Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nature Girls

After a nice trip visiting uncharted territories, being captivated with trees of distinction, spellbound, standing in meadows densly populated with wildflowers, bewitched stream side watching the pollinators do their life's work and enchanted by the quiet deer that nibbled next to our camp in the mornings first light. I brought my mosquito bites back home, sat in the wonderful womb of my studio and fiddled around.

I made a most beautiful pendant for mother natures daughter using two carved, royston turquoise leaves.

As you may have already guessed I have been infatuated with bark lately, birch and alder, euc and pine as a person drawn to texture, I seem to have a needle focus on it lately and I'm seeing trees a bit differently, a little more up close and personal, I like the skins they're in.

The hinge in the center allows this piece to conform to your shape, it hangs beautifully on an adjustable chain that starts at 19 inches. It can be adjusted at any increment below, it looks best worn shorter.

*sold "Creek side"
A dendritic stone possibly Montana agate, I bought it from an elderly woman who inherited the rock from her father, in the business we call this "old stock" I love this scene, a stand of trees right where they would be found in a dry climate, in the draw of a hill, the crease where you might find a stream or an arroyo, water trickling down from higher elevations, snow melt.

I added a sterling seed bead on either side of the bail so the pice can travel a bit but this design wont allow the chain to swing around backwards though the clasp and elements are so pretty you might want to wear your hair up or short.

* I got my hair cut yesterday, good timing, it's hotter than a pepper sprout right now.

Like many of my pieces the stone and design are meant to evoke peacefulness, tranquility.

*sold "Specimen"

As a self confessed plant geek these dendritic stones appeal to me on a million levels, they look like pressed specimens gathered in the field, brought back to the herbarium for further examination.
The stone and birch bark element together measure 2.25 inches long. I only had Laura for a short time so I don't have this one shown on. The chain is 22 inches, it looks best worn long, swinging, long enough for you to enjoy it too, when you look down.

Though the stones often mimic plant life they are actually formed when minerals have seeped into the stone, traveled in the rock forming veins and arteries and as the rock hardens the patterns become frozen for all time.

*sold "Single leaf"

I made a scaled down version of the first leaf design, creating a simple pendant using another stunning turquoise leaf. This one would be pretty worn in layers or alone. The leaf measures 1.25 inches, the leaf and stem are 2 inches across.

The chain is adjustable out to 20 inches or any increment shorter.

Chapter 2 rings
Oh gosh , this is becoming a novel! :)
(go get some coffee, I'll wait)

"Birch" size 8.25

I made something a bit different, this ring has a bit of a mid century modern feel, the turquoise is also royston.

The band is elegant.

Thank you Laura.

* I made her a half finger ring for payment size 4 :)

"These Brown Hills" size 6.25
A juicy Montana bean with my hillsides mirrored, so pretty.

I just had to make a pine bark band, simple, tiny, gorgeous. I'm vowing to make more of these little rings, I made them for my show, they were all gobbled up.

"Lichens" size 7.75

I'm imagining the kinds of arborial forests we don't have here but ones I have visited, thick, dark, moist, rich with mosses and lichens, m o s q u i t o s !!!

Forests that have trees with eyes and streams that talk, you find yourself constantly looking behind you but no one is ever there and it is easy to see why so many frightening fairy tails and legends take place there.

I love them.

"Sage Flats" size 7.50

I like a stone with a view and this is another familiar scene, sage in the foreground, hills rising behind. I added a scribble texture to the frame around the stone, because I wanted to.

She's a beauty with a ponderosa pine band.

*sold "Lone Tree" size 7.75

A dendritic tree rises in the waterway perhaps a thirsty willow hoping to be quenched.

Bark series, continued..

Science and art, art and nature, it doesn't get much better than that now does it. Wow. thanks for sticking it out, this was a long one.

Have a superterrific day, I will be here til noon then meeting a dear, long lost friend for lunch but I will check mail and convo's when I get back. Reserves are taken in the order they are received. Don't worry if you loose out I have more stones and will try to accommodate you. Most of all thank you for stopping by, for your words of encouragement and for being so wonderful to me.

xo Ro

The End


  1. This is what I mean about your blog being a balm, Ro. Reading this morning's post...I remembered to breathe! =)

    Beautiful. Every. Single. One.

    I was about to ask about 'These Brown Hills,' but see another birdie has already swooped in! =)

    I love LOVE the band of Birch so much! It's perfect.

    Okay. I feel thoroughly inspired. Thank you!!


    1. Oh, forests with trees that can see and streams that can talk...they'll always keep our secrets!

      Hotter than a pepper sprout! *snort* YES!!!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better Ash, you need a break, that is clear. I read your last comment, I'm sure everyone that shares the creative process feels the same way from time to time. Face it, we spend a lot of time alone with our thoughts and sometimes our thoughts can turn on us :)


    1. YES! It's enough to make one batty.

      And then it all comes together and we are reminded why we do what we do!


  3. "Science and art, art and nature, it doesn't get much better than that now, does it?"

    I live my life by that idea. :-) There's nothing better, and you've honored that idea so beautifully with your work here, Ro--WOW!!!!!!!!! (To echo a few others who have or will use the same word in response to today's blogpost!)

    TWO chapters today--I'm so impressed, and inspired! Stones that could ONLY come from the imagination--or from nature, which fuels the imagination....oh, you know how to find the BEST stones, Ro...or maybe they find you!!

    I'll be dreaming of leaves and barks and landscapes all day now--wow! You're right, Ash, Ro's blog IS a balm--Ro, you definitely achieve the tranquility you're looking for in your art--that sense of peace and calm infuses even these photos!!

    1. Thank you so much my kindred friend for always putting sparkle in my days as well!


  4. I always love your designs but the stones you have chosen for the above pieces are outstanding. I am just in awe of Mother Nature's creations!

    1. Thank you Sandi, I am also in awe of the good lapidary artists that know how to get the most out of the material.

  5. Yes, WOW!!!! I've been soaking up these amazing pieces & your evocative words describing them & nature's scenes!!! Love the depth & meaning & beauty in all these pieces!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Pricilla, such inspirational stones and a nice vacation never hurts the creative juices either!


  6. You are so prolific, and consistently's amazing, and always a pleasure to browse through your beautiful creations.

    1. Thank you for visiting Dawn, I love what you do too!

  7. ro !! those stones are amazing!
    i love any kind of dendritic stones. some of them are so beautiful, it's difficult to part with them.
    you've made them (the stones) proud :)

    1. Aww well I've seen some pretty, PRETTY dendritic Peruvian opals in your shop too, I'm a sucker for dendrites!

      Thank you ♥

  8. Beautiful! Those stones and your artistry are truly amazing!

    1. Muchas Gracias DJ, I was having a blast :)

  9. Oh you've been getting your hands on some delicious stones! And the settings for them are lovely :)

    1. I scored at a local show, I was thrilled Emma, thank you!

  10. Well worth the wait - so beautiful!!