Friday, May 4, 2012

Morning All Day

The weather has been beautiful, perfect for working and walking a nice gray has set in and lingered.
*mockingbird pair

The hills are a stunning yellow, shrouded in mustard.

Why do I love the gray?

It causes the morning to last the entire day..

*white sage

I went to bed tired last night, when I'm tired I read a few lines of poetry rather than trying to stay awake for whatever else I'm reading and I thought this was beautiful.....
*purple nightshade

To stand in the shadow
of the scar up in the air.

Paul Celan

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, xo cRo


  1. splendid scenery...hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

  2. I feel your gray love, so much. It rained all day yesterday and my heart was happy.

    Oh. The last photo. The perfect silhouette. (I'm saving this one.)

    Happy weekend. I'm letter writing and parcel posting, and everything is going to get a pretty bow. (My brother's birthday parcel is getting pretty pink polka dot paper along with a princess card. I'm sure he'll love it.)


  3. We're gray here, would love it just now...

    And nothing is better than the curls of phacelia!!!! (Except maybe forget-me-nots)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Thanks for sharing :-). It's always a pleasure checking in!

    Hope you are having a great weekend, and doing something fun.

    (Can you believe I am still on hummingbird watch here in the northeast? We've had very cool, cloudy weather.)

    P.S. Your Etsy shelves are looking oh-so-fine!

  5. I all but bailed on the computer here thank you for your nice responses, the weather continues to inspire.

    I was taken by those two minimal lines and how they could convey such a beautiful picture.

    Ash you have a lucky brother, I will be sending you something soon with a bow too :) :)

    I love the way the flowers appear in the gray Caroline, I like em all :)

    I had lots of catching up to do Lisa, so not much free time, nice early walks though. Umph! I need to live where you live, too cold for hummingbirds those stubborn imps, don't they know you're waiting?

    Thank you about my shelves those will come in handy next month, nice window dressing :)


    1. Aw, Ro. Your parcels are like little pieces of Christmas...I'm excited.

      You should see the card I made my brother. I crack myself up sometimes. I'll email a picture.

      Look at me~up with the birds! (I know. The birds are shocked, too.)

      Happy days, Ro. Keep cool. Off to go scribble something.