Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V Day

Hello, hello, I hope you had a good Valentine's Day and was made to feel like the special ladies you are. I headed up to the high country with my honey yesterday for a valentine hike. The storm had cleared, the rain washed, "everything" was delightful, new again, renewed.

We took the dogs and the little guy was so eager we invited him along too. Here he is alongside fresh bear tracks, looking like a fuzzy little snack.

Chia for snacking, though well past the season for collecting seeds. I always check, I like to chew them while I hike.

Since the weather was cool and the snakes fast asleep, we decide we'd like to see if we could skip trail and somehow get down into the ravine on the left to have a look.

*Eric and Banjo surveying out at the point

We found a skinny coyote trail and started down. It was steep and slippery but you couldn't fall far because the bushes were as thick as hedgerows and it was more challenging to get through them.
It was colder down there in the shade of the tall walls and frost decorated the growing things in our new surroundings.

*giant bush lupine, shut down for the winter

frosted flakes


Manzanita, a fresh, glowing, verdant, lantern in this beautiful light.

The thing about following coyote trails is that although the footing may be good, coyotes are short and can make it through the brush much more easily than say, a woman :)

It was pretty down there and it had obviously burned a few years back. Our pants became sooted and us smelling of sage, we came upon deer tracks, coyote scat, washed stone, small sandy beaches, who knew?

*pine bones

We were sung to by a very talented thrasher............. bravo, more, more!

Furry frozen, chaff

Little Martler of Yorkshire was carried by Eric, this was not a place for a furry lap dog though he loved it (zelig:)

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning a really perfect valentines day for me. The rest of the day included but was not limited to bacon, chocolate and onion rings, a real celebration!

I worked away the afternoon until dark, I'm making weeds, silver ones and I can't wait to finish them and show you.

I hope your day was joyful and however you spent it.
xoxo Ro


  1. Wow, we went from spring, back to winter in 3 days!
    Little Mart as a fuzzy snack..oh!
    What a perfect Valentine day you had!
    We are headed to Kernville this long weekend for "Whiskey Flat Days" Yee haw, this is my favorite weekend of the year!

    1. Deb--I just looked up your Whiskey Flat Days--oh boy, oh boy, have FUN!!!! I'll bet the music is fabulous!

    2. IT IS Caroline! Every one dresses up...and my favorite is getting breakfast at the Cowboy Encampment. They cook over an open fire.
      and the rodeo is the best!

    3. Oh man Deb!!!!! Live it up cowgirl.....YA HOOOOOOO!! The weather should be wonderful, everything laundered and hung out!!

      enjoy with your sweetheart!!

    4. I sure will, and of course I'll be sportin' my wonderful pieces of Turquoise from your roundup!

    5. Wear it well, Deb--you'll blend right in. They may need a mule skinner....


      I love a good rodeo--and a chuckwagon breakfast--I'll be thinking of you, yippeeee ki yi yay!!!

    6. not to mention how cute those cowboys are, (OH don't tell Den I said that..oh dang..he knows it already!) hahahahah he knows its always his campfire I'm at home at. smile. He is such a dear.

  2. Beautiful...I had to laugh at bacon, chocolate and onion rings!!! What a way to celebrate! xx

    1. Ha!! One sin led to another! Back on the pony today, trying to ignore the chocolate in the house, staying outside :)

      Rainy hugs, sista!! xoxo

  3. Ro--what a GRAND way to share a Valentine--blazing your own trail!! (Following a coyote trail is HARD.)


    That is SO wonderful--new discoveries, close to home.

    Followed by bacon, chocolate and onion rings...a woman's Valentine dream come true.


    FROST--that still amazes me!

    1. Oh it was lovely for sure, only ticks on Banjo but I got them all on the top of her white coat. It was something, climbing out, I was grabbing fistfuls of chamise trying to propel up.


      Frost is beautiful, sprinkled zillions of faceted diamonds.

      L O V E L Y it was....

  4. Love your blog so much...! :) thank you for sharing such a brilliant walk with us...

    1. Thank you for reading Juniper! Nice to meet you :) :) !

  5. Hey Rovin' Ro -

    Loved your blog post! Around here that's known as a COB Valentine's Day. Chocolate, onion rings and bacon. (Being silly.) Sounds great, BTW!

    I love how you tap into our senses...fistfuls of chamise, the sooty smells, your wonderful photos with the visuals of frosted flakes and pine bones (not to mention SO much more)!

    (sigh) All with the romance of ♥'s day.........very cool.

    Good luck ignoring that chocolate in the house. If you can, you're a better woman than I!!!


    P.S. This nor'east girl can only imagine what goes on at a rodeo! (??!) Deb, have a great time in Kernville, and bend your elbow with a little whiskey for us Yankee girls!!

  6. Well now you know what a cheep, cheep date I am, who needs fine dining when you can play in the weeds and eat bacon.

    I know what you mean, being in the company of chocolate :P

    I made roasted vegetables and tofu for dinner last night after work, back on the wagon......... forward Ho! It was really delicious btw.

    *This is Debs yearly rodeo trip, I love that she does that!!


    1. I bet there aren't any leftovers!

    2. In the history of the world, has there EVER been any LEFTOVER bacon????

      Ohhhh, Songbird, now I think you meant leftover roasted veggies and tofu...sorry! But I'm going to stand by my original, rhetorical question.

      Deb, what's your favorite rodeo event?? I'm partial to barrel racing and calf roping--roping because I've had former students who are fine ropers.

    3. My favorite is team roping! My former husband was a Team Roper, it brings back such nice memories! I also like the barrel racing, I've done that myself, but not in competing, only in fun. I had a trail horse, but she was sensitive to "dressage" type of leading, so she was fun to guide around the barrels. But I was a little scared to let her have the rein...whoooo hoooo!