Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rings All Week

Let's just look at rings all week......

The hematite "Quicksilver" Ring size 8.25, this one has movement, the hematite stone is so reflective you can pretend like you're checking your nails but as a member of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency you can actually see what's going on behind you.

"Slice of Heaven" size 8.25 includes a faceted aquamarine surrounded by rays of light drawing attention to the pretty stone.

mercury detail on the Quicksilver band.

angel wing on the "Slice" ring

I'm off for a renewing haircut then back home and back to work.

Have a productive day all, xoxo Ro


  1. I like your style! Let's just look at rings all week.....ha! :)

    Each so different, and each so lovely.

    Happy haircut ♥,

  2. They are so finely crafted, and your settings are beautiful...have a great time at the hairdresser's!

  3. Detecting never looked so grand! Gorgeous stones and love how your bands perfectly compliment your beautiful settings. Ahh, I could quite happily look at rings all week.

    Off to toot and scribble.

    Have a terrific day, Ro.


  4. AHH, I think its a tossup who is prettier, Ro with a new haircut, or Ro's new designs....

  5. Rings all week sounds great to me! :) These two are beautiful, love the stones and your bands are great. And I like the dual purpose of the Quicksilver! Very sneaky hehe :)

  6. Funny, Debbie, and I agree with DJ about the Quicksilver ring--all my secret agent dreams could come true if I wore that beauty. :-) The textured bands are a lovely and almost secret bonus.

    Methinks you're having fun, Ro-with-a-new-haircut.

  7. Thank you all SO much, it really means the world. Boy did I need a haircut and it felt good on this hot day until the little hair splinters crawled down my blouse, I cant wait to shower :)

    I was remembering playing with mercury as a kid out of broken thermometers when I made that ring, did anyone else do that? It was so much fun, who knew how dangerous it was at the time! Now I don't even eat canned tuna, knowing I've gotten my fill.

    I think the bands are just as important as the ring faces, I like to complete a composition, a little sculpture for your finger so to speak, thank you for noticng that.

    I had a good day, three new rings to show tomorrow, saddles scheduled for Thursday..

    I've decided not to sell these on etsy but they can be reserved here, I need to fill my boxes for my upcoming show and I don't want to spend the time listing them, plus the computer makes me sleepy :P

    Have a wonderful dinner and a relaxing evening you sweet thangs......"say it in Barry Whites voice"

    xoxo Ro

  8. I think your bands really make the rings personal. Nobody but the one wearing them will likely see those little details--it is like you are being extra kind to those who wear your jewelry, and sharing a special secret with them. It makes me not only like your jewelry, but you too!