Friday, April 13, 2012

Tree of Love

do you
ever worry
if you're not
paying attention
and you miss something beautiful, like this
and you may have to wait a whole year to see it again,
I do.

I've been singing this, non stop.

*Eastern redbud, cercis canadensis, forest pansy

Have a wonderful weekend, go drown in that sea.
xoxo Ro


  1. Replies
    1. The loving tree, and I love it back!


  2. Now that's some 'dirt' in his voice. I like it. (I think I would need to eat some sawdust first before I could sing along, though. Wow.)

    Gosh. Glorious reds. You reminded me to go check and see how the tulips and pansies are coming along. They magically appear every year along our back fence (most likely thanks to our green-thumb neighbor). Lots of green shoots but no blooms as yet. Soon. Very very soon. (Our mourning dove was there to greet me with her sweet lament.)

    Off to bloom some roses.

    Happy, happy weekend, Ro!


    Wowzer, those owlets are getting huge! Keeping Ma and Pa busy!

    1. Don't you Ash, it makes me want a whiskey :) I don't know that singer that harmonizes on the chorus is mighty fine.... yin yang

      That tree is on my 4 second commute and it's beautiful bare naked, with blossoms, new leaves, medium leaves and turning leaves. One of my friends that teaches horticulture recommended it when I was building my garden, WOW, I recommend it to anyone who can grow it.

      Don't you love that stage, watching things bud out, So exciting, the anticipation.

      Hello dove...(name?)

      Those owls grow overnight.

      Happy weekend growing roses.


    2. Whiskey...that's a big girl's drink. I'm not sure I'm up for it! =) (And you're right...I didn't really pay attention to the backup singer. His voice does rather command attention.)

      Four second commute! LOVE it. Perhaps I should tootle around the outside of the house before settling into my bat (bear) cave so I get a little touch of nature on my commute, too.

      Your tree is scrumptious. Utterly.

      Dove's name? Myrtle--short for Chicken! Ha.

      Nighty-night. (Roses blooming beautifully!)


  3. very beautiful photos ro. i do not worry, i am grateful i see.

  4. Love his version of Sea of Love! Thanks.

    Beautiful redbud. I haven't seen one with purple/red leaves. We have lots here but with green leaves. But when you sent me a redbud leaf, I didn't recognize it, had to ask. Which leads me to comment that you & your blog have hugely inspired, encouraged me to LOOK!!!! And that is WONDERFUL :))

    It's a thrill to see the owl photos. But I could not see them in yesterday's 2nd photo :-0 I often wonder why I find birds so compelling even though I'm not especially knowledgeable about them, but I do!! xoxoxo

    1. (Took me a few tries, too, Priscilla--look again. Top left quadrant. Look for shape, not detail. Then smile at the camouflage.)


    2. Me too Priscilla, I just love it, grrrrr :)
      Those hearts are extra colorful when fresh like this but they are maroon throughout the summer before they change to beautiful orange and yellow. These are native to the south, our native redbuds are heavy, HEAVY fertile seeders, and I didn't want that, still a pretty and smallish tree.

      You have to look again, sort of a where's waldo shot. The momma is standing tall next to the trunk of the tree and one of the babies is standing next to her. Once you find her it will surprise you how she can hide before your eyes in plain sight.

      Have a great weekend xoxo

    3. HA, I see them!!! Yes, hiding in plain sight. Thanks to both of you for encouraging me to "look" again. xoxo

    4. It's amazing how well they disappear when you're looking right at them!
      Did you see the two birds hiding in the heart pictures?

    5. OH! No, I hadn't see those pretty birds. Have now!!!

  5. Holy moley, this is like the sandhill crane migration.
    Such beauty.

    A very good reason to stop and look, like Priscilla says.

    Thank you.

    1. Now THAT I'd LOVE to see, you're a lucky ducky :)

      I bet you liked to turn over rocks as a kid too, one of my favorite pastimes.

      Have a good weekend xoxo


    Ro Ro Ro your boat....

    It's fun here today! :)

    1. Sending hugs to poor Mart, to counter the FLASH, BANG!!

      Heehee, you make me laugh!!