Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Vacation for You

I found this tree on my trip and oh what a beauty only I have no idea just what to call it.

It has beautiful toothy leaves.....

suspended on weeping branches.....

and gorgeous alba, white bark. The tree is the height of an alder.

If you can identify this beauty, post a link to the tree I.D. in your comment, you can also reach me by email or etsy convo. The first one to properly introduce us will receive my copy of "The Forgotten Garden in the mail. This book is a vacation itself, a wonderful pleasure read. This book has it all, it is engaging the moment you start it and hard to put down. It is a mystery, that includes dark fairy tales, a secret garden with a Bronte-esque thread stitching it all together.

Thank you all for making yesterday so extra special!
xo Ro


  1. A weeping birch tree...?

    1. ...seems silver birch trees are also known as weeping birch or European weeping birch...

      leaves in the photo at the bottom of this link look similar

      Gosh, the bark of this tree is magnificent!!

    2. Okay...last one. I PROMISE! (This is what happens when a writer finds something to research...especially when it gets one out of having to writer!!) =)

    3. Erm...write.

      Ha ha.

      Okay. Gonna take my crazy somewhere else.

      (Where's that husband of mine...?)

  2. Oh wow! Never heard it's name before! As a woman named after a tree you would be the one!

    Thank you, You're going to LOVE this story, it barks right up your tree :)

    Thank you SO much I'll send it along.


    1. Oh, yay me! =) And you know it! WIth a full name that translates to an ash, a laurel, and a rose, I guess it had to be me! =) (Did I tell you we also have a Rowan and a Willow in my family tree?)

      Thanks, Ro, for the beautiful photos and for these lovely opportunities. I have yet to find a good summer read so I'm excited to read this. Dark fairy tales. A secret garden (favorite childhood book!)! What more could a girl need??

      And thanks DJ and Caroline! =) Can't wait to read this, too!

      Keep cool everyone!


  3. What a pretty tree! Good job, Ash :)
    Now I must get that book from the library, I need a hard-to-put-down book right now!

    1. I hope you do DJ it was a FUN read! I loved it, a perfect vacation book,

  4. That's an awesome story, and I'm with Ash on the tree ID--saw these grown where we used to live in Wyoming and I LOVED these trees!!

    Ash and DJ, enjoy the book--this story has humor, tragedy, romance, history, family relationships, travel and a great mystery!!! (Okay, Ro's description is much better, but I loved this novel, too!!!)

    Thanks for the tree puzzle, Ro--more bark to admire....

    1. Well I thank you for recommending it my dear pen pal, I'm sure without your enthusiastic push I might have missed it.

      Oh glory, those trees, I was in love, I knew someone that lived with them would know. The bark, the leaves, the weep WOW!

      I thought I would donate that book to our new little free library but this is much better!

      Thank you!!!!!!

  5. Hi Ro,

    Your rings are amazing, and I love your new necklaces too. Yesterday was CrAzY and I never got to chime in...but I'm there in heart and spirit! Each piece is so unique and so special. Wow.

    And how appropriate is THAT that the tree is a SILVER birch. I thought for sure that you did that on purpose (heeheeeee!)

    Congrats to you, Ash! Way to go :-) !!


    1. Hi sweet Lisa, omg yesterday was the same for me, there is something about Wednesdays, it seems to all *happen mid week for some reason.

      We don't have those trees but I knew some of you were lucky enough to live with them, hug one for me :)

      Oh yes I caught that for sure, I'm always drawn to the silver! I will be making them IN silver.

      Love you birdie xoxo

  6. Yep...Ash was right...i just opened your blog....i knew it too :) i

    1. Well naturally you would honey bunch, I found it in your hood but I asked the lady standing under it with me. "Wow this tree is beautiful do you know what it is?" she was from Louisiana...

      * I think she though I was a little nutzo when I started taking pictures of it :)

      Stay there it's strangely humid and horridly hot, yucky here.

  7. Yucky there thats what i we drove up in the mountains where it was 75 and clear and was lovely. I hope your weather doesnt stick around for long...
    Hugs to you!