Friday, June 22, 2012

Yoga Dog

Happy weekend/week everybody

xo Ro and Banjyogi

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Land and Sea

I've been thinking about summer vacates and I must admit when it comes to vacations we are terrible planners. Since we are not stuck in the 9 to 5's any longer we just go when we can, when we need to and since we aren't flying we just head out on somewhat of a wander which we plan to do soon. Lets go up north on a road we have never traveled, do some fishing and camping, pack up the small pooch do some hiking see the sights, where we end up is anybody's guess. We will certainly end up on a mountain or two, drive through at least one desert and maybe find ourselves on a windswept beach peering into tide pools.

I created two very fine pendants with lots of pretty and interesting elements evoking two separate and interesting destination choices.

A beautiful and unique Morenci Turquoise is the centerpiece for this design. My signature flowers grow and bloom across the bottom.

A textured swinging bail adds another touch of beauty.

I adore these longer chains, I made this one 26 inches.

A fossilized sand dollar once alive on an ancient beach has turned to stone and been repurposed. I added a lock of silver kelp to sway below this undersea creation. Sea stars and twining grasses are also incorporated in the design making it quite unique, ooak if you will :)

Bubbly pearls are included in the chain closure allowing the piece to be worn from 17 to 20 inches long.

so pretty....

But behind the scenes we are always getting into laughing jags that could start out with Laura saying something like " I don't know what to do with my eyes" HAAAAAAA haaaa or me taking a horrid picture just for the fun of it then saying "I think I'll use this one".

I took a vacation this morning with Banjo since our little visiting dog has returned to his rightful owner it is only she and I and I can listen to her cues. Banjo tells me the secrets of the trail and this morning she told me "something's right around the corner" so I snuck and found three bucks, we even watched them for a bit before they saw us.

I'm going to be adding these pendants to my etsy shop later today.

Are you going anywhere this summer, got plans?

In the mean time have a great day all, xo, Ro

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Noisy on the Western Front

It is a fact that Red Tail Hawks are the most common hawks in North America but I never tire of seeing them. We've had a terrible problem with ground squirrels this year, scads of them have ravaged my garden eating all my berries in a day then ripping green peaches from the tree and running off with them. Gardening is always a battle and this year I gave up. I used to live trap the little devils and move them off but this year I just didn't feel like it.

And now I don't have to because the army has arrived in the nick of time.

We counted five hawks on Sunday hunting around the house and garden, flying overhead then folding into tight balls and plunging to the ground, causing such a noisy ruckus it could have raised the dead, perching, SCREAMING, tearing.

They put on a show..........

quite a show as a pair of adults were teaching the young ones the ropes.

There was blood and guts, this one refusing to share......

strawberry flavored squirrel.

*sorry if you're squeamish about these things, real life isn't always pretty.


That's why we like jewelry so much!

Some armies wear dog tags and some wear feathers to war.

This one is for the night hunters.

I was so lucky to have spent so much time viewing the owls by daylight this spring. Though I've searched high and often these days, I have not found a single one of them even though I'm finding beautiful molted owl feathers nearly each time I hike and I can hear them from my bed in the black of night.

What types birds are entertaining you these days? Who's bringing the popcorn and Junior Mints?

xo Ro

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

I visited the butterfly exhibit at RSABG this week and if you're a local I suggest you visit too. It closes at 3:00 just so you know since I arrived at just a few minutes before but the men that took my 2.00 admission invited me to stay as long as I wanted and generously answered all of my questions. I was thrilled to have a plant identified that I had been wondering about, mystery solved.

*California Dog Face (really:)
* sorry I can't remember the flower obviously in the sunflower family or asteraceae. Did you know that the sunflower family is the largest plant family on Earth!

There aren't many good poems that I know of written about butterflies, most lend toward the corny and obvious.

* Gulf Fritillary on Salvia Clevlandii
Some focus on it's bumbling flight manner, bumping around the garden like soap bubbles pushed by the breeze.

*Mournful Duskywing (so dramatic the names)

Other poems focus on metamorphosis, a metaphor for rebirth, that's okay.

*Luna Moth caterpillar

Naturally there are hoards of poems written about the insects bright and varied often ostentatious color patterns, beautiful, yes.........even the name evokes something quite pleasing.....butterfly.

*Northern White Skipper ( skippers are sometimes referred to as butterfly moths, sort of an in-between category) This one wants to grow up to be a proper butterfly.

If I were a poet or writer I might focus my words toward a more empathetic nature.

*checkerspot feeding on Verbena Lilacena ( I wish you could smell this plant, mmmm)

That poor insect flitting around the garden like the carnival has come to town, all the while a bit to obvious for predatory birds and hungry lizards.

*Pipestem Swallowtail Salvia Clevlandii flowers

* Pipestem Swallowtail California Buckeye

*condensation forming on the monarch chrysalis, looks like enamel work.

A poem could also be written abut the Monarchs epic journey flying sometimes over great bodies of water with amazing navigational prowess following some compass point unknown to us.

Flying from North America to the mountains of Mexico on their yearly migratory route.

You or I could write a poem or a story about them but I suggest you plant some milkweed as well to help them on their journey.

Have a delightful weekend all, xo Ro

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feathers and Fogscapes

fogscape size 8 denditic agate

I'm trying to get back to my daily routine, my morning hikes with the dogs, one extra right now Banjo's buddy is staying with us, he was here for our show, poor doggies, locked up for two days. The weather has been perfect for hiking in the morning with a nice cool blanket of ground fog which I usually manage to hike up and out of. Here are a host of rings celebrating my morning glories.

I love this stone it looks like the fog and browning hills..

I kept the setting simple with a nice frame and a pretty band textured with flora, unfurling ferns and the like.

A picture framed to wear on your hand.

*sold sunrise hillside size 7 3/4

This is one beautiful moss agate, the setting evokes simplicity, peacefulness. I added two silver beads that cause your eye to sweep the design in the stone.


The band is beautiful, split, patterned, unique, me, you.

This one has an inner glow....

*sold Red Tail size 7 3/4

Feathers, Feathers everywhere, I'm finding mostly owl feathers right now but the Red Tail feathers will be molted soon, I'm starting to hear the babies cry now with regularity.

How do you do that I was asked.. it's magic I answered....with a pinch of royal imperial jasper.

I sit in my studio and mind my own business, my business is studying natures gifts and figuring out how to bring them to life in my work.

*sold Molted size 8

A more perfect stone could not be had......a stunning and unusual example of birds eye rhyolite. I've never seen one quite like this, I covet them. I wonder if other metalsmiths hang on to stones they love and get to know them for a while before sending them out....molting them.


The stone is egg shaped, with amazing orbs.

Oh LaLa!!

these days.......


these cool......


days of miracle and wonder.

These beauties will find their way to etsy tomorrow if not claimed here.

* I was very flattered when so many of you show goers told me you read my blog, if you see something you want to own, send me an email and we'll set up a time for pick up. I can be reached by etsy convo as well.

Have a fantastic day all, xo Ro