Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm obsessed with my work lately, I'm just loving every single thing about it. I made a host of rings that will be listed on Saturday. Not everyone can be present on the computer during the week so I've been silently slipping things in my etsy shop on Saturdays as time allows.

I love this little girl group each doing their own thing, I always appreciate the ones that go against the flow, know their own mind, speak the truth, the true individuals, like this little pack.

I stayed out way past my bedtime last night. When my son asked if we wanted to see his band play, "yeah sure" (me pounding on something in my studio, one earbud dislodged), I forgot to ask what time. The show started at 10:30 but in reality it turned out to be 11:00 which is doable if your not in the habit of rising at 4:30. So we listened to the rap band and felt it in our boots, yeah , yeaH, thump, f@#%@!, s%&$#! The club had a number of activities, like a multi level classroom or one of those health screening fairs, a carnival. The club had two bars, two tattoo artists, piercers, it was an art show with paintings and sculpture tacked to walls and pillars, there were clothing and tee shirt hawkers. I must say expression was everywhere and me without fishnets or a mohawk. I love going to these things, I feel like Zelig, I love having the chance to participate in something I would never in a million years have guessed I would be doing. I ordered a whisky on the rocks just like any other ordinary, mule skinner and danced to Cogeto, when in Rome yeah, yeah!!

Have a super duper weekend everybody no matter where you find yourself!

xo Zelig ( ro )


  1. Okay, so how cool is it that Cogito asks you to BE there in the first place??!!!! I'm laughing at your comparison between the club and a health screening fair!!!!! :-) Sure, I see the resemblance....with tattoo artists and tee shirt sales.

    Did you come with a new shirt? Or piercing?? :-)

    Whiskey on the rocks, good for you, Calamity Ro, no tamin' this mule skinner.

    The new rings make a fine statement--love those girls--all dressed up for a night on the town themselves--no mohawk or fishnets needed....

    Have your own splendid weekend!!

    1. They had it all Caroline, everything you could think of and valet parking :)

      same shirt same ol piercing's

      Tgif sis, on the rocks!

  2. Oh, these are beauties! The stones...the FEATHER(!)...the settings...gorgeous.

    What a great night out. This hermit rather admires adventurous souls. (I think I would have parked myself near the tattooists and watched them all evening...sipping ginger beer.)

    Geez, the fact that I cannot recall what I did last night...ooh, I had toast for dinner! wonder my characters want to dive off buildings as a coping mechanism!

    Note to self: get a life.

    1. Thank you Ash, I'm having a good time, I love that "Esperanza" ring too.

      I never know what to expect at those shows but this one was really interesting, haahaaaaa! Imagining you sipping a brew and staring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz owwwwwww zzzzzzzzzt!

      still laughing :) :) I must read your stories!! insightful!

    2. Bahahaha! 'Zzzt oww zzzt!' indeed! =) I love watching people get tattoos. It's such a fascinating process. The studio where my favorite local tattoo artist used to work has this life-size cardboard cutout of The Thing (from the Fantastic Four) with his arms crossed 'saying,' "No crybabies!" I remember one guy, who was getting a tattoo on his inner arm (ouchy), doing a lot of hissing and wincing and heavy breathing. But, the second he saw that I was watching him get inked, he casually tucked the hand of his other arm under his head and then closed his if sleeping! Hahaha!! (He might have pulled it off, too, if his face wasn't bright red and he wasn't sweating bullets!)

      Esperanza is stunning. (Hubby has been notified of its top status on my wish list!) =)

    3. Well it sounds like you're a perfect asset to any tattoo artist, you could shame the clients into bravery :)

  3. ooh what SWEET little fillies!~
    I would of gone out and celebrated myself, after rounding these up at the studio corral.
    Sounds like you had a great time....Whiskey for my girl and beer for the horses!

  4. You guys will have to come sometime, it's a blast!

    lookin' purdy in your picture cowgirl.

    I'm sure I'll hit the bunk early tonight.

    UU xo, Ro

  5. i love these rings... especially the local baldy stone. sigh, its fun playing dress up!


  6. I like that one too Laura looks like the universe :)

    Thank you for your help.

    If I knew you were off to Venice alone I would have gone with you :(


  7. Hey, picturing you at the club! (Loved your reference to Zelig too! Ha!)

    And for the new ladies above.....vaaaaaa.....vaaaaaa.......vaaaaaaa......VOOM!!!

    Happy weekend to you too <3

    1. Didn't you love Zelig? He still looks that way, I saw him on tv at a Lakers game. :)

      Yo Yo....da.da BOOM!

      You are a darling bird!