Thursday, March 1, 2012

Secret Sects and Societies

You may not be a member of the Free Masons or any other mysterious society, each of us are different but common threads sometimes sew us closely together. When I was taking classes on native gardening I would sit in the classroom and think, "these are my people". I could have made decoder rings for all of us that have the plant names and requirements on them in a secret script and when we saw each other out in public, say at a fancy restaurant, we could give a discrete nod, glance at our rings and no one would be the wiser.

I made a host of rings with secret societies in my minds eye......

*sold size 7

This one is for the "Secret Society of Gardeners", naturally, that's obvious.....

The stone is lavender chalcedony, it most likely is a holley lavender from Oregon. The stone is glowy and captures the light, though we are under a thick cloud cover right now and I don't like using artificial light.

backside :)

size 7.25

I made an homage to the west for all you ladies in the "Western Society". I love learning about the rich history of the West and sometimes when I'm in the desert or a wild and quiet place, I like to dream of how it must have been before the Spaniards arrived on the scene.

The stone is another turquoise from Jerome Arizona, with hidden stories of it's own, having been there.


*sold size 8

"Secret Sect of Aspiring Yogis" for all of you working on your mind, body and sprit. A sparkly faceted tourmaline shines in this ever enlightened piece.

Life is a journey, challenge yourself, be your own best you.

so pretty....

*sold size 6.5

"Ladies of the Shoreline" This may actually be a club but to stick with the common thread, I'll call it a society. For all of you who leave footprints on the foamy shoreline scanning for, treasure, scaring up seabirds, hands, pockets, hearts full, mind, free...

The beach pebble shaped, turquoise stone is western, to be honest I can't remember where I acquired it, most likely in Arizona, it's a pretty, very pale blue. On either side of the stone I added open shells, each with small pearls exposed, treasure!

the other side

*sold size 91/2

"The Hawking Sect" for you bird enthusiasts. I bought this pretty Indonesian agate on etsy. I love this stone it looks like one of my hawk launching pictures.


I stitched the back together with a silver feather, it can be your secret.

Yes, I am taking reserves on these rings and here's how it works..... Email or etsy convo me, I take reserves in the order they are received. I know you're busy but if you left a message please check back as soon as you can so I know how to proceed.

Thank you for reading and for all your nice notes yesterday. I'm forming the secret sect of happy jewelers, the line starts here.... X

Have a great day everyone
xo Ro


  1. Oooooooh, I like these secret societies of yours....I'll bet the dues are reasonable and the charter vows are sensible....just think of the Secret Society of GalleryDarrow Trail Walkers roaming around the world, discovering each other in bookstores, on wild trails, in the galleries of fine art museums, or at the table of a vendor in Quartzite, the secret password (ChurroBelle) whispered, the smiles noted, brownies shared....

    Magnificent, Ro!!!!! Works of art, all!!! What a Leap Day it was!

    1. It happens around town, my jewelry is spotted and recognized. Is that a Darrow?.........nice ;)

      HA haaaaa, you make me laugh.

      Thank you!!

  2. these are my people too! Stunning & each a treasure! well done Ro!

  3. Stunning, each and every one. Oh, that lavender calcedony is luscious. And the Hawking Sect ring, "stitched...with a silver feather." Just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Ash I like stitching silver feathers as you know ;)

  4. So hard to have a favorite amongst ALL these beauties...
    i do!

    i just can't escape your most exquisite blues...


  5. The beauties disappeared...secret society rings are cool! xx

    1. Disappearing to secret locations :)


  6. Your etching on the rings is gorgeous. I love that little feather you have on the back too ♥

  7. All your works are exquisite, what I really love is the story behind each one.
    Xo's (a lady of the shoreline)

  8. Oh yes you are a lady of of an exquisite, shoreline.
    Good to see you Shannon
    thank you!

  9. i'm a few days behind, as usual, so first i'd just like to say, i love your little marching band!! i'd follow you too :)
    secondly, i don't know how you do it, but your work just gets more, and more, beautiful!! your rings are nothing short of awesome <3.
    have a delightful weekend,

    1. Me too, where does the time go Rae.

      I like the members of my band, you're certainty invited!

      Thank you sister, xoxo

  10. The rings and creative inspiration behind them are fabulous! And looking at the rings all lined up like that, I couldn't help but imagine a bracelet of similarly arched "links" -- perhaps some of the links with stones and others with various etched designs. The photography and words of your recent posts are wonderful. Thank you!

    1. Spoken like a true artist, always designing, I do that too. I always wanted to rework jewelry in my own way, now I can. It would be an awesome bracelet, each charm could hold meaning for the facets of a persons life.

      Thank you for reading!


  11. sigh. these are nice, really really nifty.

    miss you!

    1. Hey!!!!!! Where the heck have you been???? I miss you too!!