Monday, July 16, 2012

Back on Tr ack!

To all of you that have found me again, HELLO! There have been a strange chain of unfortunate events since we've returned from traveling and I'm hoping that soon things will once again feel right and smooth. The humidity went away and temperatures finally have cooled enough for a morning walk and I couldn't have found a better way to kick start the week.

Banjo and I were both excited to get out and move and to see the sights. I'm still trained to visit "the owl place", a stand of thinny eucalyptus trees but I never see owls there anymore. I was happy to see the wise, red-tail there this early a.m., tail ablaze. For years he was the main inhabitant before the opportunistic owls squatted, stole his nest and set up residence.

*thinny def. a cross between skinny and thin, a word my German friend uses, it's perfect don't you think?

The hills are brown and dry, Banjo and I have been seeing spotted fawns with doe's each time we go for our wanders, this one with two.

so cute

In the weeds

This morning we lost power after my walk so instead of computer and studio, I worked in my garden and started to wish I was here again. I could build a studio on that sandy bank with a water wheel to power my pickle pot. Eric could catch all our food and I could forage for salad in the warmer months.............dreaming.........obviously the power is back on.

I made a supercool&beutiful ring and I moved it over here . My plan is to make more tree rings this week, so after I reset all the blinking clocks that's just what I'm going to do.

Here's to smooth sailing for me and for you too!
xoxo Ro and Jo


  1. So glad you're back on track including nicer weather for a lovely hike!!! The humidity here is awful:(
    Terrible about your blog being hijacked. Very stressful to deal with. I'm at a loss to understand what someone has to gain kidnapping a url.
    Hooray for tree rings!!! xoxo

  2. Oh man I feel for you with that oppressive weather, it's just the PITS!

    Well I'm just moving forward, the internet is so strange sometimes. I agree, what exactly have they gained by my loss, nothing.

    We don't usually have humidity, it sure is difficult to stay hydrated.


  3. Thinny is indeed a perfect word. I will use it on the kids. They'll like it, too. And no doubt come up with their own.

    Oh, a cabin in the woods, by a stream. That is my dream, too. We can visit one another and share berries foraged from our 'backyard'!

    Glad things are back on TR ACK! =)

    A beauteous aurora ring, right in time for for the aurora display over the weekend. Did anyone see the beautiful lights? I figured we might be far enough north, but we had cloud coverage all weekend.

    Have a great week, Ro! =)


    1. "Thinny" as my friend would say "it is goood no?" it's perfection!

      I'm there!

      I've only seen pictures, bucket list!

      Good to be back on track, I hope your week is splendid as well.

  4. leave it to you to remind me: things ain't always convenient or dependable in life, but life sure is good. all i have to do is look for that two fawn doe....

    1. Oh well things can become tangled and difficult but joy is ever present and nothing can jack that.

  5. i love routine. some people need new and exciting everyday, not me. there something so comforting about routines, just about the ordinary . . . anyway, i love your routine and and all of the beauty it brings to the world. I'm so glad it's back :) rae.

  6. Oh I hate to admit it but I'm kind of the same way, I do NEED my morning walks and I get a bit tiffy when I don't get them. For some reason, I feel it is my right :)

    Bumps have flattened, and I don't feel like I need to run in so many directions this week.

    Glad you found me again, always good to hear from you!

  7. Ooh, I just found you again -- I was afraid I had lost you! :-) Thank you for putting a note on Etsy.

  8. Thank you for searching Sharon, I noticed my blog title was taken too by another blogger, I'm trying to keep on that high road!

    Good to see you!