Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

I hope you had a good weekend, mine was jam packed as weekends go. We had a wonderful few days of rain and wind which I enjoyed immensely, weather always makes me feel alive. I readied the garden with the help of husband and son, which was no easy task. If you've read my blog for a while you will know what a strong advocate I am for native plants. Natives are beneficial in so many ways, for attracting birds and pollinators, amphibians and reptiles and also mammals, including humans :) We have a wonderful resource in our area and if you aren't familiar with RSABG you might want to take a visit, and I guarantee you will be inspired. They also have a nursery now and I had a good time making plant selections with one of my former instructors.

*It doesn't matter where you live, there are native plant societies everywhere with good people making an effort to educate on the preservation of native species or plants that want to live where you live, with little care and requirements but big benefits.

I went out bird hunting with my camera under slated skies and it seemed that they were all home and busy. I have yet to get a tremendous shot of the flitty American Kestrel this one launching cut a nice silhouette in the gray.

Dichleostemma, or wild hyacinth, one of my favorites, easy to grow, this one is *in the wild but I do have them in my garden.

I watched the ravens and hawks, hard at work building their nests, readying for the upcoming seasonal events.

I feathered my nest too and enjoyed my home...........

and garden.

On St Patrick's day the corniest of events took place, right on schedule, leprechauns were involved.

It snowed again, so beautiful.......

..and I hiked with friend in a gorgeous canyon and enjoyed the crunch of fresh snow underfoot as we made our way up.

*big leaf maple

We celebrated birthdays with good food.........

some dancing....

a little singing....

I wanted to show you my friend Annie's ahhhhmazing cake, delicious too.

Family and friends are here visiting, I started some rainy day projects and fulfilled a few jewelry commitments now it's time to dig in and start a work week.

Happy day all, thanks for visiting, xoxo Ro


  1. what wonderful happy pictures to start off our week!
    Den and I grabbed a quick walk Saturday, around 6
    since the sun came we turned the corner back to our house we saw the SAME rainbow, curving down right to my back yard..well it LOOKED like it was right there!
    So the little leprechauns where hard at work weren't they!
    no gold in the backyard..but lots of love was there. Looks like you had lots of love at your place too! Well done little guys!
    Have a super week!

    1. Oh good Deb, and you two live in a bit of a lucky Irish sect as I recall, those leprechauns were doing the back stroke in your pool!

      Have a good week yourself! xoxox

  2. Sounds like you had a delicious weekend, Ro!

    I love that you advocate native tree and shrub planting. My last couple trips home I helped Mum plants thousands of native trees around their farm. (I was whimpering by the second day, crawling by the third!) It's been a few years and apparently it's all looking rather glorious, with a lovely influx of native birds. I don't know what it's like here and in different states, but native tree planting is so important in NZ that there are government grants to subsidize costs for larger scale plantings.

    Wow! What a cake! Very very clever.

    And of course...that raven!! What an amazing shot!

    Have a fantastic week. My pen is empty (and I'm sure I can't possibly find another refill before tomorrow) and so is my we're getting the day off!


    1. It was delightful Ash and now I'm a little tattered but pushing though today.

      I know I felt new sore muscles too, what a gift you gave to the word! You however, are the exotic transplant :)

      That raven pair were really working their tails off!

      I'm happy to hear you're giving yourselves a break, enjoy, ENJOY!!


    2. Aw, shucks. You just made my day. =)

      Pottering around doing household chores, but my brain is enjoying the break. (I never knew my laundry basket could be piled SO high!)

      (Socializing is such exhausting fun, isn't it?!!)

      Happy day!


    3. I know what you mean, I was listing to NPR while I work, a story on creativity and talking about important brain breaks.

      While you're taking care of one thing, the other is always piling up.

      I've been a tg all day (tired girl) trying to ignore it. The more I do today the less I have waiting tomorrow, that's my theory anyway.
      And what's that sticky stuff next to the???? more cleaning..... :)

    4. I have two reliable gauges for when I need to take a brain break: blinding headaches or sideways glances from hubby, an indicator I'm about to turn into the swamp creature (usually the latter)!

