Thursday, May 10, 2012


Six reasons to smile before breakfast.....
1. fog in the valley bird on duty

3. owl teens hiding in plain sight

4. finches making the most of it

5. The Mutabilis Rose sporting all three colors.

6. spider interior decorator..... fabulous!

1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.

Wishing you all a good day, xo Ro


  1. Okay, No. 5 has totally distracted me...back later....

    :-) Reasons to smile, indeed!

  2. Oh!!!! No. 4!!!!!!! Look at the ripples on that water....

  3. A great place to shop Caroline !! :) :)
    4. awww:)

  4. I just checked your rose sight and they have a rose I've been looking for, Souvenier de mal maison
    now who is smiling?

  5. Oh wonderful Julie, my girlfriend has that rose, it's a beauty!!
    I can tell you they send quality plants.
    xo :) :)

  6. A reason to smile before going to bed: see what Ro posted today.

    1. Goodnight sweet Magda!

      I'm smiling :)

  7. watch bird, oh hahahah!
    I almost missed him, first I just saw the blah, blah of the sign, thinking how much I wouldn't want to be prosecuted for anything...then I got the love...the bird smiled...
    Lets just say I'm so glad you have your blog, so I get my daily smiles.
    (I love that rose too! good for you Julie!)

    1. The blah, blah, blah is just that, I hike there anyway... Perfect it's a mocking bird :)

      I visited an antique rose grower in Oregon, Deb TOO much fun!!

      Thank you always for the miles of smiles...

  8. OH...I totally missed the wee birdie on the sign, too! Haha. And that dark little patch on his breast...he could be wearing a tie!

    Those interior decorations are divine.

    Glad you got to enjoy some fog this morning.

    As the other wonderful women have said, reading your blog always brings a smile to my day.


  9. Could be, those mocking birds are the talk of the town lately only they talk to themselves all night long.

    I like the spider with pizzaz !

    Fog+ me = good for the soul :)

    and YOU *always make me smile Ash, you crack me up!!!


  10. Aw...thanks. I think I come across better in print, though. In real life I get a lot of glazed *huh?* looks. (Then again, it might just be my accent and the fact that Kiwis talk at a billion miles a second.)

    ...a MOCKINGBIRD!!! That is just too funny. (Wouldn't you just love to send that photo to the muckety-mucks at Pomona Valley Protective Association?? Geez, even their officious-sounding name is worth mocking.)