Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Retrospective....of sorts

I've been culling through pictures I must have a million, too many.

too many pictures of hummingbirds

of moths

of rainy day shows

teary eyed memories

pictures of trees wearing warnings

dog dreams

and our favorite toy

jokes shared between friends

the days start

and days end

lovely Laura of course

a tiny blue monkey with with mischief in mind

there is your house

my house
hikes with girlfriends

Too much jewelry, that's a given

can't forget Leroy

or Chester


or Scout

There are deserts

and forests

a small burro with cart

too many plants

and ants

owls, naturally

A rare portrait with Jo

there's the Kaptan

the king

old bars

and old cars


and hats

a million bucks


and bees

I have a problem, a hoarding disease
because I take my camera wherever I please.
My hard drive is swollen
my computer can't take it
as much as I try I can't seem to shake it.

I delete and delete
try saving them elsewhere.
Still the next day new favorites join old
challenging my software.
On my poor Apple, too many are doled.

I am not a poet, no not even close.
I had a few moments while editing and dumping
to share this with you, a Saturdays post.

xoxo Ro and all and all and all......


  1. Oh what a perfect delight to read! Happy, happy am I with a friend like you.
    Thank you for sharing sweet Ro.

    (oh, those latest treasures, oh, OH!)

    1. A compliment I return to you dear friend.

      I guess we figured out this is bygone treasure but more is always headed down the pike.


  2. Love it, Ro. I love the story it tells. Don't ever stop!

    1. Memory lane Dawn and I only got rid of 1000 pic's in the process :)

  3. Ahhhh! Chester! What a little dude!

    1. He was here yesterday, looking in my door as I worked, he's something else!

    2. Man oh man, I'm a little jealous, really. You get the coolest birds to hang out with. The ones here yell at me, dump their trash on my roof, then sod off.


      (Here Chester, Chester, Chester...there's a pretty little straw nest with lots of pretty sparkly beads waiting here, all for you. And I'll even find a hammer and some metal to bang on if helps.)



    3. oops...forgot an 'it' in there somewhere.

  4. I love the stories you tell, You are a happy soul and I enjoy that too! Xo's

    1. Well thank you Shannon, I appreciate that!


  5. Lovely pictures and a lovely story too! :)

    and that dog your son is holding looks SO MUCH like my Bingo! He looks like he could be his little brother or something.

    1. Gracias DJ!

      I need a picture of Bingo especially since that was the name I was pulling for, a family consensus ensued and after a debate we ended up with Banjo which is befitting for some reason since she was found in Oklahoma. Well it made sense to us.

      Teo came from a local shelter, we take care of him for about 4 weeks a year while his family is in Europe.

    2. We wanted to change Bingo's name when we got him, his previous home was kind of wacky so we wanted to give him a fresh start and we didn't really like his old name anyway (Benny). So we were trying to come up with other "B" names. Banjo is a really cute name! We never even thought of that one.
      I'll send you a picture of him, he really does resemble Teo! I have to sift through about 14 million or so pictures on my computer hehe :) I really need to organize them!

  6. Leroy, buddy!!!!!!!!!!!! Phacelia!!!!!!!!!!! And such a poet you are, Ro!

    This is like "Ro's Greatest Hits, Vol. I." We all want the collection. Keep singin' your song in silver, sister, keep singin'.

    (Well, since your blog has the word "trail" in its title, I should use hiking instead of singing, but then the metaphor gets really messy. You know what I mean. We've got your back--check out photo "And forests" for reference.)

    1. Member Leroy Brown who rode shotgun from the nursery, I want another big pet Mantis :)

      A little Susical , he heee and several thousand more pictures to go.

      I was banging the hammers yesterday to the tunes of Cogeto.

      You are too sweet!

  7. Belle! Old bars! A million bucks!

    Hahaahaaa snoRT!!!!

    1. Ha haaaaa!!!!! Belle is wearing a hummingbird wing feather, remember how tiny they are.

      Hee haw!

  8. REALLY enjoyed your selection of moments & your poem too!!!! Funny how your photos/stories become part of your readers' memories. Wow, a tiny hummer feather :) xoxo

    1. I took 1000 off my computer that morning and though I have them saved on an exterior hard drive I still want to keep a lot of them handy, kind of crazy. I still have pages and pages to edit!

      Yes I know thank you for taking a walk down memory lane :)

      My husband brought that little feather in to me, it's just right for a tiny monkey, I saved it, a feather hoarder too.


  9. great captures, one and all!
    banjo shots are always my favourite.

    [and by the way. me too: my computer is always warning me that i'm storing way too many photos....]

  10. Awwww Jo, my favorite internet find EVER, my heart.

    My computer is clogged, clogged, clogged, congested, each day I try to purge more and each day I add more, vicious cycle here.

  11. BTW everybody, The Kaptain above is Cogeto's touring van, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Oakland so far. They purchased it as a group with band earnings.

    *I named it for them, it's an old Dodge El Kapitan and when I asked Bryce what they bought he said, "with a K really" Haaaaahaaaa!

    When he gets back if they have cd's left he told me he'd list some in his etsy shoppe.

  12. Great pictures as always...that banjo is a killer! xx

  13. Aw, thank you Mona, yes she is :)