Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weeds etc.

tHe LoOt

I must first warn you I'm extremely hyper today, I'm have a deficit of attention because it's so beautiful on the outside, I want to do everything. Do you ever get that way?

I want to.....
walk over that whole mountain range and out to the desert
ride my bike
camp at Joshua Tree
finish pruning my roses
drive to New Mexico
turn the music up LOUD and dance

you get the idea, Ill sit at this computer a bit....

I love these and when I fished them I took them in and showed them to the fam. They thought they were arrowheads but they are actually the last section of dandelion leaves which are arrow shaped.

They have been domed and formed, darkened then brushed just on the edges for a bit of drama.

Lovely LaLa

Little scrub oak leaves dangle from toothy ruffle elements that include beautiful serpentine stones from Mexico.

domed, formed, forged

Common lambs quarters, a noxious weed perhaps, it is also a tasty green in salads or steamed and quite lovely fashioned from silver.

A glisteny, green, faceted lantern of peridot shines in the cleavage of the leavege :)


Size 6 3/4 narrow band

I made a toothy little bezel for this beautiful varasite droplet originating in Utah.

The stone ungulates green, like a cloudy sky seen through a green filter.

size 7 1/4 narrow band

I finished another feather ring, perfect for a writer or poet or a nature lover like you.

view 2

*sold size 7 1/4 narrow band

This one is a sUrPriSe and not in the first photo because I just finished it. It's a bit hard to photograph. The feather has been left black to resemble a raven feather and the background including the stars have been buffed silver, the stone is labradorite.

The raven feather will fit like this ring, however the feather and turquoise ring has been formed into a saddle shape and will wrap around your finger.

As I mentioned it is beautiful today, after I took all my jewelry pictures I went up in the hills and made a sunstone bracelet.........

and did more weed research.

Wow what a thistle, beautiful, and sharp, it reminds me of a sea turtle, the color and size.

Banjo of the weeds, a little windblown, looks onto a small deer herd.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve, you know how to find me. I'll be wiggling back to the computer every so often today to check messages.

The weeds etc. will make it to my etsy page as time allows, within the next couple of days.

*Bryce is listening to Japanese surf music, no lie, go to you tube, Takeshi Terawchi Nippon Guitar, Japanese Surf, it'll get your heart thumping, no need for caffeine.

Xo, Ro and Jo


  1. Everything is beautiful and yes, I do get that way but the profile of Banjo of the weeds is truly precious! Enjoy this beautiful day! I have to be in my lab but I peek outside once in a while! xx

    1. Well I hope you get to sit outside with a latte afterwards...

      Thank you Mona!


  2. All of it stunning, the oak leaf earrings are amazing.
    ITs beautiful here too, just got back and have to go to work but I want to wander and just stare, birdwatch!

    1. Thanks a million Julie.

      I bet it's pretty there, when is it not? You have some very interesting bird visitors too!


  3. Okay, "cleavage of the leavage" is too much!!!! Haahaaahaaaaaaaaaa!! Best use of language I've heard today!!! And those earrings are so beautiful!

    Windblown Banjo of the Weeds--good dog, Jo.

    Your loot is most magnificent--looks as verdant as your hillsides--these ring styles are magnificent, Ro, just magnificent. That bezel around the variscite is AWESOME--wow!! You are having fun in your studio, I can tell, and your list makes me smile--how does a girl get to do all those significant things she wants to do in a day, plus prepare a meal and wash the dishes??

    Okay, hope you're outdoors NOW, more weed research certainly MUST be necessary. GOOD for you, and thanks for sharing your unbridled enthusiasm with life.

    :-) It's lovely to share....

    1. Ha haa, I told you I was hyper.....

      Oh that Jo :)

      I really was having a great time in my estudio, thank you and a friend has asked us to dinner so no dishes either, such a good day.

      It was so pretty on our morning hike I just wanted to keep going .....note to self put some tangerines in your wandering pouch :)

      thank you for sharing xoxo

  4. hi ro,
    wow, these are all amazing. i've been feeling alot like that too, wanting to be everywhere (except the computer).
    my husband writes for a japanese surf magazine, i've that music if he's watching a contest online!

    xo lori

    1. Hi Lori,

      I bet it's been pretty up on your coast.

      You and your husband are the coooolest!! :)


  5. Strange, I posted and then it wasn't there!
    I just had to say Ro, that your amazing work does more justice to nature than words can describe. I love the nuances in every feather, and interpretation of every leaf.
    I look around outside with different eyes than I did a few years ago!
    You are so special!! A gift to us!!!

  6. Fantastic loot!! I, too, love that toothy bezel. And the ruffled edge around the serpentine. The background on your feather rings make me think of lace-feathers & lace-so beautiful!!

    Yesterday & today's photos really make me want to be tramping around that terrain. Banjo of the Weeds is SO photogenic - but doesn't look like she lets all that bling around her neck go to her head :)) xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Priscilla,

      I was sailing, loving my work :)

      I hope you do get some tromping time this weekend.

      Banjo is pretty well grounded, we try not swell her ego ;)


  7. Ghost post.....oooooooOOOOOOOO

    Thank you for reposting Deb and for your kind words, and for looking around with new eyes.

    You are such a lovely lady, I'm so glad to know you!


  8. Ro, I want the raven feather ring with labradorite stone. I have been waiting. I knew you were the one to do it. My son passed last year. His name was Wode from the old English Woden or Oden. Please let me know how to pay you.


    digitalreef on etsy,

    1. Oh Liz,
      I am truly sorry for your loss, how absolutely devastating.

      Sending love to you and your family.

  9. Wow! This loOt is so interesting and beautiful. Your weeds are NOTHING like the weeds at my house!!! Would love one of everything, and I could use some cleavage. :-P

    I love all the green! We dodged another snow storm here in New England this weekend, which helps fuel my fixation on things "green." The varasite stone is especially pretty and special!

    Banjo is absolutely *beautiful*. I love her profile (and her bling as Priscilla said!)

    P.S. Here, here, Deb! My sentiments too.

  10. What you don't have silver weeds or leaf cleavage :) ?

    I think I'm having an overload of spring fever, even though we seem to have bypassed winter....

    I'll pat Jo for you, she has a perpetual smile, it's hard to get a serious picture of her.....insert deer..then she acts a *little serious..

  11. Amazing thistle. I like the dandelion tips!

    1. Isn't that thistle mighty Joan! I would hate to fall in..

      I'm a fan of the dandy :)

  12. Lovely, lovely work! I love the serpentine stones with the oak leaves. :)

  13. Oh, your feather rings set this (blocked *waah*) writer's heart a flutter. Next on my list.

    I haven't left my bat cave in a week so blinked in surprise when I saw snow on the ground this morning. What is with that???

    Normally, I'm a cold-weather girl, but roll on spring. Could definitely do with an infusion of fresh colors, the vitality of new growth...that 'something' in the air that one can almost, energized something or other...

    Your Banjo is the prettiest dog. (If I wore a collar, I would want want just like her.)