Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee With Raven

*sold "Landslide" size 8.5 *sold "Hillside" size 9

I made two saddle rings..."Landslide" is a composition that includes a pretty Royston turquoise with fun silver granulation, no stone was left unturned in the construction of this beautiful and interesting ring, it is truly one of a kind, built with love, love of my craft. "Hillside" features one of the most beautiful Peruvian opals I've ever come across. The stone depicts a hillside on a wondrous day, the fog lifting.

The bands are also beautiful, notice a little stone is tucked behind both sides of the ring face on the Landslide ring.

Here is the *more part I spoke about yesterday...wrap around fleur de lis, delicately sawn, the metal tapered for comfort.

These rings are only offered as reserves for blog readers they are not going to etsy as I mentioned before, if you have questions or would like to reserve one you can contact me either by email or etsy convo.

I got up a little later this morning, well I woke up a zillion times but I finally stood up about 6:30 with the sun already streaming in so I thought I would go up the hill sit and have coffee with raven......I'm going to the second peak in the middle up past the pines. I always see the same raven up there and I thought it curious to see only one, they are most always in pairs.

I passed the mariposa lilly and admired it's delicate beauty.

Raven had already started breakfast, tearing at something scrumptious.....

He said something rather inaudible, "what's that"? Oh, pose for a picture. "I don't like my picture" I told him, he is sneaky and convincing so I showed him where the shiny button was....

A good way to start another busy day.

Cheers all!, xo Ro & Banj & a cupa Jo


  1. Good morning, Raven!
    Good morning, Ro-of-the-newly-cut-hair! (Cute!)
    Good morning, faithful Jo!

    Good morning, sweet rings--the landscape brought home....I love that idea!

    (And who knew a landslide could look so good??)
    (And who else would ever think to design a ring from the concept of a landslide?? I LOVE it--turquoise even!!!)

    1. Oh boy if I knew raven was gonna shoot I probably should have combed it but it feels good and Banjo with a fresh bath!

      I was having fun, per usual, a landslide ring, I thought, why not?

  2. Beautiful rings! Beautiful flower and that view is spectacular!!
    Lovely haircut too! I don't like having my picture taken either, but I think a raven could convince me to pose :)

    1. He is very, persuasive Dj, you would have done it too :)

      I'm glad you like this hill too!

  3. Having coffee with the Raven while he dives into his scrumptious :-0 breakfast. Very cool!! Wonderful photos!! Nice to see you & Banjo.

    Sure have been enjoying ring week!! All of them remarkable. Yes, I think your pieces always have "more" - details, stories, imagination, skill - that makes them SO MUCH MORE than just a beautiful accessory!! My only problem with your pieces is that they MAKE ME WANT them :-) Ha!

    Loved seeing those charming bucks yesterday! xoxoxo

    1. Oh yes Raven is quite a nice breakfast guest, I love his reedy and persuasive voice.

      Oh well the good thing about rings is that they are all different sizes....two more for tomorrow :)

      Those bucks make me laugh, silly boys!


  4. Clever Raven! That's a lovely shot of you and Banjo. (I could quite happily breakfast with Raven every morning. Our Mourning Dove pair seemed to have moved on.)

    I'm a sucker for Peruvian opal...little miniature worlds beneath those dreamy blueish-greens.

    What I appreciate most is that every single detail is rich with purpose and meaning, adding to the whole. And you bands...I simply love your wrapped bands!

    A late start after a late night, but lawns are getting mowed, neighboring dogs are barking...the world keeps turning. =)

    Have a gorgeous day, Ro!

    1. My towhee is gone too Ash I rather miss him, our alarm buzz. You need to find a friendly raven to breakfast with.

      I love those opals too, LOVE those familiar scenes.

      Thank you about the bands, mucho appeciado.

      That's why I head for the hills, I like to get out before the cruel world is awake.....ugh...mowers, and barking dogs, t e r r i b l e .

      I hope things improved on the writers front.

      ps. I sent you a little sumpin, sumpin, a smile perhaps..


    2. Funny how you get so used to different sounds--birds, NOT dogs!--and then, notice their absence. Will keep an ear out next year, I suppose. And yes. I hope a raven adopts me. We have plenty of crows diving through our trees, but who are all far too busy for me...but maybe a raven.... (You could give one my address, maybe?)

      Oh. Gosh. Something for me?? I'm gonna wait patiently by the mailbox! I'm smiling already, so thank you!

      Smoother trails today...thank you. You know those days when your soul just feels tired and droopy? It was a bit like that yesterday...but, as always, the sun comes up again and a new day brings a new perspective.

      Hope you had a terrific day, Ro. I have just LOVED your week of rings. One could get spoiled with all these treasures!


    3. *yikes* I never know how much I've prattled on until I press the submit button! Sorry!

  5. Lovely , wearable rings
    gorgeous dog
    beautiful day....
    I didn't know about peruvian opals, they are amazing. I like your idea too of offering things here before Etsy.
    Just always feel like I've been for a very satisfying walk when I visit here.

  6. Oh yes it was all so good Julie..

    OHHHH la la those opals are tremendous if you can afford them, love LOVE!

    You should do it too, it saves valuable time.........time is a good thing to have more of.

    Well it's always so nice to have you along! xoxo

  7. Your work is so beautiful, no wonder it sells like hotcakes!

    I talk to animals, too--they have as distinct personalities as humans, and sometimes much much better :-D

  8. Hi Ro!

    My sentiments too, Dawn - on both accounts!

    Ro, your new rings are (Said slowly for effect!!)

    I love them. I love your attention to detail, and I adore your wonderful craftsmanship....AND most importantly perhaps, your talented eye for design....but you know all that! (ha!)

    Love that you had coffee with raven. Great title for a book!

    Really love ♥ seeing your pic too, with your coffee and sweet Banjo !! Awwwwwww........

    Happy Friday - am on the edge of my seat to see what wonders come next :-) !!


    P.S. **Special** hello to HARSI! Hope you are reading this, and I hope you write in more often. I miss you.

  9. love the wraparoundedness of the rings and the mariposa at its best, copying nature....