Thursday, June 21, 2012

Land and Sea

I've been thinking about summer vacates and I must admit when it comes to vacations we are terrible planners. Since we are not stuck in the 9 to 5's any longer we just go when we can, when we need to and since we aren't flying we just head out on somewhat of a wander which we plan to do soon. Lets go up north on a road we have never traveled, do some fishing and camping, pack up the small pooch do some hiking see the sights, where we end up is anybody's guess. We will certainly end up on a mountain or two, drive through at least one desert and maybe find ourselves on a windswept beach peering into tide pools.

I created two very fine pendants with lots of pretty and interesting elements evoking two separate and interesting destination choices.

A beautiful and unique Morenci Turquoise is the centerpiece for this design. My signature flowers grow and bloom across the bottom.

A textured swinging bail adds another touch of beauty.

I adore these longer chains, I made this one 26 inches.

A fossilized sand dollar once alive on an ancient beach has turned to stone and been repurposed. I added a lock of silver kelp to sway below this undersea creation. Sea stars and twining grasses are also incorporated in the design making it quite unique, ooak if you will :)

Bubbly pearls are included in the chain closure allowing the piece to be worn from 17 to 20 inches long.

so pretty....

But behind the scenes we are always getting into laughing jags that could start out with Laura saying something like " I don't know what to do with my eyes" HAAAAAAA haaaa or me taking a horrid picture just for the fun of it then saying "I think I'll use this one".

I took a vacation this morning with Banjo since our little visiting dog has returned to his rightful owner it is only she and I and I can listen to her cues. Banjo tells me the secrets of the trail and this morning she told me "something's right around the corner" so I snuck and found three bucks, we even watched them for a bit before they saw us.

I'm going to be adding these pendants to my etsy shop later today.

Are you going anywhere this summer, got plans?

In the mean time have a great day all, xo, Ro


  1. Beautiful...Laura's eyes are great...she should try various looks for our plans at this moment but sure would love to have some...who would take care of our rascals? great day to you Ro! xx

    1. Ha! Okay I'll keep that thought for consideration :)

      Oh I know what you mean since cats don't much care for the car.....still I hope you get away.....I know they are fond of certain house sitters.


  2. Oh, I like the way you travel...and what you see...and how you translate that into art. Now, if only these pendants could transport me there--mountains or sea--or both!! :-)

    Good dog, Banjo--funny bucks!

    (Funny Laura, too--good to see you there! And I'm glad to see Ro doesn't make you work too hard.)

    1. Oh, I didn't follow the assignment...going anywhere this summer? Good question. My summer travel may be delayed until September, with the possibility of retrieving my husband from Alaska and riding home with him (translation: Caroline will drive the Alaska Highway because she likes a good road trip and her dear husband does not, but he must somehow get home for duck and goose hunting). All plans remain a work-in-progress at this point, however....

      In the meantime, I'm going to spend quality time with three new rows of tiny trees that need love, attention and weeding!!

    2. I loved those startled bucks and Banjo is so nice and quiet about it all.

      Laura is the deer, dear, with doe eyes :P

      Oh GOODIE that sound supreme! and in the FALL my favorite time to GO. THat would be an amazing drive for sure!

      Awww I love your little nursery, good for you!

  3. They are both so beautiful, it would be difficult to decide which one to choose from!

    Our holidays often involve a short flight or a long car trip, meandering like you do through an environment we've never been before. The mountains and the sea are ever present...

  4. Thank you Dawn.

    Yayy! Your impending adventure sounds fantastic!

  5. Gasp!! Both necklaces are FANTASTIC & evocative!!! SO imaginative & beautifully made!!!

    1. Thank you Priscilla thank you so much!!

  6. Love. Those. Pendants. I haven't had a vacay since I was pregnant over 5 years ago....kinda desperate for one now. Must be lovely to just up and go when you can!

  7. Oh gosh Emma you must be desperate, at least for a long weekend, 5 years! I certainly paid my dues when I owned a small business, talk about a ball and chain.

  8. Morning Ro,

    Gosh, you've created some silvered beauties this week. That Morenci Turquoise...that Montana agate--wowzer!

    Hubs and I have agreed never to go on holiday together. For the amount of time we spend together, we get on like a house on fire. Except when we travel. When we travel, we bicker like two-year-olds!! =)

    Have a terrific weekend. We're in for a hot, muggy one *boo* so am about to go fill the cupboards so I don't have to leave my cave for the rest of the weekend.

    1. Thank you Ash, I've been coveting that Morenci for just the right moment :)

      You make me laugh, I think you'll grow out of the bickering, when you get older you realize there is no point.

      Oh yes these are inside days, stay cool, not to bad here, still some cool morning fog.


  9. Happy Friday to those along the trail.....

    Dear Ro, I love your new pendants! One ♥ for the land, and two ♥ ♥ for the sea! Haha! Actually if you absolutely forced me to choose one (must I really?!), I am really smitten with the fossilized sand dollar and silver sway of kelp. Yow!

    Lucky shoppers who hit "add to cart!" !! Good job!

    Every piece looks irresistible on Laura. Am still waiting to see something that doesn't look *stunning.* {{And Laura, I like those earrings :).}}

    Love picturing you out with Banjo (does my ♥ good), and I love that she cues you! Awwww....

    Happy almost-weekend!

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  11. Thank you Lisa the dollar was fun to build and that fossil was a great find!

    Oh I agree both Laura and Annie are lovely, I'm the lucky one!

    Jo and are are good hiking buddies except when she wants to sniff each and every gopher hole, she's always hoping to score :)

    Have a terrific weekend ♡♡♡♡〷❍❍

  12. Lovely, lovely pieces, Rochelle. Always such a treat to visit your blog!