Friday, May 25, 2012

and the WINNER is!

Could there be a luckier number? I just counted them and was surprised so many marbles were in that jar, I would have guessed in the 40's too.

Ash wrote...Um. I never was able to guess correctly when I was a kid *sniff* It was my white whale. I say 77 because it's the first number that popped into my head.
Congratulations Ash, you hit the bulls-eye. I'll be shipping this beauty off to you today, listen for the thrumming of wings outside your window.

I got on a Tim Burton kick and made some dark funky earrings for the show that set me on an enjoyable path of hinges. I finished these last night and thought I would share them with blog readers exclusively. If you are interested in these beauties, drop me a line.

I made 6 tree crickets and I'm offering them in pairs to wear as earrings :)

I stuck them in a pretty pool of light at the end of the day yesterday to show off the luminescent, prehnite brios. The earrings dangle two inches, chirp, chirp.

I saw Tim Burton once grocery shopping in Ojai, hey, everybody has to eat. I would never go up to a celeb and introduce myself, I'm not that kind of fan but I have a funny story along those lines. I was grocery shopping in a resort town carefully selecting blueberries I looked up and a few isles over I saw our friend Jim, who owns a Greek restaurant in town called Yannis. I was planning to work my way over to say hello when I noticed, people kept coming up to him, commenting on his hair etc. Wow, I thought Jim is a popular guy especially with the women who were now surrounding him. Eric was shopping in a different part of the store and when he walked up he asked if I had seen Yanni. AH HAAA I really wished I had walked over and said hi to Jim.......too funny!! Wellll they are both handsome Greek men, one just has a goofier act than the other.
If you have any good celeb stories you want to share , I'd love to read them.

I'm wishing you a wonderful long weekend, the weather here has been a gorgeous shade of gray....

with a chance of droplets....

xoxo Ro


  1. Congratulations Ash!! That's a very cool ring you've won!!

    Beautiful earrings!!! So funny, your story about Yanni :-)) Had to laugh!

    Hope you continue to have gray cooling skies. Have a great weekend!! When is your show? xoxoxo

    1. I hope you have a lovely long weekend too Pricilla.

      Yanni or Yanni's owner, too funny :) :)

  2. Congrats to Ash, you lucky girl! :)
    Your Yanni story is funny! Years ago my grandmother used to see Bob Denver in the grocery store a lot. He had a house in the Catskills. Not being a big Gilligan's Island fan, I was never that impressed. But then she told me that he would frequently bring his pet chimpanzee along with him when he was shopping. THAT impressed me :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. For some reason I read "John" Denver but then Gilligan with a chimp!, I wonder if the chip was from the show? I wonder if it chose it's own produce, lots of grocery store sightings.

      I used to live across the street from the Zen Center where Leonard Cohen was living for a couple of years and I would see him in the grocery store too.

  3. Congratulations Ash!! :) I'm happy for you!! :)

    Love these earrings, such beauties!


  4. Holy. Crow. I finally caught my white whale! Wow, Ro. I'm sitting here beaming like an idiot. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I'm thrilled--albeit shocked--that I won! (And thank your monkeys for me. They're really good counters!) =)

    Aw, thanks for the well wishes, too, ladies. I will wear the ring well.

    Love the tree crickets That prehnite simply glows...and those hinges rock!

    Yanni! Ha! I'm a bit of a closet Yanni fan...well, his 'In My Time' album, anyway. And he did rock those tresses!

    Never bumped into anyone 'hugely' famous but Santa Monica seems the place to go. During the same couple of days down in Santa Monica a few years ago I turned around to find Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope) behind me in a Jamba Juice store; then Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver - ER) behind me at a bagel store; then later that day saw Christopher Penn (Sean Penn's brother) walking down the Promenade wearing a very ugly Hawaiian shirt.

    I'm too shy to say anything, too (although that shirt really was terrible)!

    Thanks, again, Ro. So thrilled.

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    1. Yikes. Sorry for the tome!

    2. Congratulations Ash! wee hoooooo!!

    3. You have to fish to catch whales :) 77 really? Those are Vegas numbers. CONGRATULATIONS!

      Oh yes they all live in Santa Monica.

      A mountain lion was shot this week (so sad) it had wandered into a courtyard across from the 3rd street promenade sometime during the night and was found in the morning napping in a planter.

      I am not a fan of any Hawaiian shirt to be truthful :) Though I did enjoy your sightings :)


      Weehoooo, Hi Deb!!

    4. Oh, that breaks my heart. Just read some online reports now. I can understand trying to protect people but it sounds like it was a total balls up...obviously. Sigh.

      I know, right...77. Can't take credit, though. That number pretty much landed on my head.

      Hawaiian shirts...yes, well. Perhaps one exception: wrapped around Tom Selleck!

      Tell Belle she's my new best friend and has made this Kiwi kid very happy!

      And thanks, again, ladies for your kind comments. I already know this beautiful ring will be a new favorite!

      Happy weekend, everyone!

  5. Well, Ash, good for you! Wear that ring and soar!!!!

    (Nice work, Belle. You deserve a chocolate-dipped banana for all your efforts!!)

  6. Or some of aunties banana treats :) She whined the entire time, look at her scowl, she's a permanent, pouty, patty.

    I hope you have a good weekend, Caroline

  7. oh hugs and hugs to you Sweet Ro! just because!!

  8. Hugs back sweet pea, I hope you're enjoying the new digs!


  9. Two stories Ro!
    Through some weird cosmic accident, Gregg and I made firends with this crazy millionaire guy who had a penthouse Manhattan apartment. He gave us the keys to enjoy his digs for a week long NYC (big city to we W. PA folks!)vacation. Anyway, there was roof access at this place for his apartment and the other penthouse. We went on the roof and ran into Grace Jones! She was so beautiful and nice enough when when stutteringly told her that we were crashing at Adam's place. She left the roof pretty quickly though.

    My second story took place in a Chicago parking garage. I was maybe driving a little too fast around and around, up up up... Anyway, I turned a corner and this guy was walking right in front of my car. I hit the brakes hard and looked up to realize it was Brian Denehey (sp) with his golf clubs slung on his back. I put down my window and said something brilliant like, Hey." He rolled his eyes and went on his way!

    1. I have to know if Grace Jones had the signature haircut at the time? Geesh, good thing you didn't run him over.

      There used to be a radio, talk show announcer that sometimes did celeb sightings, it always always funny.

  10. My husband and I used to work in the National Press Building in D.C. One day we were crossing the street outside work and I saw a gentleman with very heavy, distinguished features coming our way. After he passed, I said to my husband, "How funny -- that man looked a lot like Salman Rushdie." "Baby," my husband said, "that's because it WAS Salman Rushdie." Apparently there had been posters up in the Press Building all week about him speaking up at the Club; somehow I had missed them all. I thought it was pretty funny I automatically assumed it *wasn't* him.

  11. Oh, that is funny Sharon!
    Good thing both of our husbands are there to fill us in on the details :)