Monday, March 5, 2012

The Freshening

It seems to have happened over the course of a week, spring, that is. The past two days have been so warm, I needed the help of my little air conditioner in my tiny studio. Getting up and out the door early, my usual routine has been necessary in regards to hiking the dogs.....and myself.

The little guy had some tummy troubles that required a visit to his kindly vet. He shakes so hard he could turn milk into cream. When it's all over and I'm writing the check he's back to normal, "cured"! I said to the lady at the desk. He's feeling good again and back in solid ground.

The weather has cooled a bit today with clouds moving in. I wish to express my sorrow for you who have been devastated by tornados, your family friends and loved ones. The pictures and news stories make me heart sick.

Things are freshening here, birds are frantic, singing, nesting, chasing each other around like kids at a junior high dance. Lizards are out and hungry, cleaning the garden of insects.

I found a nest and climbed up a ledge to see if anything was inside, nope nothing yet, then I realized I was standing in a thicket of budding, poison oak. I've never gotten it so I assume I'm immune, still, why play with fate :)

I checked the nest I found last fall , tangled in one of my big sages, it had blown sideways so I lifted it out to closer inspect the weaving that included one cellophane candy wrapper and numerous pieces of string.

*When I brush my dogs I scatter the hair in the garden as a contribution to the weavers.

Turning the page on my work I decided to make a few pendants using some ahh,mazining stones from my collection. This is a rhyolite from Greece, it reminds me of a painted desert wall. I suspended it from single row of handmade chain so it could flip while being worn and reveal..........

the backside. I've had this design stuck in my head for a long time and after a days work it was finally realized. The raven steals an ever fresh berry in the awaking of spring. I have more ideas to explore sitting in bits and pieces on my workbench.

Wishing you all a beautiful day, a fresh start to another week.
xo Ro


  1. Beautiful scenery and beautiful necklace...and yes, all the tornadoes in the much happens all the time...designed to bring us together? Tomorrow is supposed to be 30 degrees cooler...enjoy! xx

    1. Thank you Mona.

      Those tornados are horrible and I think you have roots in the midwest!

      I'm looking forward to cooler temps.


  2. *Love* the back's the little semi-hidden touches that amaze and delight me!

    1. It was so much fun to build, thank you!!

  3. Spring hasn't quite sprung here (biting wind today)...but did find a wee abandoned nest below our giant blue spruce. So someone is spring cleaning.

    Yikes. I need to leave my bat cave more often. Haven't been watching the news and hadn't heard about the latest tornadoes. Heartbreaking.

    Glad wee doggie is up and at ’em, again.

    Oh, that pendant. That RAVEN! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Happy trails. (Can send down some cooler air when you need it.)


    1. I appreciate those cool breezes from the north.

      Spring is starting here and branching out.

      You must be concentrating on your work, deciphering "tiny papers" building your own nest as it were :)

      Happy trails back at cha!


    2. ...erm, well...building paper aeroplanes, throw at the ceiling.

    3. HA!, you have a difficult job!

  4. That stone IS amazing but it's the back detail that I really love & that wonderful connector element!!! Gorgeous!!!

    Glad little Mart recovers from his Vet anxiety quickly :)

    1. Thank you Pricilla, that piece is but another journey, like all the rest it starts out one way and who knows just where it's gonna lead?

      Oh boy you should see him shake but he recovers quickly :)

      Hope you have a good week......xoxoxo

  5. Spring is indeed here, a beautiful post in its honor Ro. I always save my wool scraps for the nesters too. Glad your pup is okay!

  6. I knew you would be helping the nesters with wool scraps, good for you!

    Thank you Lori, have a gr 8 week..


  7. AMAZING new necklace, Ro! What a beautiful start to the new week. I have always loved your designs from Day 1, but how do you keep "ramping" them up, and how do you make them so damn irresistible?? (hee heee!) Makes me rethink our household we really need groceries? Or so many of them? lol

    OMG....LOVE that berry. And a painted desert wall? Absolutely.

    And what a temptress you are to say you have more ideas to explore on your workbench.....if this idea has been stuck in your head for a while, I can't wait to see what other gems are stuck in there too!

    "YEAH, BABY!!!!" (To be said like Austin Powers!!)

    xXo oOo

  8. Awwww thanks for being so *GROOVY since day 1!

    I love ravens but you are my favorite bird.....

    Cawwww Cawwww

    xoxoxOx 0

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