Friday, July 6, 2012

On Shopping

So much world all at once - how it rustles and bustles!
Moraines and morays and morasses and mussels,
the flame the flamingo the flounder the feather -
how to line them all up, how to put them together?
All the thickets and crickets the creepers the creeks!
The beeches the leeches alone could take weeks.
Chinchillas, gorillas and sarsaparillas -
thanks, but all this excess of your kindness could kill us.
Where's the jar for burgeoning burdock, brooks' babble,
rooks' squabble, snakes' squiggle, abundance, and trouble?
How to plug up the gold mines and pin down the fox,
how to cope with the lynx, bobolinks, streptococks!
Take dioxide: a lightweight, but mighty in deeds;
what about octopodes, what about centipedes?
I could look into prices, but I don't have the nerve:
These are products I can't dream about, don't deserve.
Isn't sunset a little too much for two eyes
that, who knows, may not open to see the sun rise?
I'm just passing through, it's a five-minute stop.
I won't catch what is distant; what's too close, I'll mix up.
While trying to plumb what the void's inner sense is,
I'm bound to pass by the poppies and pansies.
What a loss when you think how much effort was spent
perfecting this petal this pistil this scent
for the one-time appearance, which is all they're allowed,
so aloofly precise and so fragilely proud.

I couldn't choose so I'm giving them all, happy birthday July babies including Ms Samborska the author and my younger brother and sis.

Happy weekend all, xo Ro

Birthday by; Wislaya Szymborska


  1. ...such a fun read, and the photos are glorious!

  2. Awwwwwww, I love this, and I'm not even a July baby!!!

    So wonderful--thanks for sharing, Ro--I want to snuggle up to those giant sequoia, too--and thanks for the damselfly--I KNOW those are hard to photograph.

    The world is SUCH an incredible place....

    1. Me either but I love me some July babies :)

      I think it was a very old growth Ponderosa. My husband is good to me when I say WOW I need to see that tree, he'll pull over and let me plant a kiss on it. I was too big to hug, gorgeous!

      gorgeous indeed!!

  3. From one July baby to others....happy birthday!

    Fantastic photos as always, Ro !!:-) Today AND yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to share the great photos and this *wonderful* poem. I love them all. I hadn't seen that poem and it is a great find!

    Dawn and Caroline, you are right....the photos are glorious, and the world is such an incredible place.

    Happy weekend, Ro and other readers....hope it's one of summer's best!


    1. Happy birthday dear bird!

      so far summer is pretty awe inspiring!


  4. what lovely gifts you bear....
    and i love the "mall" in which you do your shopping.