Friday, May 11, 2012


I walk on a slope of a hill gone green.
Grass, little flowers in the grass,
as in a children's illustration.
The misty sky's already turning blue
A view of other hills unfolds in silence.

As if there'd never been any Cambrians, Silurians,
rocks snarling at crags,
upturned abysses,
no nights in flames
and days in clouds of darkness.

As if plains hadn't pushed their way here
in malignant fevers,
icy shivers.

As if seas had seethed only elsewhere,
shedding the shores of the horizons.

It is nine thirty local time.
Everything's in its place and in polite agreement.
In the valley a little brook cast as a little brook.
A path in the role of a path from always to ever.

Woods disguised as woods alive without end,
and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.

This moment reigns as far as the eye can reach.
One of those earthly moments
invited to linger.

by Wislawa Szymborska

have a wonderfilled weekend, xo Ro


  1. Awwwww.....another great poem by W. Szymborska :o).

    Thank you for this gift! And I love the photo you have paired with it.

    I was just revisiting your post from the other day, and marveling at your great owl pictures. They really are something!

    This is day #10 for our little bluebird nestlings...their eyes are all the way open now, the primary feathers of their wings continue to unsheathe, and they have 3/4 of their final body weight. I put mealworms out 3x a day for the parents to bring the little ones. (By tomorrow, their coloring should reveal their sexes.)

    Birds make me smile each day :-).

    Hope your weekend is fantastic -- especially Mother's Day ♥.


    1. Oh WoW Lisa, I can tell you're having fun! Nothing like field biology, I hope you're taking loads of pictures, maybe send one to the local paper.

      They make me smile too.

      Unpf!!%$#@! I completely forgot about Mothers Day since either Eric nor I have one here, Bryce's birthday weekend though:)

      w o r k i n g ...


  2. Wishing you moments to linger over as well, dear Ro.

    And Songbird, your bluebirds sound fantastic! Mealworm snacks--good for you--the neighbor who brings over plates of cookies to welcome the newcomers....

    Happy Mother's Day to you both...may love abound.

    1. Haha, Caroline! Mmmmmmm......coooookies! :-) :-)

    2. They do in my mind, linger that is, I like looking back in my picture file too.

      Lisa's welcome wagon, WORMS! :)

      Happy mothers day to all... mothers to pets and gardens qualify.

      I love, love!

  3. You always find her most exquisite poems, Ro. This has to be one of my favorites, to date.

    And that PHOTO...soft gold filtered through those cloaked trees. There'll be magic there, beneath those reaching branches, I just know it.

    Have a lovely Mother's Day. Dave and I feel like we could sleep for a week, so we might just end up taking pizza around to his mum's...but at least our gifts will have bows! =)


    1. Favorite line that changes the cadence like a light switch "It is nine thirty local time" brilliant!

      It was a moment to remember beneath those trees in the fog.

      I know the feeling Ash, I crashed one afternoon this week but taking a whole week of time out sounds just delightful.

      You're MIL will enjoy it no matter what you end up doing, moms are like that.


    2. Re poem: my thoughts exactly! =)

  4. Oh nice! Sending my best birthday wishes to Bryce this weekend!! xo

    P.S. Happy Mother's Day to ALL who tend/nurture/mother!

  5. Love this poem...happy mother's day to youxx

  6. "A path in the role of a path from always to ever."

    I want to walk paths like that....

    And the biggest birthday wishes to BRYCE!!!! Celebrate with style!!!!

    (Although maybe Mother's Day should trump a birthday?? Or will Mart get up and serve breakfast in bed for BOTH Ro and Bryce???)