Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growl at Me

Well hello, hello, welcome to my weekly jewelry opening....
I've been busy lately, enjoying my work, keeping my hands busy my mind full, my imagination sparking. In order to avoid a blog that trails out, under the door and down the street I bundled things together.

They are enjoying each others company for the time being, until they find just the right finger to call home.

Awww the little "Mission Bells"....

coral for your other finger, the one without the turquoise.

* size 6

This is the luscious "Lavender" tiffany stone from Utah I bought from a miner in Tuscon a year or so back. I'm a purple person, I love lavender and tiffany, despite the silly, frilly name is one of my favorite stones.
*My birthstone is amethyst, maybe that's how I got my purple love, I was born with it.

*size 6.75

"The Other Pearl" Merlinite , summer white with sea blue matrix on one side, a beautiful marquis cut that looks like the belly of a whale.

*size 6.5
"Red Rock Canyon" a premium sonora sunrise, long and lanky, saddled up and ready to ride.

*top size 7 *sold bottom size 6

"Mission Bells" I have made several dainty rings for friends lately and I thought I'd make some for etsy, so I did.

*two sold
I made several little "Barrel Racers" for all you Rodeo Rosés out there. Nothing pairs up better with turquoise than honest to goodness O.K. Coral. I added a good luck mule shoe and dangled the turquoise droplet from it. Mule shoes are chock full of good luck, more so than a regular old horse shoes, f.y.i. Yucca fans the edges, hand stamped by a real live mule skinner wanna be, me.

* I sat down with some friends over dinner a few weeks back when one of them leaned over the table and whispered "I want to be a mule skinner too" :)

If you happen to be new to the blog, bear with us.

These come on wispy chains but I deplore those trigger clasps as much as you do and since I'm in charge, I just cut them off and made my own. It's no secret that when you thread a chain through a ring like this the clasp will always, ALWAYS work it's way around. Go ahead I say, it's so pretty you may want to start out that way.

I love these...
available on 16 0r 18 in. chains

*sold and *sold

see what I mean about a long bloggette....

I adore these, I haven't named can help me.....taking submissions..
So many processes went into making these but the end result is perfecto!

The coral dangles are rustic, if you don't like rustic, don't buy these, I love the authenticity and genuine spirit of these brios, little stars shine on both sides.

I really like all silver earrings, they go with everything, these include a home made flower, this is my original design, nothing store bought here. They blossom over healthy foliage and dangle on hinged rings for lots of swing.

I've been working with a good dose of Tom Waits growling in my studio, It's been just the right thing to keep me going. Today though I'll shut it all down, open the windows and doors and work to the beat of the RAIN!

For price quotes or more info, reserves, you can always reach me on etsy or send an email.
I'm hoping to add this work to etsy later today........*make that tomorrow... :)

Thanks for reading, for stopping by, xoxo Ro


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The colors pop!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay, here are my submissions for the Nameless Coral Earrings:

    Coral Sparklers
    Crimson Sparklers

    Heeheehee!! -- "If you don't like rustic, don't buy these." Now, THAT'S a marketing strategy all right....

    1. Sparklers were referred to as "Sparklers" and though I don't believe it was reverse psychology that caused them to be claimed I think it was just the fact that I loved them so.

      HA! hahaaaaa!


  3. You can growl at me anytime, with beautiful stuff like this! love the color pops!
    I love that you put your own clasp on the chains, it makes such a difference!
    I agree with Carolyn,the coral earrings do look like sparklers!

    1. I like a little grit in my day, it gets me going :)

      I know you like red sparklers!

      thank you, dear friend xoxo

  4. Just beautiful Ro! So glad to see you are happily busy!

  5. I can see that your imagination has been sparking!!! They are all SO beautiful & unique!!! You sure can combine an interesting stone with perfect silverwork.

    I see you & Laura decided not to go with those luscious lips for the formal jewelry photos :)) xoxoxo

    1. HI Priscilla, thank you!!

      We decoded to ditch the lips though they certainly made us laugh!!


  6. LOVE your long bloggette, a winding trail to all your treasures!

    Mm, lavender. Love the Tiffany stone, despite its "silly frilly name," too! =) And mystic Merlinite...with the most interesting landscapes.

    And those dangling silver blossoms...brings to mind lazy afternoons, soft breezes and tinkling chimes.

    (Hopefully sending a wee winged friend your way soon. She interrupted my 'blank screen staring' time, today, insisting she have "shiny wings and roses.")


    1. Oh yes! Are you sending me something??? I'm getting excited :)

    2. Yep, yeppers! =) Just some feather fluffing to do and roses to bloom. Hopefully sometime next week.


    3. You are a mysterious one, hmmmmm NZ bat guano? :)

    4. HEY! I would never do that. (Okay, maybe to my siblings...but not to anyone else!)

      Now you'll just have to wait and be surprised.


  7. Oh, you are so good at what you do....Ro, the WAY you do those things you do!! Each piece is exquisite. {sigh}

    I especially love the rings. No wait, the earrings, er....I mean the necklaces...

    Ahhhhhhh!! I love them all. AND I love how there is something for everyone.

    Ladies, I defy you to read yesterday's blog and not see something you ♥covet♥!!

    xoxoxo to you "Sparklin' Ro"
    P.S. Is that Merlinite also known as dendritic opal?
    P.P.S. Cool names, Caroline! :o)

  8. Oh, I forgot to say something - I love the stones you choose. (It all starts with the stones, doesn't it? And you pick some *beauties.*) (!)


  9. You are the dearest bird in the land, this is true !
    mirror, mirror