Monday, July 9, 2012

Wagon Ho

I hope you had a good weekend, I did, I spent much of it jingling around in my studio building rings and such with a smattering of turquoise and dendrites, birch and pine bark, remembering my trip enjoying an early hike with my birthday brother loving the summer fruit, artichokes for dinner.

This new work will be previewed here on Wednesday so until then, have a great couple of days, make them count even if you have to work too hard or if it's too blaming hot where you are. Fill a jam jar with a few flowers set them on your desk or your dining table, dandelions are pretty, celebrate you!

Hope to see you back Wednesday.....
* trees know all your secrets

xoxo Ro


  1. Oh my! Those are gorgeous! Love the new bark textured rings.
    Love summer fruit too! I have never cooked artichokes, (they have always intimidated me) but I recently found a recipe for grilling them. So I'm going to give it a shot!
    I have my eye on one of those rings, so I will definitely be checking back on Wednesday! :)

  2. Easy peasy DJ just steam them til the leaves pull out easily and don't forget the heart, mmmmmm.

    See you Wednesday :) :)

    1. Well, sheesh, that does sound easy! I will have to conquer my fear of artichokes this summer :)

  3. I do have to work very hard...just like your donkey but flowers might help. xx

  4. LOVE that tree trunk photo--and that's oh, so true!!

    Churro, good to see you after a hiatus--hope you enjoyed your vacation, kicked up your heels at the local donkey beach, tried on some new hats, sampled the finest oat-and-carrot cuisine.

    And is that a turquoise leaf?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Oh my.
    Oh my, oh my.

    Ro, are you SURE you didn't work DURING your road trip? This looks like a giant load of treasure....

    Looking forward to Wednesday....

    1. They watch those alders along the stream!

      You should see their bikinis holes for tails :) :)

      Royston leaves too pretty for words!!!

      confession, I made the bands before I left but I made a couple of pretty new dodads today too.


    2. Bikinis with tail holes--haahaaaahaaaaaaaaa!!! Only you, Rodeo-Ro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL, will be looking forward to Wed !!! The bark texture is SO wonderful !!!

    I hope Belle is helping Churro, rather than hindering :))

    Love the Eye of the Tree photo!! I agree, trees do know all our secrets. xoxoxo

  6. Hi Priscilla, looking forward to it, I'm barking up the right trees :)

    It's always monkey business as you well know!

    They do and they never tell..


  7. Wow oh WOW
    Im with Caroline on this well put!
    Gosh im missing u Ro but Im having a blast here!
    I cant wait to see you treasures wed

    1. Hi, Deb--

      Don't you wish WE could find that turquoise tree like Ro did, collect a few leaves??


      (Belle made me say it....)

    2. I miss you too Deb but don't hurry back, keep enjoying yourself, so much to do up there.

      I nearly did Caroline, brought back a full pocket of leaves, the girl that carves them lives close by, S C O R E!

      Tree hugger here (I kiss them too)

  8. Hi Ho, Ro!

    Oh, that Belle...I see her powers are reaching far and wide -- all the way to Caroline!

    Barking up the right trees (HA!!). I love it.

    Your new work looks **fantastic**! What a temptress you are RO! lol You have been busy. And here I pictured you taking it easy acclimating back into "reality."

    I'm glad to see little Churro the burro, and of course, Belle too. They are looking well, but I'm afraid they pale in comparison to those goodies!

    How interesting to learn that you found the turquoise leaves at one place, and then have them carved. I pictured you finding it already carved!

    Am counting the hours to tomorrow (swooooooon).....

    Love you♥ and glad you are back!

    1. Hello birdie calligrapher extraordinaire, I'm sorry, yes I did find them already carved, loaded my burro cart, I love them. I bought them from a lapidary couple, the man was a cabber and a slabber, she told me she only liked carving. I haven't yet visited them at home yet but I invited myself over, I found them at a small local gem show my lapis guy invited me to.

      Thank you for the feathers! Those downy woodpecker feathers are a treat, my favorites, I copied the last one for pendants, such a pretty shape, still trying to figure out how to make the pattern.

      Back and busy , I'm happy about that.

      Love to you!

  9. Replies
    1. Awww, I miss your hugs. I visited your church yesterday, thought of you, up by the chapel of the wildwoods?

      I love you too.

  10. so lovely.
    you have been busy....

  11. Ooh, I spy some lovely goodies! Is that a dendritic opal I see...?

    Popping in to visit your blog is always a soothing balm, Ro. My inner critic has been a CRANKY TART all week, so I've gone and locked her outside. (Maybe she'll find something worth smoking amongst the jungle of weeds! If she does, maybe I'll go join her!!)

    It is hot, Hot, HOT here! Waaah. (Perhaps I'm the one that's been the cranky tart??)

    Can wait to see your latest sparklies, tomorrow. Will be there with bells on.
    (Either that, or possibly asleep under our blue spruce in the backyard!) =)


    1. OH MY GOSH Ash, the heat is ON, I'm thanking my lucky stars for a/c and planning to hunker in, B L A H! This is good inside work weather. You need a vacation to give your inner critic a rest. There are times when I'm burnt out that I look at all my bazillion stones and I dislike them all, that's when I know I need to do something else for a bit, change my focus.

      Love The dendrites, LOVE!


    2. Oh, me, too...the AC (my BFF!), the dendrites--wowzer!!

      And I could kiss you. Just hearing you say that...about your stones when you're burnt out. I love my characters...until I kind of wish they'd all go jump in the lake. Just hearing others say that about their creative process...makes all the difference.

      My muse doesn't see why she should work in this heat, either, but perhaps I can coax her into an hour or two.

      Stay cool, dear Ro!