Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Keepsakes

While I was making these rings I started to think about keepsakes, remembering a keepsake bestowed on me by my mother when I was very young, far too young to appreciate it. When I was a little girl my mother gave me her childhood doll. I was not a doll girl first off and I was terrified of puppets and dummies which were the big thing on television at the time. I couldn't watch them on tv without suffering bad dreams, forget seeing them in person and I'm still afraid of clowns an inadvertent fear I'm afraid I now share with my son. I remember my mothers somber and heartfelt mood on receiving the gift and I knew it was special to her but it had teeth, glass teeth and I promptly hid it in the basement behind the heating system. There was no way I was sleeping with that dolly in my bedroom. All I wanted as a keepsake was the aquamarine ring in her jewelry box that I would sneak out and admire on my tiny finger.

I made several little keepsake rings that might be handed down or even gifted, rings I made with a pocket full of extraordinary little stones.

Out On a Limb size 7.25
dendritic agate

thinny bark textured band

So pretty

Sage size 6.25
dendritic agate

* this is how our sage looks backlit by the early sun.


rather precious

Sunflower size 8
dendritic agate

A sepia photo perhaps, that looks just like a sunflower peeking up. I love the shape of this stone too.

Laura works at Disneyland now dressing nice people into scary suits, Jafar! eeek!

Canopy 6.75
Stunning black dendrites, agatized stone

Up in the trees, with a bark band

love the shape, and simplicity of these designs

*sold Leaf size 8
Turquoise (royston)

A beautiful green sage green turquoise leaf , big on character with a gorgeous matrix

simple, peaceful

Summer Grasses 7.25
rutilated quartz

A pretty little stone with a high dome and needles all running in the same direction, north and south.


Verdant size 8.25

I learned that the word prason in Greek means leek and now you know it too, leek green, makes sense.

This one is Laura's favorite, she loves the pop of color.

*sold Glacier size 8

This stone is so cool, perfect for hot muggy summer days, birthdays in March

I never did inherit my mothers aquamarine ring, .....

when she passed away I asked my sisters about it. My mother had given it to one of them long ago. This was the piece I took to remember my mother, it is not valuable to anyone but me. It's a brooch she wore all the time on her black wool coat and I remember how stunning she looked in her black pumps and red lipstick, this is my precious keepsake.

Thank you for reading, for taking a walk down memory lane with me.
Have a delightful day all.

xoxo Ro


  1. Ro, I love all those rings, especially the granulation on the sides, with the scratch marks--such a lovely way to highlight an already beautiful stone. The story reminds me of similar stories from my childhood. Your mother's brooch is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Dawn, I think it's beautiful too! My treasure!!

    I know my story will bring a flood of memories to so many readers :)

  3. lovely rings, each and every one.

    the best thing is that brooch: funny how the "invaluable" things may mean the most to us.

    1. Thank you

      Invaluable to me, a million fine memories in that brooch.

  4. The most beautiful of keepsakes, every single one....Out On a Limb...*wow*

    I can almost 'see' your mother from your description. What a lovely memory to carry with you. I have two brooches, both from my beloved Gran. One, she gifted to me the last time I was home, about a year before she died. The other, Mum sent to me after Gran died. It is a beautiful embroidered brooch my mum made for Gran (a single pansy) and still smells of the powdery perfume she wore! (You know that lovely powdery smell of elderly smells just like that.)

    Happy days, Ro. Thanks for the meander down memory lane!


    1. Oh, clowns, dolls, puppets, dummies...I am SO with you! (Always loved my teddy bears, though.)

      Remember those monkey toys with the cymbals? They used to terrify my sister!

    2. Thank you Ash,

      Things to treasure, oh along with your grandmothers favorite scent, that's really wonderful!

      Thank you for sharing your memories.


  5. two letters "It" by Steven King!
    Crinkly clown makeup....shiver :(

  6. That's a beautiful brooch, Ro, and you'll think of so many occasions, formal and casual, when she donned that coat and this sparkle. Oh yes, pumps and lipstick!

    I like the keepsakes you're creating here, too, memories and stories started on your bench...if only we could get these rings back together for a reunion in 50 years and hear their tales. :-) And meet the women who wear them....

    I'm rather fond of the sunflower field you created--and I'm craving the simple and peaceful feeling of that turquoise leaf...and I'm not a March baby, but that aquamarine almost matches my new favorite flavor of "freeze pop"--and just what flavor is blue, anyway, anyone out there have an idea??


    A bevy of beauties, indeed!! Memories in the making, starts now....

    1. I like remembering my mother that way, stylish, going out on the town before 6 kids beat her to the ground :P

      Thank you Caroline, it looks like Abbie's sunflower field.

      Monkey flavor, you pegged it!

      I always tell my husband, the good ol days are right NOW, yes, memories in the making...

  7. All the rings are soooo beautiful !!!

    I find that my really special family/loved one keepsakes are ones without monetary value but WITH tons of emotional value.

    I'm with you on puppets, dummies & clowns. Especially ventriloquist dummies terrified me as a kid. Not scared of clowns anymore but they give me the creeps still. xoxo

    1. Thank you about the rings :)

      Oh I know, just something loved and personal to remind. I use my mothers rosary purse as a coin purse and I think about her every time I make change.

      I love the clowns at Circque du Solei (sp) but when they come out in the audience my heart starts thumping. I have to say, scary movies ere made on all those subjects, there IS a reason for that!

  8. Isn't the word "keepsake" such a lovely, thoughtful word?

    Perfect for these, Ro.

  9. Those are beautiful rings, especially "sunflower"! Lovely brooch, I love things that are filled with memories.

    PS Clowns are totally scary!!! I was fine with clowns until I saw IT when I saw younger and from then on I've been permanently scarred. Creepy!

  10. Thank you DJ I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite when it comes to the dendrites, I LOVE them :)

    Me too my favorite things, filled. I'm positive my son would choose my feather bracelet, he's stolen it a few times.

    I watched a few minutes of it by accident, I didn't know what it was, then the clown face suddenly appeared in the storm drain......I squealed and shut the television off. YIKESSSSS!!!