Monday, April 30, 2012

Thought Bubbles


Good Monday to you! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to do just what it was that you wanted to do. I spent mine mostly working though I did see a film, nothing ground breaking, I'm not sure I would recommend it (my favorite part were the child actors, they were spot on) but it was a nice getaway, being rescued by friends, then off to a trendy hotel for appetizers and a drink in the cool evening out on the patio under the outdoor heaters.

I'm working in turquoise as you can see and I admit I was feeling a bit thin on ideas, I hit a roadblock for a bit, a brain jam, luckily it was temporary.

I made a few sincere stackable cuffs that would be lovely worn with other bracelets for a drop of color and a nice tinkle. I've worn cuffs for years and I used to babysit my now 4oish year old niece she once said to me, your arms tinkle just like my moms.
I made a couple of beeutiful pieces yesterday and plan to show them to you on Wednesday, I'm sticking with turquoise this week a stone that really inspires me.

I decided to take Benny and Joon up the hill this drizzly, socked in morning to see the sights. We saw a bush with ears.

I told myself I would not go to the owl place but I couldn't resist. Things are becoming dry and Benny has terrible fur for a hiking dog, he's a little sweeper for burs, foxtails and the corkscrew filaree so I nestled him in my armpit and trudged up. I'm noticing the favorite perch for the female, she seems to like the same bronch for her daytime nap.

The gray makes a lovely background....the chamise is blooming and the heightened scents caused by the drizzle are supercalifragelisticexpealidocious (def; makes you glad you are alive)

The white sage, Salvia Apiana, sometimes smudged, I have not sent this one to anybody, I like the smell but some don't. Sages all have interesting scents, not all of them are sweet some are quite musky, skunky, or human body odor like ;)

I took Benny and Joon to the top to look over but all there was to see was more gray.........

wich is perfect weather in which to view thought bubbles ...00Ooo00OOo00!ooooo....

Have lovely day, xoxo Ro

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bracketing the Day

Since things like watching owls being reared is such a brief and awe inspiring set of moments, I'm trying to go up and see them as often as I can. I went up last night and looked around for the longest time before I discovered we were also being watched.

Since these particular eucalyptus trees have such an open canopy you'd think it would be easy to spot them but I can't emphasize enough how well they hide in plain sight.

They can really play tricks on your eyes.

A while later I discovered the mother was watching too, hidden in shadows.

Not hidden enough for a hot and angry pair of orioles I had noticed mostly by their familiar chitterings also nesting in a nearby tree. I watched the pair dive bomb the flying tiger and give her the royal bitch out, they hit her and sounded like that soda can filled with pennies we shake to sometimes train dogs with. sheeshhhhh!

*why can't we all just get along......I thought about North Korea

I went back up this morning because I know one day soon I will no longer see them. Same thing, the where's waldo syndrome but I did finally spot one, naturally they are always looking at the lady with the camera stomping around in the weeds...

"who" wears a silver feather on her wrist and pretty turquoise earrings this day :)

I saw and mostly heard a nearby hawk tearing at something rubbery for breakfast, I hiked up the hill to take a closer look. I took a startle at a huge coiled snake which I was very surprised to see on this cool and cloudy morning. I saw a red and "missing" center section and realized what hawk was enjoying for breakfast. The snake was not coiled but rather laying in the grass like a plate of spaghetti....I moved off.
See the pretty picture of the hummingbird sipping on the mimulas instead :)

I saw the tree move in an unusual way and this morning and realized I was being watched by the male preening.....

then bedding down for the day.

A few interesting facts before you fly away...
*Great Horned Owls are the most common owls in North America
*They mate for life
*Males are approximately one pound lighter than the females
* They are not nest builders, they use the sturdy nests from other birds of prey, or nest on cliffs or in tree hollows.
* They claim, stay and hunt in the same particular area ( I'll be interested to keep an eye on that)
*Chicks are capable of very good flight at 8 weeks
* They can kill and eat small mammals such as raccoons and skunks which is why tiny dogs and cats should be kept in at night and watched when let out at dark.

Have a super duper weekend all, thanks for being interested and for being my friend.
Love Ro

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


You can never predict how a day will turn out and I should learn not to project. I have but two rings instead of four. This is what happens when jewelry junkies unexpectedly stop by. Not to worry there will always be more but two were swiped hot off the press out of my studio (they weren't your size anyway and the turquoise was ugly) feel better. :)

Both of these beauties have pretty bands and the turquoise is American.

