Friday, April 27, 2012

Bracketing the Day

Since things like watching owls being reared is such a brief and awe inspiring set of moments, I'm trying to go up and see them as often as I can. I went up last night and looked around for the longest time before I discovered we were also being watched.

Since these particular eucalyptus trees have such an open canopy you'd think it would be easy to spot them but I can't emphasize enough how well they hide in plain sight.

They can really play tricks on your eyes.

A while later I discovered the mother was watching too, hidden in shadows.

Not hidden enough for a hot and angry pair of orioles I had noticed mostly by their familiar chitterings also nesting in a nearby tree. I watched the pair dive bomb the flying tiger and give her the royal bitch out, they hit her and sounded like that soda can filled with pennies we shake to sometimes train dogs with. sheeshhhhh!

*why can't we all just get along......I thought about North Korea

I went back up this morning because I know one day soon I will no longer see them. Same thing, the where's waldo syndrome but I did finally spot one, naturally they are always looking at the lady with the camera stomping around in the weeds...

"who" wears a silver feather on her wrist and pretty turquoise earrings this day :)

I saw and mostly heard a nearby hawk tearing at something rubbery for breakfast, I hiked up the hill to take a closer look. I took a startle at a huge coiled snake which I was very surprised to see on this cool and cloudy morning. I saw a red and "missing" center section and realized what hawk was enjoying for breakfast. The snake was not coiled but rather laying in the grass like a plate of spaghetti....I moved off.
See the pretty picture of the hummingbird sipping on the mimulas instead :)

I saw the tree move in an unusual way and this morning and realized I was being watched by the male preening.....

then bedding down for the day.

A few interesting facts before you fly away...
*Great Horned Owls are the most common owls in North America
*They mate for life
*Males are approximately one pound lighter than the females
* They are not nest builders, they use the sturdy nests from other birds of prey, or nest on cliffs or in tree hollows.
* They claim, stay and hunt in the same particular area ( I'll be interested to keep an eye on that)
*Chicks are capable of very good flight at 8 weeks
* They can kill and eat small mammals such as raccoons and skunks which is why tiny dogs and cats should be kept in at night and watched when let out at dark.

Have a super duper weekend all, thanks for being interested and for being my friend.
Love Ro


  1. I am totally loving the "Owl Chronicles". Thank you so much for sharing these images. My favorite is the bedding down. So cute :) We have a couple of barred owls in our neighborhood and have been honored with a couple close up sightings and a couple of swooping drive bys at night. You feel them more than you hear them when they go by. Such amazing birds.

    1. Hi Carlene, I love them too, SO much!

      I know what you mean about "feeling'" them I have had that experience as well.



  2. One evening at dusk, I was startled by a great horned owl (female) swooping down to snatch a large rat. She silently flew right over my head and caught the rat with such speed that it only had time for a single squeak. They are truly amazing and beautiful (& terrifying) birds!

    1. Whoa, that would make your heart skip a beat!!! e x c i t i n g !! I bet it too a minute to figure out what was happening!!

      I love it!

  3. I'm with you...if I had owls to watch I would be checking them often.
    You have great eyes, they are hard to spot!

    Great photos!

    Thanks for bringing us the life and times of the owl family. : )

    Enjoy your weekend too, Ro!

    1. It's such a temptation Cinder, I want to live there and watch them all day.

      It really is amazing when you realize their huge size and how hard it is to find them. Nature is spot on most of the time.

      Have a good weekend yourself!!

  4. Love seeing these fantastic photos!!! Interesting to see the size comparison between the oriole & the owl. The owls are BIG! The tiny hummer is probably about the size of an owl's eye:-0 Btw, eucalyptus are one of my favorite trees so I enjoy looking at them too. xoxoxo

    1. They're HUGE especially the female, they look like big perched cats.

      I think almost all the trees around here have burned at one time or another, those euc's are tenacious the way they've recovered.

      Have a good weekend Priscilla..


  5. "Owl Chronicles." Yes! It's been lovely. (Has made me wonder how many of you mamas out there wished your 'chickies' fledged as quickly. Just imagine: no adolescence!)

    LOVE sleeping Papa, too. What a face.

    Sweet and cool here, and just a little breezy and much the same for the coming week. (I've been doing my happy dance. A lot. In my galoshes.)

    Happy weekend, Ro!


    1. I think adolescence is more painful for the teen like perpetual pms. The Human Chronicles.

      Isn't he sweet, silly, cartoon face :)

      I'm glad you're dong the happy dance, I don't think I know anybody that doesn't love the cool and the rain. flippity floppity here

      Happy weekend to you!


  6. GREAT pictures! And those owl facts are very interesting. Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

    1. Hello DJ, I thought so too...

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  7. they are getting bigger!
    I have to say; I'm glad you didn't share a picture of the unfortunate snake. Once while driving just a few miles from home, a Hawk flying over me and carrying a huge snake in its talons and dropped it on my car! sure glad I don't drive a convertable...

    1. Women don't like snake pictures, I don't blame them.

      OH MY GOSH! Can you imagine if you DID have the top down? You would have been the fatality......eeeeeeeeeekk!


  8. Oh Ro! Your photos are so special. I imagine you being so patient while you do the "Where's Waldo" thing! It is such a treat to see them all, and wow, Mr. GH Owl's "expression" is priceless. I love it -- love ALL the pics :o) Thank you ♥.

    Jeesh -- how can you NOT want to just get back and keep checking on them!!! Good for you to find the time. I know you're busy!

    Thanks for being MY friend. (>>Insert big bear hug here.<<)

    P.S. Am sending a separate e-mail with owl info I think you'll like. You got me all fired up to learn even more with your cool facts!

  9. If we had a full moon I would go up there at night, I'd bring the mister though. He finally decided to join me the other evening, I kept asking him..."don't you want to go see the owls?" but I couldn't get him to do it. NOW he want's to see them again and again. I'm wondering how long the pair will hang around.

    Woman can not live to work alone or it wouldn't be much of a life.

    awwww hugging back, pretty lady