Thursday, March 8, 2012


This week I worked with stones that have their own stories to tell, I just helped them along a bit. Some weeks I feel like I start a novel, others, a short story, a poem, a line or two but I always feel my pieces have something to say. This amazing stone is a rhyolite from Greece, unnamed by the man that owns the mine. "A new material he told me" a statement which I always find funny since the stone is as old as Greece itself, maybe it sat under the ocean floor for a million years before the land mass known as Greece was ever known. It's a startlingly beautiful rock with a generous proportion a, canvas painted like a lively swath of the desert.

I added a raven to the flip side of the stone in this story piece. The ravens of the desert often make their homes in the craggy peaks, this one found a glistening berry to share with its mate. The focal element is suspended on a single row of handmade chain so the piece will move when you wear it revealing both sides of the piece. Wispy clouds are textured in the background.

The silky chain is long, measuring 28 in. with 4 more inches of chain and stone.

Another desert story is told in this piece, sporting a beautiful porcelain jasper with dendrites. I made another single row of chain, this one is meant to convey the universe by day......

and on the flip side, stars at night.

I textured a faint distant mountain range in the background as the coyote pauses in the wash, to sing a song beneath a plum colored, garnet moon.

The chain is long, 28 in. with 3 in. of handmade chain and stone.


This is such a beautiful stone I decided to leave the piece unfinished so I could match it up with just the right you.

A gorgeous Ohio flint with a river running right though it. I framed it so you could wear it on your finger. I made a feathery band to sew on the back if you should decide to have your own river to float away in.

The final piece this week is a wonderful leaf I plucked a week or so ago when I was out plucking weeds. This is the purple phacelia wildflower, not to be confused with her sister the yellow phacelia, categorized as a weed. I added a sparkling amethyst stone so you would know the difference.

size 81/2 on a narrowish band


Indeed I say, indeed!

Enjoy your day wildflowers, thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions, drop me a line or two.

xo Ro


  1. Oh, every piece is just beautiful, Ro. The two pendants...carrying two of my favorite totem animals...squeezes my heart. Loving the long chains, too. Really, really lovely.

    Off to decipher more tiny papers!

    Have a gorgeous day!


    1. You are just so kind, lady, thank yo so much, a *heart squeeze, best line of the day....

      tiny papers, I know all about those :)

      I did have one, and I hope you did too!


  2. Beautiful indeed and enjoy the lovely cool air...xx

    1. Thanx Mona Jeans, I did, I hope you did too! xoxo

  3. It seems that etsy has been zowed by the solar flair....

    Taking a SUN day !

  4. Great stories & fantastic jewelry!! Front & back!! Cool pendant connector elements! My favorite is the wildflower ring or maybe it's the raven pendant or I like them all!*! xoxoxo

    1. Sometimes I look into a stone and I feel like I've been to these places, they hold my memory.

      You are such a darling friend and I feel so lucky to know you!!

  5. Stunnnnnnnnning, but you know how I feel about stories. Oh my gosh--and those long chains. Another distinctive element of these pieces.

    And your swirled garden connectors for each pendant are inspired--holy cow, you could create a necklace just with those, they're so beautiful, Ro!!!

    And then there's the phacelia...WOW. I remember when I finally identified that wildflower in Wyoming, love the soft leaves, sweet blossoms. And you've honored that humble blossom in silver--nobody's state flower, not a highly sought-after cultivar for the garden, no rock star status--just simple and incredible beauty you've recognized and captured.

    Enjoy your SUN day. :-) You've earned it!!

    1. Oh yes you are so good and prolific with your writing, I am in awe.

      I really had fun telling these stories, thank you for listening.

      Oh who can ever pass by a blooming weed anyway not I or you, I want to know all their names. I like their fiddly little heads and watching them unfurl as the season lengthens.

      I was hoping for an entire SUN day but it only lasted a couple of hours, HA!

      I hope the moon doesn't restrict your aurora view, Moon is pretty bright right now.

  6. LOVE the "dangle device" swirley twisty bits that the stone is hung from! So unique, and so RO! I always love it when you post new work, such a treat for the eyes! Aloha1

    1. Thank you so much Hawaiian princess! Aloha from CA!!

  7. I would like to echo all of the sentiments above...I love each piece -- each is fantastic!

    I especially love the Ohio flint ring with the wonderful river. Love the pairing of necklaces with what Laura is wearing too :o). (Hey, isn't that other necklace Laura's wearing a Ro-creation too? Sweet!)

    Happy Friday ♥.
    Mwua! {kiss blown from the east}

  8. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you, I love that river ring too, that stone is to die for, Ohio flint, who knew :)

    Yes you have sharp eyes, Laura's other pendant was a little piece I made for her when her little doggie passed away, her pups name is on the flip side awww.

    got it!, sending one back on a warm breeze...
    happy Friday indeed! xoxo