Monday, April 23, 2012

On This Morning

This morning the light was perfect and after experiencing a weekend of sizzling temps, the cool, moist air is a true and perfect gift.

Pal Jo and I have formed the #1 Ladies Detective Agency for Owls so we headed up the hill to put the pieces together.

Just the facts maam..... Fact one the nest is empty. We climbed the hill to get a better vantage point and to show you that owl sleuthing is not an easy project........

but it can be quite enjoyable when the light is perfect, even though the weeds I am currently standing in are up to my shoulders and I am soaked.

There is an owl in this shot hiding on the big branch to the right of the nest a fact not known to us until we viewed the pictures.

*click to enlarge

It's one of the babies, perhaps two, it's very hard to tell.
*shot blown up

It wasn't until I rounded the hill to come back down that I could see the obvious silhouette, see it in the top of the tree to the right.

become one with the branch.

*as I say this in my head I say branch with an English accent "bronch" I've been listening to a book told by an English woman and my inner voice has taken on an accent :)

This picture has nothing to do with anything but the fact that it exemplified the weight of the perfect air.

This post has way to many pictures, you are welcome to turn back at any point, Banjo always stays with .

*A dove is mournfully crying ha hoo hoo, seriously

Click this shot if you have time, there are two owl, chicks, pullets?, one is in the lower right corner and I think there's one hiding to the left of the nest but I could never find it on this side of the tree.

We have shimmied up the muddied ledge and I'm peering though my lens when I feel a little tug on the leash, turn around and mama banjo is staring at a small herd of dear, deer.

*I have eyes on the back of my head

They are rather perplexed to find us on their trail and make a quick decision to glide left.

Hawk pushes at the air with all his might.

the clover was too pretty to pass up. The hills were like a market full of goodness this morning fresh and lively without the cutting sun.

I think this is the third hiding baby, it's hard to keep track.

On my way down I found the mother in a separate tree and thought about one of my elderly customers that told me she used to hide in the bathroom from time to time when her toddler was driving her nuts, lock the door and break out a Kool cigarette :)

This momma was catching a little shut eye, feet warmed by feather down and I could tell I was bothering her too so I slid off.

xoxo Mama Roro and Mama Banjo


  1. Aw, thanks for sharing all that cool and moist air. I can almost feel it!

    So fun trying to find the little chickies. Won't be long now!

    Your photos are beautiful, as always...but that web!!! Holy moly...a woven basket of dewdrops. How utterly gorgeous.

    Enjoy the delicious drizzle!


    1. PS. Hiding in the bathroom! Haha! My mum (most mums??) can totally relate. With six of us, though, it wasn't much of a refuge. Even now I can so clearly hear her pleas: "Can't I even go to the bathroom in peace!!!"

      "...but Muuuuummmmmmm!"

    2. I know those chickies will be taking flight, soon, still their ear feathers are adorable and those big feet.

      I liked that spider dew basket too..I take way too many pictures and edit most away, but I'm a hoarder if you couldn't tell.

      I think I was admitting to the same behavior minus the smoke but I tell you that woman was a riot! She fed her dog frozen peas as a snack, unthawed.

      I come from a brood of six as well, oldest know what that babysitting ;)

    3. Oh, you know it! I'm the second eldest, so not quite the 'responsibility.' Mum used to bribe us with paprika chicken and we didn't do too badly! =)

      Frozen peas. TOO funny! (My last couple visits home, when staying with my sisters, I would help my nieces and nephew find their mummies when they suddenly 'disappeared.' HA!)


  2. thanks for taking us along!
    once i learned that you were using a britsh accent, i felt like i was right in the middle of national geographic exploration, ha! how much fun!!
    banjo is an awesome travel partner.
    love the owls <3

    1. Rae HAhaaa!! We must have a spot of tea!! Or Captain Spaulding...

      Banjo is the best, she really is, she didn't like her hose down, gotta get the mud off..

      Those owls are to be loved...


  3. Fantastic photos! Those owls are great :)
    Looks like a really lovely walk!

    1. Twas good, glad you could come DJ...

      :) :)

  4. "the #1 Ladies Detective Agency for Owls " -

    I laughed out loud at this - love that series :)


    1. Thank you MaMa Allison.....I love it too!

  5. Hey Ro -

    Too many photos? I don't THINK so!! You could have your own talk radio show too -- call it "On This Morning (OTM)." Then we could hear the British accent in person. (I also appreciated the accent cue!! Made it even more of an adventure.)

    The owls are growing so fast. My goodness. And I loved the reference too to the #1 Ladies Detective Agency. cute is and Jo.

    We have 8 deer that pass through our back yard almost every morning. First in one direction, and then a return trip is evident. Ours do not have the big ears that yours do!

    Glad you hear you enjoyed the cool, dewy air. You are so right -- it IS a gift :o).


    1. Oh I would like that....OTM!! I'm not sure if the accent will come out, it's bouncing around in there though :)

      I love those Ladies at the agency don't you?

      Oh how lovely the tender deer, silent and skittish, naturally they love you. Tell me what kind you have so I can look it up. Ours are mule deer, what big ears they have.

      So nice this cool!


  6. Ahh, what an absolutely amazing day for you! The photos are excellent...and just the right amount! I don't think I've ever seen any owls in Newfoundland, I need to do some research. XO's

  7. I bet you have the snowy owl Shannon, you must?

    Good to see you!


  8. Hi Ro,

    We have the white-tailed deer. I just looked at photos, and their ears are big I guess. I just know that the ears on yours always strike me as bigger! :o)


  9. HA! I shall go look and check ear size. For scaredey deer big ears are a very good asset!

    xoOX xooooo

  10. What a privledge it is to see those owls grow up,
    and how lucky for us you are recording it. Its a wonderful thing to really know the area where you live, to really see it so that it almost becomes part of you. And your work!