Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random House

I'm here, working the days away. The mornings have been beautiful, cool and foggy as is typical this time of year, so before I begin my work day I usually head to the hills and start my day with a profound presence, that's how it feels. Walking in nature is what keeps me grounded, I walk an hour or so (yesterday two) to plan out my day, work out sketches in my mind, to feel the joy of a body in motion surrounded with the sights and scents I cherish most. I spent some time trying to bag a shot of the flitty and erratic swallows flying overhead but they are evasive and ambiguous and I started wondering why we immortalize and romanticize their image so much. Give me the tender, sweet towhee, not one bit flitty, this pair happy to oblige my camera. "Go ahead shoot us" :) :) so i did...

Banjo is walking in summer, field shoes, since everything has become prickly and stickery, I shave her feet, pads and hocks and give a quick check after we walk.

*foxtails, like the one in Jo's fur in this shot can kill a dog and I've known a few that have died as a result. They can burrow in the skin generally in the folds between the toes or armpits, they can travel down ear canals and puncture eardrums. They can be snuffled up the nasal passage and become very difficult to find and retrieve and cause severe infection. They are very well designed, it's one way in and no way back out except with surgery sometimes, so be careful and check your dog after a day in the field. Hiking is out of the question for my yorkie this time of year, he accompanies me on errand, yesterday, the welding supply. You should see those big men melt over a tiny dog...funny.

This time of year out hills look like Tuscany. See the row of Italian Stone Pines in the rear to the right (they look like broccoli) they were planted years ago I assume when this area was an Angora Goat ranch, authentico!

La Ahhhhhhhhh!!

The brief and beautiful Mariposa Lilly..........

in a variety of shades.

I stood at this hill for the longest time trying to get shots of the hummingbirds sipping. This is quite a nice hummingbird garden including, penstemon, coyote bush, native honeysuckle and mimulas, to name just a few.

Hummingbirds were there (see the tiny sprite on the high bare branch) but they were sparring, they can be angry little fireballs at times nearly parting your hair as they zing by.

*random alert
I thought this dove in flight was pretty against the gray sky.

*r.a 2
The Chilopsis or desert willow in my garden is bursting, ker blam!!

The hummingbirds love it too.

...and there's work, lots of it, but it's going very well......

and this is the other side..... pretty as a postcard as they say...

Almost there!
xoxo Ro


  1. So many things, Ro...but your silvered flower!!! Wowzer! It's simply beautiful.

    I love mariposa lilies...even when I didn't know what they were called! =)

    And that painting...and bowl. Those colors! They're gorgeous.

    Sending cool breezes and best wishes for a terrific show this coming weekend! I know it'll be great!

    1. Why thank you Ash, I'm feeling tired and wispy today, calling an early surrender to this day.

      I appreciate the bolster more than you know :) :)


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    3. Ah, sweet surrender. It goes well with ice cream. (After a dismally unproductive day yesterday I went and stood in front of the fridge and ate the rest of the ice cream. It helped...right up until the ice cream headache!)

      Sending hugs and reminders that you're awesome!

    4. Oh I like that!! It should be on the menu just that way :) "The Chocolate Surrender"

      Our fridge was looking like one in a bachelor pad, sad jar of olives next to the mustard, good thing I married an excellent hunter gatherer or we'd starve.

      Awww well thank you, feeling more up to *it today :)

      I checked out early yesterday and watched an old episode of survivorman now I want to test my fire making skills, match free of course.

      Sending hugs back and creative wishes.

    5. "The Chocolate Surrender." PERFECT.

      Ha ha! Your fridge sounds much like ours a lot of the time...except we have a jar of picked onions that's been there since Christmas. =)

      Glad you're feeling rejuvenated. Amazing what an afternoon off and a new day can bring. Thanks for the creative wishes--gratefully received!

  2. What an enchanting place you live! I think I will follow suit and do my morning walks before breakfast--you see so much in the morning light. Your environment is paridiscal...and your work is a reflection of the beauty that surrounds you!

    1. oh I hope you do Dawn, it is such an inspiring time of day, your name after all!

      Though I morn the disappearance of green, brown is beautiful !!

  3. gosh, loved the pictures this morning Ro! every step of the way!
    I feel peaceful just reading the words!

  4. Thank you Deb, I'm looking forward to seeing you!! xoxo

  5. Random is good along your trail...

    and I'm adding California mariposa lilies to my list of "Things I Need to See in the World," along with the giant sequoias. Oh, those colors!!

    Your own silver blossom is so lovely, too--a double-sided beauty.

    Thanks for the foxtail tips...NOT a good thing for sweet doggies.

    I'm with Deb--have read this post twice, felt the tranquility--you sprinkle blessings here.

    1. Random is life in a nutshell..

      Oh yes you do need to see these things!

      I wonder if foxtails are everywhere, they are a terrible menace.


      *sorry about so many spelling errors :)


    2. Never any red pens on this trail.

      Equilibrium--I like that.

  6. i love reading your posts.
    your respect and love for the land and animals is overwhelming. thank you.

    1. I love having you here Rae, love your sparkle!

  7. Hi Ho Ro!

    I big congratulations on being "almost there." I'm sure by the time you read this, you'll be even closer :o).

    I agree with raeandco, your respect for the land an animals IS so apparent, and I just love it.

    Your info re: foxtails is all new to me....what nasty little buggers. It's almost like the fauna version of a tiny nuisance with which to deal is a tick, and the flora version is the foxtail. Good to know.

    Photos are a real treat (as always) and your new necklace is *WoNdeRfuL* !! How charming with the reversible design -- wow! Get ready for LOTS of wows this weekend on all different levels, cuz they're a comin'!!!

    And how cute are you to throw the gemstones out for the younger crowd -- I forgot about that!

    Sending you love over the miles, and best wishes as you wrap up all the final details ♥.


  8. Hi Lisa,
    Yes, nearly to the summit and I'm happy about that, I need to make a few bracelets then hang up the hammers and start cleaning, organizing and pricing.

    I have a mountain cabin for two weeks, stream side and not he time or energy to use it.....now that's sad, maybe next week.

    Everything is prickly, tickly, rattlesnakely here in the summer, it's important to stay vigilant and safe. When I was a groomer I saw the terrible ways foxtails can harm pets. They're perfectly designed darts and will enter an animals body anyway they can. NH sounds more hospitable in the summer, say for white furry dogs :) :) Poor little Pooky is a designated city slicker until we take him camping.

    Ha, Deb and I have a joke when we see bad cabs......"this one is going to the gravel" TOO FUNNY! I launch them out my studio door..he heee!!

    Sending love back....smaking all those other states as it travels to you, a warm current...


    1. Oh, Songbird, I'm so glad you mentioned Ro's cab treasures scattered around the yard to surprise the kids!!! And now I'm laughing over the image of cabs flying through the door--hahaahaaaa!! "This one is going to the gravel!"

      Lucky kids!!!

    2. yep, its pretty funny...oh another one for the gravel! LOL!
      I love seeing the children's faces when we say, would you like to pick out your very own gem?
      REALLY? they say!

  9. Awwwwww........ :). What a sweet vision to imagine that!