"Spirit" the tall girl is size 9 with a glorious sincere stone I picked up in Arizona.

Her botanic sister "Southwest Garden"wears a stone from the #8 mine with a beautiful cobweb matrix and is a size 8.25.

Thank you for visiting, I'm off to shoot pictures and wash my doggies, good thing for these long days, they seem to be coming in handy.

I hope your day was grand with unexpected pleasures...

xoxox Rodeo Ro

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gardening 101

I have been working in the herbarium these past few days collecting specimens.......

and preserving them in silver....

all with turquoise rocks. I have 4 new turquoise rings nearly finished and I hope to show them to you tomorrow.

Now it's off to scrub my fingernails... xoxo Ro

Monday, April 23, 2012

On This Morning

This morning the light was perfect and after experiencing a weekend of sizzling temps, the cool, moist air is a true and perfect gift.

Pal Jo and I have formed the #1 Ladies Detective Agency for Owls so we headed up the hill to put the pieces together.

Just the facts maam..... Fact one the nest is empty. We climbed the hill to get a better vantage point and to show you that owl sleuthing is not an easy project........

but it can be quite enjoyable when the light is perfect, even though the weeds I am currently standing in are up to my shoulders and I am soaked.

There is an owl in this shot hiding on the big branch to the right of the nest a fact not known to us until we viewed the pictures.

*click to enlarge

It's one of the babies, perhaps two, it's very hard to tell.
*shot blown up

It wasn't until I rounded the hill to come back down that I could see the obvious silhouette, see it in the top of the tree to the right.

become one with the branch.

*as I say this in my head I say branch with an English accent "bronch" I've been listening to a book told by an English woman and my inner voice has taken on an accent :)

This picture has nothing to do with anything but the fact that it exemplified the weight of the perfect air.

This post has way to many pictures, you are welcome to turn back at any point, Banjo always stays with .

*A dove is mournfully crying ha hoo hoo, seriously

Click this shot if you have time, there are two owl, chicks, pullets?, one is in the lower right corner and I think there's one hiding to the left of the nest but I could never find it on this side of the tree.

We have shimmied up the muddied ledge and I'm peering though my lens when I feel a little tug on the leash, turn around and mama banjo is staring at a small herd of dear, deer.

*I have eyes on the back of my head

They are rather perplexed to find us on their trail and make a quick decision to glide left.

Hawk pushes at the air with all his might.

the clover was too pretty to pass up. The hills were like a market full of goodness this morning fresh and lively without the cutting sun.

I think this is the third hiding baby, it's hard to keep track.

On my way down I found the mother in a separate tree and thought about one of my elderly customers that told me she used to hide in the bathroom from time to time when her toddler was driving her nuts, lock the door and break out a Kool cigarette :)

This momma was catching a little shut eye, feet warmed by feather down and I could tell I was bothering her too so I slid off.

xoxo Mama Roro and Mama Banjo

Friday, April 20, 2012


If you say the word "twilight" it takes on a whole new connotation, which I don't appreciate. We'll call it dusk or days ebb or nightfall. The time of day the ducks fly? I don't know where they go but each evening they heave themselves up and head east. This is a good time to inspect the garden for the night crew. The ones that start to pollinate in the pinking sky.

This is the grand and beautiful Hawk Moth also known as a Hummingbird Moth could be mistaken for a hummingbird because of it's the size and flying habit.

Each evening they feed on the Pride of Madeira which has grown to the size of a Brahma Bull in my garden.

These are taken using flash photography.

Did you ever wonder what those tomato hornworms turn into? You may think twice when destroying them.

My son has started a new painting. I thought I'd show it to you in the beginning stages.

I went to see the owls this morning, rolled out of bed and into my shoes, changed my camera lens and promptly left it on the kitchen table :) It was early, the whole clan hunkered deep in the nest, I hiked for an hour or so, came back to watch them rise, preen, preen, and preen more then hop up on the edge of the nest, bellies to the warm sun..

I've been adding surprise earrings to my etsy shop, This is my time to constructing earrings for our upcoming show and I'll share some to etsy as well.

I also want to wish you a weekend of delights. You may want to skulk around at night and see what's shakin in your own garden.

xoxo Ro