't emphasize how much I appreciate your support. Thank you first for finding me floating in the etsea , for continuing to be interested in in my work, for sticking with me and appreciating me for being who I am. Don't think for a moment I don't appreciate all of you too.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend that doesn't only include restocking the groceries and vacuuming the carpets, pulling weeds or mowing, though the last two would be the better choices in my book. I hope you can find a moment to just sit and "be".

with gratitude and love etc. Ro

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Owl Chronicles.....options

Each spring for the past several years I have watched the same hawks nest. I watch the adults add twigs to the remains of last years crumbling home, I watch them bolster and fluff, carefully adding sticks to the place they will stay for the next several months. The nest is near the top of a tall and spindly eucalyptus nestled in a small grove on an offshoot to a trail I like to hike. This spring something was amiss and I realized I had not seen the hawks busying around the nest, all was too quiet. I made frequent visits and through my long camera lens I could see downy gray lumps protruding from the rim of the nest and it wasn't until I got back home and reviewed the pictures that I saw one adult owl standing in plain sight next to the dwelling, they are incredible at blending. A family of Great Horned Owls had stolen the hawks nest and were raising their brood. I made trips up to see them many times in the months that followed and shared them on my blog, my readers began calling these entries, "The Owl Chronicles".

It was fascinating to watch the chicks grow and learn how to fly, an experience I'm positive I will never forget. I hike the same trails often and have not glimpsed a single one of them now that they are all on their own however when I'm out I don't think a morning passes that I don't find at least one of their feathers. I know they are hunting the hills at night and it fills my imagination to wonder what it would be like to be an owl, wouldn't you like to try it for a night, I would.

I've been wanting to make this ring for a while but I was looking for just the right lapis, with glittering pyrite, deep juicy, yummy blue. I made the stars and created the entire ring from scratch except for the stone that came from the Earth, somewhere in Afghanistan.

I patterned the band with a remember the night hunters as an homage to the owls.

The band is graduated, this ring is shorter in proportion than my last rings, the face of the ring measures 3/4 in. square, beautiful, comfortable and..........

*the completed ring is sold, two stones are claimed.

order-able. The ring pictured is a size 8.25 but I have three more similar beautiful stones, if you want one made in your size. I will be offering these for a short time on etsy and obviously here before I move on. Yes moving on is the nature of this beast, I get a little bored sitting with a design for too long, I want to explore and expound, to see what's around the next corner.

If you are interested and would like to reserve a stone, you know how to reach me.

*Please note, the ring faces will be similar, I am Ro not robot so the size of the stars and placement will be slightly different on each ring. Revisions will not be made on the band style.

Before I started my studio revamp I also started this ring with a pretty Priday Plume Agate collected at Richadsons Ranch just outside of Madres Oregon. I started the ring along with it's sister.....

pictured here. The band style will practically be identical.

If you are interested in the Priday ring, send me a jingle and I'll finish it just for you.

Have good day all of you morning doves and night owls, maybe even a blue footed boobie!.....Hooooo hoooooo Ro

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It finally cooled a bit and clouds held the sun at bay this beautiful morning.

I took an extra long walk, knowing I've been a big disappointment to my hiking buddy lately, and myself. It's hard to do everything....every last thing.

I went to look for the deer but I couldn't find them..


let's all just get it done today, xo Ro

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ikea and Such, continued......

As it was, we found our way back to the sovereign nation known as Ikea to return a very nice, though rejected studio item.

* If you get to Ikea early they'll serve you breakfast free, no kidding. For the record we did not get there early.

We made our way back to the business section of the store, the shipping, returns and such...

*Big E

and found where we needed to go. I must say it felt like we were waiting in an airport.

*note the mattress return and the assembled bed that will not fit on the other side of the doors, our return could have been worse.

Belle did not like taking a number and waiting in the room full of returnees who tried not to make eye contact with us as I shot pictures of my little monkey riding on the cart shhhh Belle.

I thought I would give you a little taste of what Ikea is like in case you've never been to one, think Costco times about 6. Do you need a tea light or maybe 2000, and those are just the tea lights, in a tiny section of ye old candles.......Ikea=consumerism on steroids.

Cavernous, canyons of just about everything you might be able to think of, showrooms of furniture, winding and long enough to be considered a fair hike, luckily the Saturday crowd had thinned, it was a zoo :)

*The one thing they wont have is the item you came for, this is true, ask anyone & you will always have to go back, that's a given.

When you select the piece of furniture of you dreams you now go here and try to locate it. This section is the size of one Costco, good luck! You might find what you're looking for but not in the desired color because everyone else wants that color too. You can come back on Wednesday, they might get some more then.

"Belle, we're supposed to be giving a tour, get out of that bone yard!"

They have a gargantuan lighting area, hmmmm, the designer must have been drinking when he/she had this bright idea.

Hey I think I want this impulse item.....a solar task light for 20 smackers, has anyone tried these?

So I took it home and weeded through 13 pages of languages. I took the screws out because in English it never ever said the rechargeable batteries were already inside or included.

*but they were

So I popped out the solar panel and stuck it in the sun, in my fancy gravel. ( this is not a staged shot, the cab was really there:) (see above)

* For some of you that are new here, when I get a rock that isn't worth setting, I throw it in the gravel in my garden paths for kids to discover at our shows, you know like a an Easter egg hunt but I don't tell them, however, repeat kids are on to it now.

It works great and no plugs or wires, kinda cooooowel!

*New Ikea cart and task light, now when you come over the rocks are off my bench and easy to get to.

Okay because you asked....this was an inspiration board, but it didn't help with storage, one more shelf will be added below.

My throne, fit for a jewelry queen I'd say....

*new corner shelf for cd's and my ipod.

Feelin Special!

xo Ro

Monday, August 20, 2012


I hope you had a good weekend. I spent most of it measuring and deciding, ordering.

Eric has offered to help me make revisions on my studio space, an offer I could not refuse. I need more storage for all those millions of tiny elements, books and thingie dingies I need close by but NOT on my bench. I'm adding new tools hopefully that will help me reduce fatigue on my "teeny tiny talented hands" (a quote from my FIL.)

In and out of a mess I managed to start a few more "Blazing Stars" because selfishly I wanted a pair for myself. I will most likely finish them today, a set for me and a couple of pairs to look for in my etsy shoppe.

I also started a few more pairs of the "Beauty Everlasting" earrings from last week.
hand sawn
along with the
forged and soldered dangle
turquoise stone set
don't forget the ear wires
oh, and you get two, one for each side
* made a set for myself too :)

*also coming soonish, hopefully later today, possibly tomorrow.

I'm off to Ikea again today to return an already assembled item that looked great in the giant showroom, and even though we measured and measured, it overwhelmed my little space. The good news is we (meaning Eric with a "c") don't have to disassemble it in order to return it. Thank you for that Ikea.

Wish us luck, UU(horse shoes) xo Ro

Friday, August 17, 2012

On Any Morning

It could happen on any morning, in the half light,

the plain and the ordinary, the impossible really. They speak a silent language on slender legs, each careful step.

They have a plan, a destination as sure as any company or bird swiftly cutting the thin air. How it is drafted is a secret, nobody can know........we are the foreign legion.

They request the right of way.

We make our quiet departure and allow the cogs of the universe to swirl,

as we contemplate our own life path.

Have a beautiful weekend, Love Ro