      Oh, yeah...some days the 'to-do' list is never ending!

      Hope you slept like a log and feel refreshed today.

      By the way, do I have you to thank for the dusting of snow on the ground this morning? =)

      Off to fill the bare cupboards. (Check.)


  3. Love the photo of the raven (or hawk?) carrying nesting material !! And that cake IS amazing !!

    The snow looks so pretty. Nice weather interlude :) There is NO snow here, just warm/humid.

    Looking at the redbud petals on the path, bet your garden is looking gorgeous, either it has already burst into growth & bloom or is about to. xoxoxo

  4. Its the raven, the hawk was perching with a claw full.

    I FEEL your weather pain, ugh!!

    Ohh I loved the way the redbuds were filling in the cracks, things are budding out.

    Have a lovely week Priscilla


  5. Your photos are amazing and thank you for the link to RSABG....we had heaps of rain and cold...I know you enjoyed them both. With love...xx

    1. Well if you ever want to go to RSABG, come over and I'll take you, it's a gem.

      Oh yes I did love it, and you! xo

  6. Not sure why this post was so moving??
    it really captured the fullness of you life, just
    And, the cake . . . well, i'm glad you said it was a cake, so gorgeous! edible art, i like it :)
    Thanks again.

    1. Life rich and full as it is, slightly wonderful most of the time :)

      Oh yeah my friend is a painter too, she's amazing, edible art that's it!


  7. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!! And a great party! I'll have some of that snow please :)

  8. Oh you should be finished with summer down under, no?

    I love, love the cool, I bet you do too.

    Thank you Emma, it was a good weekend.

  9. The weather this year is topsy turvy. You have snow in March in Southern California and here in Western New York (Buffalo), the ski areas are closed, snow is long gone and our daffodils are blooming, (about a month early.) The temps are in the 70's. It's just not right and while I enjoy it...It makes me nervous!

    Our family also celebrated a couple of birthdays this weekend. We traveled to the Adirondacks to visit a brother and deliver our youngest back to college after her spring break. A wonderful weekend all around!

    I would love to have the wild hyacinth in my garden too. Would it grow in my neck of the woods?

    Happy Birthday to you ( ?)...a fellow pisces ? That cake is a work of art.

    You certainly know how to live. : )


    1. I know, the weather is so strange this winter everywhere. I'm worried, if it's this hot in the winter what will summer be like :(
      I'll be enjoying every cool day for now and you can enjoy an early spring.

      It sounds like you had a great weekend, I'm glad.

      Yes a fellow Fish here, the same with my cake makin friend.....high 5!

      Happy Birthday Cinder!!


    2. I'm worried was 87 at our house today! Records are breaking daily. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. If it frosts after this warm spell the fruit tree blossoms are doomed. : (

      Thanks for the birthday wishes...I always have fun!
      My middle daughter, the scientist, was born on pi day, (the day before my birthday). We usually have pie instead of cake. She came home just to celebrate and to take a road trip. So great to have the gang all together.

      High five back at fish friend. : ) Happy Birthday to the fabulous cake baker too!


  10. dont get
    much better
    than that
    me thinks


  11. I am so glad that you feathered your nest. I love that. And I also love the unusual picture of the snowfall!

    All of your photos are great. The redbud photo is very cool with a great combination of colors. Jeesh, you even have pretty rocks in your yard!!

    What a wonderous, fabulous cake Annie made. So SPECIAL.

    Happy belated birthday to those in Claremont and Buffalo. Hope you got a dance in, Ro!!

    P.S. Oh, and happy first day of spring today :o).

  12. I feels good to feather and enjoy, snow even, SO pretty!

    I dance almost every day at least a little.

    Oh YES it IS true spring today and my brothers birthday, we are the same age for thirty days every year. (my poor Catholic mother), the last day of Pisces.

    Happy spring, the Songbirds Sing

    (and finally I'm remembering my haircut today)