Monday, May 7, 2012

Pushy Birds, Willie Wonka

Here comes a random stream......
Meet Chester, he's so rude and pushy you just have to love him. He begs for peanuts which I stopped leaving on my studio bench because if you don't feed him, he comes in and helps himself. He's taught me to close my door when I'm not inside. I've experienced a few
Tippi Hedren moments finding him perched on my flex shaft then flapping around my head.

He stands on my small deck and makes pirate sounds aRRRR, sometimes he rings the Soleri bell that hangs in the privet just outside my door. I feel like Pavlov's Dog though he's the one who's salivating. I don't mind, he in turn feeds his baby, we are but a chain of fools :)

The garden is in full delight, the fragrance can not be described, it's wonderful.


Thousands of sweet French strawberries are ripening which both dogs have discovered and every chance they get you can find them out there grazing. My friends will attest to this, when they visit and I'm busy THAT is the time they make their break.

* bad dogs, you can't blame them though.

A wonderful variety of birds are inhabiting the hills, they sing I walk, stop, snap, work things out that are tumbling around inside my brain.

I enjoy their often skittish company.

*grossbeak launching

I'm working in a delightful mess, I work like a collage artist, I create a variety of components, maybe start a piece one way, scrap it, or finish it a completely different way. I always make extra, rings, feathers, flowers set them aside and wait for the right moment to fit them together, when the feeling is right. Fitting them together depends on the day, the air temp, the way the light hits the pink petal of the Angel Rose, in other words who knows where *it comes from or how it happens, we are all influenced by really every thing we see, feel and experience with these 5 senses, luckily it does happen. Sometimes I get an idea, which I'm working on right now, but I need to figure out how to execute it. This is when I will sketch and walk. Yesterday morning I took an extra long walk and worked out the details then spent the day watching it materialize, making it happen. Will you like them, well maybe, it's always nice when you do but more importantly *I need to love them, they need to satisfy me. They are fresh minimal and complicated, challenging and fun. I can't wait to show you, but I still have a lot of hours I need to dedicate to them.

non secretor alert!
.......I love black licorice and had a Willie Wonka moment the other day......I was a little scared so I fed it to Eric.............. :)

Happy MOndaY all, LUCKY 7 today!
xoxo Ro


  1. Good Morning Ro,

    Chester sounds like a character!

    One year we had a nest of Blue Jays outside of our kitchen, in a big old spruce tree. One of the babies fell out, my husband placed it back into the safety of the nest. After that the jays would always pop out of the nest and hop along the branch whenever they heard his voice. He had to put the babies back on the branch a few more times. As they grew they seemed to have a true connection with my husband, coming around to see him whenever they heard him in the yard. It was such a cute thing. We missed them so much when they went off to live their Blue Jay lives.

    This year we have a pair of Baltimore Orioles hanging around the grape jelly we put out. : )

    Your roses are beautiful!

    Can't wait to see what your delightful mess turns into.

    Haven't had any "Good and Plenty" in ages! Now I am craving some!


    1. Hi Cinder,

      I love your story, Mr Jay, those birds are really something else!
      Grape Jelly, really? I never have heard of that one, I love orioles, they're beautiful.

      My roses are exploding, KERPOW!

      It is a fun mess..

      Plenty good!!


  2. Good Monday to you!

    "Chester the Molester" - ha! It's fun to visualize all those antics goin' on!! {I laughed out loud at your Tippi H. reference :o)! Very funny!}

    Your garden IS delightful. And that is without the ability to take a whiff. Too bad we can't all "scratch and sniff!!"

    That's one intriguing work bench you've got going on. I enlarged the pic to really be nosy :).

    And what a great life your dogs be snacking on French strawberries...HA! They are like little kids aren't they? Being the naughtiest when mum is busy.

    Glad to hear someone else has a thing for G&P candy!

    P.S. Cinder, loved your sweet story - especially the last line with the description of going off to live "their Blue Jay lives!" ♥

    1. The Birds! I remember how scared I was when I saw that film, geesh they were only birds. :) Pushy maybe.

      I wish you could smell it, it's a sweet medley.

      Just like kids they know when you're watching.

      Oh my favorite besides "Panda" licorice, yummy!

  3. Glad your work is going well !! Wow, I too needed a closer look at the fascinating collage of your workbench :-)!

    Great photos of Chester with his vivid lapis blue feathers!
    AND your beautiful garden/bird neighbors. What kind of bird is the black with white wing markings?

    Can't wait to see what you've been working on!! xoxoxo

    1. I do love my pile of silver goodies, they make me feel rich! :)

      I know Chester is lapis blue, I thought the same thing!

      It's a rufus sided towhee, look at those red eyes.

      I made good headway today, yay!


  4. He rings the bell? I'm impressed. Your garden is amazing, i love to see the real natural growing strawberries that arent ballooned out with heaven knows what by the field growers. Bet they taste alot better too. I love your striped rose, your jewels, all of it!

    1. He really does ring the bell Julie, that bird is a trickster who knows no bounds.

      I really love to grow those strawberries, they're sweet as candy and produce for a long time unlike those hybrids.

      I'm a sucker for pink roses, a sucker and sometimes pink and white candy :)


  5. ps
    I had a weak moment over the weekend and bought a box of jujyfruits.

  6. I was trying to figure out what the last picture was : )
    I love the nature that surrounds you xx

    1. good and plenty, plenty good, that's what Charlie says...


  7. Love this. ALL of it. The second photo...his pirate walk?? (Can't really blame him, though, with all those sparkly treasures inside!)

    Your garden...absolutely STUNNING. Ours has weeds. And a stone(d) squirrel. (Wanna come by and share your green thumb??)

    Woo-hoo, a productive morning! Off to wash my inky fingers.

    Have a great rest of the day, Ro!


    Aw, brave Eric.

    1. Captain Blue, ar, ar aRRRRR!

      Ha ha haaa"our stoned squirrel! " I like building gardens Ash, especially with subsequent rain, I'll be right over and set those neighbor dogs straight too!

      I'm thinking of pink fairies :) :)

      Hope your day was grand!!


    2. Oh. Those dogs. Bane of my life. You can have them!

      Pink fairies! =D

  8. ahhhhaaaaa! YESSS Chester, IS quite a character!
    isn't if funny how he has adapted you to his needs. LOL!
    I love looking at your bench Ro, the array of creativity makes me smile. ever changing and ever fascinating to me.
    I'm so glad I have been blessed with the ability to appreciate it all. Hard to imagine someone coming in and just saying...
    oh..just that...
    me on the other hand, I jump up and down and sometimes cry at the beauty of it all.
    I'm so grateful for you.

    1. You two have met, he makes me laugh....yup, trained by a bird!

      I'm glad about that too, naturally you would coming from art and nursery stock.

      I love you Deb!


  9. Awww, Chester's so cute, he looks like he's strutting in that 2nd picture! You have a beautiful garden, mine is in progress :) I'm totally jealous of your strawberries! YUM.
    Your delightful mess looks fantastic, can't wait to see what you're working on!
    I love licorice too. And I always give my husband all the mutant candy..."look, I saved you one!" hehe

    1. Ha ha--"mutant candy'! My hubby always bemoans the fact that I give him all the "moron (misshapen) cookies"! =)

  10. Ah HAAAAA ha mutant candy, well put DJ! Mutant cookies!! we give our husbands the "special" ones :P

    Gardens are forever a work in progress they wax and wane. This is the big moment for mine.

    I finished and will show tomorrow.