Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Working Week

My studio feline surveys the garden as I work , which I did most of the weekend. Secretly I want to go on a vacation, not so much of a secret now but this is the time to get "stuff" made for our up coming show so everybody is busy around here.

I'll be spending most of my time in the office with a bit of arm chair traveling compliments of my iPod. I'm in Botswana "In the Company of Cheerful Ladies", sleuthing.

Rain has subsided, TOO BAD, we had a wonderful couple of stormy days. I'm afraid of summer, this time of year I wonder if I can hack another one. I suppose I don't have much choice when it comes to this but it's the truth.

*living for the moment isn't easy

I hung my garden flags outside for the elements to wear them away, flags gotta flap, birds gotta sing...........

These lille prayers seem to be working, peaches are setting that will be ready to eat in August, ugh August, sorry.

I want o make working cloud rings, wouldn't that be good, I could go around all summer, happy with my very own cloud. I could put it over my head and give a little squeeze :)

Til then I'll just make do with my faithful pal, focusing on what's really important.

What's new with you, any noteworthy books, vacation plans, new puppies?

This is on my night stand and I'm really enjoying the writing though I've just scratched the surface.

Here's to a good week ahead ! xoxo Ro


  1. wasn't this weekend just amazing!!! snow, rain, hail, now its going to be 80 this week! Whew, I'm with you Ro~not quite ready for THAT!!
    I'm lovin' your pictures today. so pretty. Sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, you wore a cloud on your hand!

  2. Hi Deb, It sure was! It's hard to get used to such rapid change.

    Ha, I think I scared everybody away :)

    Thank you sister!

    no puppies?? none at all????

  3. Wow! Those are some fantastic marbles there!
    And I'll take one of those cloud rings :) could come in very handy!
    I'm actually reading a book of Wislawa Szymborska poetry, who I discovered from reading your blog! So thank you for that, she's great.
    No puppies here, my husband talks about getting one, but I say we should just puppy-sit one for a weekend. Cuteness without all the hassle :)

  4. Hi DJ,

    Oh how I love Ms Szymborska's work. I'm so happy you do too!

    I have to tell you when my son was little he wanted every pet out there...a bird to sit on his shoulder. A hamster, a puppy. We borrowed each and every one of these and I told him he could keep them as long as he was willing to care for them. The puppy lasted three days. The hamsters two months and that begging parrot 30 days. He was begging to give them all back once the mystique was over. HA! I thought a good business would be renting out pets but I would feel to sorry for the poor animals. ( I made sure each was properly cared for)

    I used to walk my neighbors neglected German Shepherd for the protection which she enthusiastically delivered though I would not own a dog like that.

    I like your thinking!!