Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monkey Business

well don't looks so sad Bluebelle.....



Look modely Laura.....Ohhhh those earrings look MAHVELOUS!!

This was hard, we couldn't stop laughing, and lovely LaLa kept spitting them out..
* I lined them with plastic wrap

Belle was embarrassed we bribed her with candy from Aunt Caroline....
See you tomorrow,

xo Ro, Laura, Belle and Churro


  1. AAAAH! Look at those lips!!! Laura, you can wear ANYTHING and be beautiful!

    (Mmmmmmmm.....candy....... sa-weet!)

    XO to Ro, Laura, Belle, Churro, Jo & Mart. Oh, and Petunia and Violet.

  2. Those are really lovely earrings :) I must confess that it was kinda hard to focus on the earrings in the pics though! haha :)
    Hilarious pictures and what a nice wagon full of beautiful jewelry!

  3. Haaahaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    Laura, I love your spirit!!!! You deserve a hug!!!!

    I can only IMAGINE the giggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Belle's just jealous because she can't wear the lips....

    1. And Songbird is right, Laura--you CAN wear anything and shine!!

      P.S. Ro, I like the way you're managing things around the home place....

      P.S. #2 Those earrings look incredible and BOLD!!

  4. Laura CAN wear anything! heeeeeeeeee hee!!!!
    looks like Belle is standing on a bunch of beauties!
    way to go Belle..ChuRO!

  5. Wow...big botox lips : ) Happy Wednesday Ro and Laura! xx

  6. Hi Everybody, doesn't Laura look she she :) I wonder if you want those kind of lips they try out prototypes, wax ones :)

    * a whole new business venture, prosthetic lips!

    * Lisa, the elephants were out grazing on dandelions :)