Friday, February 24, 2012

The Valleys

I accomplished a great deal yesterday including work in my garden. One more rose is left to prune and fertilize, garden work is never complete in this sun belt, something always cries for attention. My blueberries are full of flowers and the citrus, mostly eaten now, needs to be fed, only the late blood oranges are left for juicing and to be used in salads.
I went for an early hike with my husband, Eric and my dog and doggie :) I finally got a good shot of the ever elusive flicker. click the link and take a listen, they have a wonderful jungly sound. Usually all I see is a flash of coppery wings and that white bunny rabbit tail but this was half of a pair, the other was inside the pole. They build their nests in dead wood and saguaro cactus, if you live where those giant cactus are plentiful.

Interactive, wheres Waldo picture, click it.....I see three deer, can you find them?

Two cresting the hill right where I'm headed, they will be long gone before I make it up there.

I went up to see if the red tail pair were nesting yet, they were not. They look like jail birds on this electric structure.

My ever happy and faithful helper Jo :)

We're hoping you get a chance to visit your valleys this weekend. Leaping over a weeks worth of mountain tops can be exhausting.

xo The Darrows


  1. What a beautiful bird_and please frame that picture of you and Jo_ so adorable! Have a great weekend Ro! Ro and Jo! xxx

  2. oh I LOVED hearing their calls...what a cool link. I had no idea there are so many sentences in Flicker Language! Thanks for sharing that Ro!
    yes, how cute you were holding or I should say JO was holding your camera. whata team!!

  3. I love that link too, I'm glad you enjoyed.

    I love my teammate, indeed!!