Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morning Toast

to the patchwork hills in the morning light

to the quiet company of deer

to the tiny hummingbird snatching gnats with it's deft, long tongue

to the ever brave owl chick, now out on a limb

and the one safe in the nest

to artwork flowing free in the late hours of the night.

Wishing you all good things, this fine day.
xo Ro


  1. Wow...morning treats...beautiful! xx

  2. Gosh, your hills are lovely, Ro. I think I would go roaming and never come back!

    The photo of the humming bird and gnats cracked me up! The gnats look like they're in formation ready for an aerial strike!! =)

    Aw, the babies are branching already. (Ha. I looked it up. Your posts always inspire me to 'go learn stuff'!) Bombs away, babies!

    Ooh, eye--I--spy a rather handsome raven!!

    Okay, well, I've spent a good part of the day hunched over my desk, so time to s-t-r-e-t-c-h-!

    Hope yours has been a good one!


  3. I do feel that way sometimes Ash, like walking forever.....then I get hungry.

    It was so interesting, though I've read that they eat gnats I have never seen it until this morning, and the light was just so that those tiny protein treats could be seen. I took several shots hoping to catch him in the act but my lens was slamming and scaring him a bit.

    I must go see the owls daily, their progress is so quick!

    I'm loving my sons new paintings.

    Mine was good and hunched as well, hope you're in a good grooVe..

  4. You'd be fine walking with me. I'm the snack queen. We'd be set for days. =)

    Ha ha. Protein treats--love it! It's a terrific shot...the light just right. Still makes me smile.

    A good day. When the words aren't flowing I pull out some paper and start making stuff. Good way to switch off the critical brain so ideas can flow again.

    I can see, from your latest post, your day hunched over your bench was 'grooVe' indeed! =)