Monday, April 2, 2012

This and That too

I hope you had a good weekend, I hope you got some of those projects off the back burner and completed, or went for a long walk, swim, canoe, bike, car, snowmobile, motorcycle, boat or kayak ride, or a long surf, sail, paddle board or maybe some skiing or snowboarding. There is always gardening, cooking baking and making, of any sort. I hope you caught up on reading, dog waking and bird watching, worshiping, singing and there's always, always cleaning. Whatever you filled your weekend with I hope it left you feeling satisfied. I worked with some glorious stones and will list this ring unfinished.

The stupendous stone is from Chihuahua Mexico, a stunning Sierra Madre Agate, oooOOOh Madre Mountain :P The stone has it all so I just made a silver frame and a single leaf to the band as not to interfere with it's beauty. If anyone is interested let me know before I list it tomorrow and I'll put it together in your size. I plan on working all day just like you.

I saw it again!! The sky boiling with hawks, I really have never seen this before, have you?

I wish I could blog bigger pictures but I'm too lazy to switch to Wordpress. I looked up this event on Google it's called "kettling" when hawks swarm and roll on thermals during migration. I'd love to know just where they're going and where they came from. I'm nearly 100 percent sure they are redtails. Click the picture I know it's small. I couldn't fit all the birds in one frame, there were scads of them. Our redtails stay put mate for life, reuse the same ol nest, maybe these new ones are headed to you.

I have a steadfast rule "Always walk after a rain" no excuses. The house can be pretty seductive on a quiet Sunday, another cup of coffee, the paper. The voice in my head screams "GET OUT" sheeshhh, so I did.

I'm always happy when I get out there, it's so beautiful after a rain, everything washed, the trail a clean slate. Oh and what big feet you have kitty, kitty.

*mine and his/hers

I always read the trail and so does my trusty, personal trainer. I listen to Banjo, she has a lot to say on certain subjects. She told me this track was cold and I was glad to hear it.

There are times when she halts and perks her ears, what is it girl? I think Timmy fell in the well, I don't often believe her when she does this, rarely do I see anything. She's more of a sniffer, THAT I always believe.

The sky opened and seamed shut, repeatedly, don't you love that? Little birds enjoyed the sun, flitted and sang.

black-headed listen

It was a beautiful and productive day, I hope to show you new work tomorrow.

Oh and I ate a cactus and it was, delicious! I have a friend who grew up in Mexico and loves to share her amazing recipes with us. I have tried to cook "nopal" cactus before when I was on my quest to see just how the native plants were previously used and which ones were edible. Frances took the young and tender paddles, scraped the emerging spines, sliced them in small squares (dime size or so) boiled them with onions and garlic. Chopped fresh cilantro, green chilies and tomatoes, heat and place in warm tortillas YUM! (tastes like a SPICY green bean medley)

Have a good Monday all..
xoxo Ro


  1. sigh.
    I mean just sighhhhhh!
    I feel so relaxed after reading your blog today Ro!
    When I read all the things I could of done, I said what is WRONG with me that I didn't...but then I realized I COULD if really tried!! Banjo, your personal trainer! hugs to Jo whata dog!
    That ring is going to be a stunner! Its a gorgeous stone everyone, I got to see it!
    Lucky to gal on the trail to wear that one!
    hmmmm, someday you need to feed me cactus! After all, I do eat the flowers in your yard now that you showed me whats are just so cool my friend.
    My world continues to expand!

    1. Oh geez I'm glad you liked it Deb, I'll feed you cactus :) Yesterday took on a life of it's own and into the evening.

      Hugs back to ya.

  2. Beautiful...beautiful indeed...every are lucky to have banjo guide you and all those hawks...I did not know that about wordpress, maybe one day you should switch because you have really beautiful pictures...have a great week Ro! xx

    1. Thank you Mona, what's up with all those hawks ?

      Yes but I cant imagine sitting down and trying to figure out wordpress with so many other more urgent tasks at hand, I wish I had tech support.

      Have a great week yourself.


  3. Happy Monday evening, Ro!

    Sitting here singing and bopping to The Traveling Wilburys. (Hm, hubs just shut the door to his office. SO missing out on all the fun. Tweeter and the Monkey Man is up next!)

    Man, that stone is GOOOORRRRJUUUUSSSSS! (Moths just flew out of my wallet...otherwise, otherwise..!)

    Ha! How appropriate that the sky boiling with hawks is called 'kettling'! (Um..., you know...boil, kettle...maybe that's just me??)

    Had the most unproductive day, ever. And I'm kind of giddy with the hopelessness of it all. Gotta embrace the suck, right?? (Either that or it's the bag of candy I just ate while watching Eureka.)

    Okay...Monkey Man is on! Gonna crank it up for hubs. =)



  4. Hello Ash,

    I like the Wilburys, ohhhh Roy and George :( and Dave,,,,,,,open up!

    Yup that's why they call it kettling...boilin' with birds.

    "gotta embrace the suck" I know that feeling all to well, here it has a good deal to do with unexpected events and the joy of working at home. "Giddy with hopelessness" sister you should be an ad man or a mad more candy for you!

    Okay lock and reload, it's a new day....wishing you luck!


  5. Bahaha...hubs would say 'mad woman'...and it's already too late!

    Happy day to you, too. I'm mostly good with crappy days. They make the good ones...gooder! (Okay, my inner editor--like, totally--cringed at my use of a nonword, but I think it works.)


    PS. Roy, forever!