Friday, March 23, 2012

A Beautiful Life

I got out early and walked up the sun this morning reflecting on a week jam packed with joy. I realize it's not always how much you accomplish that's important but being present and tuned in. Life b.c. (before computers), yes, I remember that life being now closer to 60 than 50. I own my age and I'm proud of it, I'm also happy to have experienced the age before all this. When my son was little we didn't even have a television, it was a simpler time, the pace was slow and rather nice.

The reason I love to walk so much is that it gets me away from everything, it makes me tune back in to the quiet, to gentle things, it gentles me.

(blooming poison oak)

Sometimes this is the only place that makes sense to me, a place I can count on. Do you ever feel like that?

The sun always rises right over there.....

That oak has a million stores to tell, birds it has housed, shade it has cast on deer and coyote, gophers and moles that wiggle around it's toes, fires that have tortured it only to rise again like the phoenix. I want to say, I appreciate you beautiful tree, but I don't have to say anything, I say it inside.

I share my walk with my quiet and faithful partner, we walk in step.

I admire the pretty tatting hung in full view, a little gallery, for those that can bend or take a moment to marvel at small and precious gifts.........

and I slow down for coyote weed and admire the color that reminds me of those long john popsicles the color of a cartoon sunset.

I am a great aunt and I met my great nephew, age 3 for the fist time this week, Oh, WHAT a joy. I adore kids and he is one special pal o mine. If he didn't live in Georgia I would hope to see him every day. Bryce showed me <<this>> earlier this week and we laughed til we cried, so I showed it to my new young pal who said..... again, again and naturally I was laughing too only I realized his mother wasn't, "Don't you think this is funny" I asked? "I think you're funny" she said. HA!

Life is the present, open and enjoy!!!

Have a wonderfilled weekend, xoxo Ro


  1. And that final example is EXACTLY why your sweet great-nephew loves you so much--you GET it!!!!!

    (And Belle IS such a character!)

    "Life is the present. Open and enjoy!!" --I'm holding onto that for a while--you are SO right.

    Lovely walk-and-ponder session this morning, Ro--thanks for taking us along. Enjoy your own present!!

    1. Oh I do and monkeys were involved! I like monkey business :)

      I hope you have a relaxing weekend enjoying *all gifts!!

    2. Oh my GOSH--that is one GOOD DOG in the video!!!!!!! Heeheeheeee, too funny--I'll probably watch it again. :-) Just like you and your great-nephew--no wonder he loves it!!! And you!!!!!!

    3. I think I probably watched it a few too many times :)

      The rearing dog in the sunset at the end and the trumpet is TOO FINE!!! OLE!

  2. your post today brought a tear to my eye . . . so thoughtful and honest. you make this world a better place. thanks <3

    1. I was so *full this morning Rae, the natural world touches me deeply!!


  3. Well, first you may me cry...
    then, you made me smile...
    then...I LOL'd at the silly monkey commercial......oh
    love you!

    1. Awww, that's why I love you so much.....and that you would laugh at a monkey riding a border collie, geesh! HILARIOUS!

      favorite line..........ride like the wind...................

  4. I agree about getting outside & walking. Getting my mind away from all the things that need doing & focusing on something like spider tatting. That is, unless I'm obsessing about something:-0.

    CRAZY FUNNY video!! Thanks!!! xoxoxo

  5. PLEEZE tell that taskmaster to make you walk your brain, it's such an amazing activity.

    HA, HAAAA, TOOOOO much fun!!

    Have a superior weekend, love you!

  6. Good morning, Ro - I haven't written in lately, but I am finally {{sigh}} present and tuned-in. First, a belated "Welcome!" to Pretty Petunia and Vibrant Violet. sweet are they? :o)

    I ♥love♥ so many things. "A Beautiful Life" describes it all. Man, you are spreadin' joy all over the place!!

    This blog has everything, and us readers eat it up. What you write and share with us is wonderful. Your photos and gorgeous creations never cease to amaze me.

    I love how nature is your place to worship. Your assurance about things is so endearing....and your inspirations -- whether verbal or visual -- cause stirrings in us, and uplift us.

    And I LOVE that video! (You knew I would!!) Oh, and the photo of you and dear Banjo walking in step.

    Happy weekend,

  7. Hello Lisa, aren't those pachyderms perfection?

    I'm out to worship this am before the rain, I really looking forward to a challenging bike ride.

    Thank you as always for reading, I knew you would get it.

    As to that video, h i l a r i o u s! It tickles my funny bone!!