Monday, April 30, 2012

Thought Bubbles


Good Monday to you! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to do just what it was that you wanted to do. I spent mine mostly working though I did see a film, nothing ground breaking, I'm not sure I would recommend it (my favorite part were the child actors, they were spot on) but it was a nice getaway, being rescued by friends, then off to a trendy hotel for appetizers and a drink in the cool evening out on the patio under the outdoor heaters.

I'm working in turquoise as you can see and I admit I was feeling a bit thin on ideas, I hit a roadblock for a bit, a brain jam, luckily it was temporary.

I made a few sincere stackable cuffs that would be lovely worn with other bracelets for a drop of color and a nice tinkle. I've worn cuffs for years and I used to babysit my now 4oish year old niece she once said to me, your arms tinkle just like my moms.
I made a couple of beeutiful pieces yesterday and plan to show them to you on Wednesday, I'm sticking with turquoise this week a stone that really inspires me.

I decided to take Benny and Joon up the hill this drizzly, socked in morning to see the sights. We saw a bush with ears.

I told myself I would not go to the owl place but I couldn't resist. Things are becoming dry and Benny has terrible fur for a hiking dog, he's a little sweeper for burs, foxtails and the corkscrew filaree so I nestled him in my armpit and trudged up. I'm noticing the favorite perch for the female, she seems to like the same bronch for her daytime nap.

The gray makes a lovely background....the chamise is blooming and the heightened scents caused by the drizzle are supercalifragelisticexpealidocious (def; makes you glad you are alive)

The white sage, Salvia Apiana, sometimes smudged, I have not sent this one to anybody, I like the smell but some don't. Sages all have interesting scents, not all of them are sweet some are quite musky, skunky, or human body odor like ;)

I took Benny and Joon to the top to look over but all there was to see was more gray.........

wich is perfect weather in which to view thought bubbles ...00Ooo00OOo00!ooooo....

Have lovely day, xoxo Ro


  1. I love your nature shots, the dogs, and the lovely lovely turquoise bracelets!

  2. How COULD you resist those owls??????

    And your turquoise is so perfect...I love those cuffs, and would wear all three to jingle!!

    Love the you, too...and Benny and Joon crack me up with their attitude toward the "gray"...lots of thought bubbles there....

    1. I can't resist as you can see, they're more addictive than chocolate.

      Awww thanks, I love you too, Benny and Joon are wagging, Benny has a stub :(


  3. your cuffs are beautiful!
    i love turquoise. i have a few turquoise stones that are very old, but i have noticed a slight fading of the blue. do you know if that is common for turquoise, to fade with age? even with the fading, it's still very gorgeous,extreme matrices which makes it all the more stunning.
    love the pics of your companions <3
    can't wait for wednesday to see the rest of your pieces!!

    1. I don't know about the fading, I have some oldies too. I know certain rocks and minerals will loose their color if they are left in direct sunlight. I bet it's still stunning LOVE, love turquoise too!!

      My work is following no linear thought, my muse is a nut case :)

      Awww Jo and Mart are grateful, thank you!!

  4. oh wow, so much to love. the bracelets are PERFECT, i would love to wear one of those. and the owl, how lucky. i do love those damp sagey smells. we've had a lot of fog also, a few evenings it burns off in time for a lovely sunset.

    1. Thank you Lori, we are of the age of the sincere cuff bracelet, me thinks ;)

      Oh good.....I'll bet some of our heat drifted up there and made for perfect weather.


  5. Benny and Joon are adorable as are the turquoise and the flowers and the sleepy looking owl! xx

    1. Oh, well thank you Mona, sending love back.....xoxo

  6. Beautiful bracelets! Tinkling arms sound nice :)
    That sage sounds very interesting, the skunky or body odor scent doesn't sound too appealing though haha :) We have juniper around here that smells just like cat urine...not too appealing either :)
    Love that last photo!

  7. Oh they are nice, a musical human :)

    Oh yeah, I know that juniper pee U! Society garlic has a horrid smell too.

    Banjo was thinkin' hard!

  8. What's not to love? Wow! Musical humans, sincerely beautiful cuffs, Mama owl, beautiful gray backdrops, gorgeous turquoise, Benny's stubby tail, and what looks like a smiling Joon in that last photo!!!

    Kudos to you, Ro ---- you've done your magic again with your new beauties!


  9. Good to see ya too L Bird, thank you for the cuff love :) xoxo

  10. Happy May Day to you Ro!
    I'm loving the owls with you. so pretty.
    Your newest bracelets make me smile. I hope I'm remembered for my jingles too. I think that is really neat!

  11. And your smile and hugs, good to be remembered for all of those!!

    xo Jingle Ro