Monday, July 30, 2012

Weeks Start

I've been busy with custom orders here at home, an engagement ring and other things and I've been trying to make this piece for the longest time, an itch I wanted to scratch. I mentioned TTW's book and I was so touched by it. The dove was sawn from one of my images, an image of a dove perched on barbed wire. I liked the statement the photo evoked, that of peace, of hope. I patterned the element that will grace the clasp on the chain with a small dove feather I found.......

then stamped the back with a particular phrase in the book that spoke to me. A statement about open spaces, a place to walk, a place to observe a place to be yourself with yourself.

The weather is going to be hot all week, good weather to enjoy studio time. I took the picture above this morning of my friends dog "Pig", one of Banjo's buddies. Another one of my friends calls this look "ham tongue" perfect!

Here's to good work and quiet places, cheers all! xo Ro

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Retrospective....of sorts

I've been culling through pictures I must have a million, too many.

too many pictures of hummingbirds

of moths

of rainy day shows

teary eyed memories

pictures of trees wearing warnings

dog dreams

and our favorite toy

jokes shared between friends

the days start

and days end

lovely Laura of course

a tiny blue monkey with with mischief in mind

there is your house

my house
hikes with girlfriends

Too much jewelry, that's a given

can't forget Leroy

or Chester


or Scout

There are deserts

and forests

a small burro with cart

too many plants

and ants

owls, naturally

A rare portrait with Jo

there's the Kaptan

the king

old bars

and old cars


and hats

a million bucks


and bees

I have a problem, a hoarding disease
because I take my camera wherever I please.
My hard drive is swollen
my computer can't take it
as much as I try I can't seem to shake it.

I delete and delete
try saving them elsewhere.
Still the next day new favorites join old
challenging my software.
On my poor Apple, too many are doled.

I am not a poet, no not even close.
I had a few moments while editing and dumping
to share this with you, a Saturdays post.

xoxo Ro and all and all and all......

Thursday, July 26, 2012


*both rings have been sold

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm still hanging from trees.

I don't think I'm coming down anytime soon, I'm enjoying the view up here :)

xo Ro


Dear colorful ladies before the boys left on tour I grabbed a few copies of "Compendium", I listened to mine yesterday and I'm not just saying this because I love each and every one of them but WOW this cd is SO good. If you would like to try and win this limited edition, exact copy, including original artwork, guess the flower on my etsy shoppe banner.

clue.....It might be big, it could be small, whatever the size it blooms right now!
(I live in S. California)

I'd like to tell you where you might purchase one but unless you're seeing Cogito perform live, the cd's are hard to come by.

*contest not limited to blog signer-on-ers, email me or etsy convo me. The first one to guess will receive the cd via snail mail, downloads are available here.

Hey, did anyone see the Jimmy Fallon Music Special last night? It was on past my bedtime but it was so good and funny I made myself stay up. If you didn't catch it, see if you can hulu it or watch some on You Tube, it was GREAT!

Good Luck, xoxo Ro

and then.......

LeMay is the winner, she guessed cactus!

The large and beautiful night blooming flowers of the euphorbia. This plant is not actually a cactus but we are not going to get technical here.

Thank you all for your guesses!

xoxo Ro

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Color Game

Since my own work is well,

suck ing at the moment,
n : the act of sucking [syn: sucking, suction]     
 v 1: draw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth; 
"suck the poison from the place where the snake           
bit"; "suck on a straw"
(not a polite word but feeling accurate)
Needing a distraction, I sat down with Bryce at the end of my day yesterday and helped him print cd covers for his up and coming tour....first stop, Las Vegas :)

I was thinking about how I perceive people in colors, do you think about people as colors? It could be where you live or the personality traits I've come to know on blogs in conversation, in person, your stone choices. I can't really say but I do think of people often as colors and I thought it might be fun to play a game. I don't suffer from synesthesia though I don't think it would be such a bad thing. If you want to play you can tell me what color I am and I'll tell you what color you are, it could be more than one. You can comment on other contributors, don't play if you're uber sensitive, it's just a color after all, a bit of fun since we are not on vacation.

xxoo Ro

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Browning

I knew I wanted to go here, "just not when the hills are brown" I told myself, then I went there anyway. This is the time of year to stay busy, to sit cradled in the womb of the studio, visit with friends to keep the big bad "M"elancholy at bay. I am not one to struggle with depression, thank goodness, still when the hills go brown, I find it difficult not to feel brown too, green is easy, green is the knee jerk metaphor for joy.

So if women are birds I follow my covey into the brown hills to reflect on life. When my own mother was dying, I sat by her bed and she told me I was strong, a trait I know I gleaned from her even though she was so frail when she spoke the words. As you age you lose your strength, not only physically but you become more frail of spirit. Fragility of spirit is not a weakness it allows you to become more compassionate, though your corners soften, the world sometimes feels more pointy, prickly. I avoid prickly people and situations, life is shorter than it once was, I choose quality, I give quality, there is no such thing as perfection, perfection is a myth, perfection is a sliding scale.

Life is all about the way you look at things, your perception, you take thoughts in and whir them in your blender brain, it's how they pop out once poured in the cup of your open heart that makes the difference.

I took two pictures both in the same spot, same frame, different focus, the first one above of the brown grass...

This one the green sumac, grass in front out of focus.

Brown is beautiful, brown is necessary, brown is a teacher.

The hills teach me everything and today the lesson I gleaned was that we may have once been birds but we are also the chamise, we are layers, we are brown and green and despite the season we are all still capable of blooming.

To you, with love, Ro