Friday, May 18, 2012


* sold "Haiku" size 8 .........*sold "Lone Pine" size 7.75

I promised fresh new rings every day this week and these are the Friday rings.......

Both of these are so zen, spare and beautiful, this one has a poem by Basho the renown poet from the 17th century...

The dragonfly
can't quite land
on that blade of grass.

The stone is rutilated quartz.

When I created the "Sage" ring earlier in the week I received a note from a sweet follower that simply said "more". I hunted through my stone box and found a sister to Sage with a lone Japanese Black Pine quickly inked in the scene. I finally figured out just what these agates were called, they are Honey Plumes Agates from Idaho.

I am very fond of these split bands and now that I've heard from some of you I can tell you like them too.

Wonderful little touches that make them "my" work.

It's cool and beautiful this morning, with a little bit of rain and drizzle, gray skies that tether the scents, hold them firmly in place and allow you to do the breast stroke through them... mmmm.

Thank you for cheering me on this week, for your purchases and friendship. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderfilled weekend.

Come back on Monday and I'll fill you in on how this one and only wing ring can be yours.

xoxo Ro


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL! I love the zen-ness of them, together with your signature details...pure magic!

    1. I feel the same about your work Dawn, I can tell just how much you love it!

  2. Oh boy, Ro, what a finale!

    My heart actually leaped when I saw Haiku (I absolutely adore Basho!). They're both stunning...and I do love your split bands. I have a habit of taking off wide-band rings (often without realizing it) because my fingers get all hot and bothered (ha). So your split bands would certainly alleviate that habit! =)

    That raindrop laden heart petal is darling.

    Have a wonderful weekend, too. Hope the rain and cool stick around for a while! =)

    Say hello to Raven for me, next time you see him xxx

    1. Oh I love Bash too, less is always o much more.....

      Ahhh the cool, I'm soaking it up for the both of us..

      I know what you mean, the wide bands are so pretty but restrictive too, these can be summer bands, bandkinis :) :)

      Shall talk to the raven on your behalf..

      enjoy the weeks end..xoxo

    2. Oh we are not such good friend as to use nicknames..."Basho"
      "so" much.

      I should delete and try again, but I didn't ;)

    3. Oh, I don't think he would mind in the least.

      (And Issa...Issa is hilarious!)

      Hahaha...bandkinis! Perfection.


    4. This is one of Dave's favorites, by Yachõ:

      Having given my opinion
      I return home to
      my wife's opinion

      (I have no idea why, of course.)

    5. Ha Haaa Dave is a good man!

      I love haiku

      Draw back the bow and ziing......

  3. perfect rings.
    especially when featured with that lovely rain petal heart....

  4. Wowzers, what a fantastic finale! Those split bands are really something special. And it's so amazing these little scenes that are captured in the stones! The haiku is a perfect accompaniment.
    That wing ring is fantastic! I'm a huge fan of wings. And a huge fan of your rings too :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. It was a GREAT week DJ I really enjoyed it, thank you!!

      A simple blade of grass, one needle. I feel I've taken that picture so many times

      Have a wonderful weekend yourself!!


  5. BRAVO BRAVO, the finale was AMAZING.....ENCORE!!
    (thats the wonderful thing about your work, we can always look forward to your encores!
    I'm loving it all...gosh the zen of it ALL!!!!
    hugs, hugs!

    1. Oh there you are! No more big "B" heh hehhh!!

      I love you girl!!


  6. Quite a finale!! Truly gorgeous rings today & all week!!! I like your split bands "bankinis" :) too. Love the flower/star on the backside of recent bands!! A number of your stones this week have a refreshing watery feel to them, which is very appealing with the heat trying to settle in here.

    Sure like the looks of that wing ring. Will be checking back on Mon!

    Btw, I did have a blob of mercury I played with as a child. Still find it pretty fascinating. Lucky for us, there wasn't alot in a thermometer or we'd be Mad Hatters :-) xxoo

    1. I know what you mean Priscilla, the heat has been here too, blah!!! Nicey, icy, cool and foggy stones, bandkini's :) :P

      HA HAA I knew you would be playing with the quicksilver too, it was FUN, who knew?

      See you Monday.... xoxo Hatter

  7. Look at you and these rings! So lovely--all of them, and you. Bandkinis, indeed!

    And that winged, my. Looking forward to hearing more....

    Love the haiku you chose for the day...I've watched that dragonfly, and eventually, they seem to find their footing, even with a stiff prairie breeze...but sometimes I hold my breath until they're securely attached to that swaying blade....

    I'll echo Deb--bravo to this outstanding performance of rings!!!!!


    1. I watched a damsel he and a damsel she yesterday am, thought of you. I knew you would appreciate that's So perfect!!

      Have a great weekend....xoxo

  8. every time you post a new ring, i say "this is my new favorite". well, another, new favorite :)
    i love the sparsity of the designs. breathtaking.